Clark Little, Photography

Photographer Clark Little is able to capture some incredible shots on camera as he dives head on into some of the largest waves on Earth.  What I love about this video is how he explains his journey from the discovery of his path to the full out expression of his passion.

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Robert Channing paints a masterpiece in under 2 minutes on NBC’s America’s Got Talent!

My former client Robert Channing will be on NBC’s America’s Got Talent on Tues. 6/3/14 ( check your local listings ) – please join me in cheering him on! Here’s as a sample you can watch now as he paints a masterpiece in under 2 minutes…truly amazing!

Using his fingertips, palms and multiple brushes, Robert paints portraits of famous people on a five foot by six foot canvas in just a matter of minutes. His creations are choreographed to booming music that will powerfully stimulate all your senses.

Robert’s Imagination Into Art™ is described as taking his audience through a journey of amazement, suspense, cheers, motivation and surprise. His ability to captivate his audience and share the experience of paint, glitter, color, music, mind-reading , hypnosis and ACTION is a way to bring people into the amazing world of art, inspiration and positive creativity.

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Every positive thought is a silent prayer which will change your life.

every positive thought

Every positive thought is a silent prayer which will change your life.
Prayers are at the very least meditations. A positive thought is a silent
prayer; a negative thought — a silent curse.

A single thought can flood your body with emotional stress, or calming
relief. Your thoughts have tremendous power over your feelings and

When we feel powerless in a hostile world we can at least practice
quelling the enmity in our minds. Think deliberately. Think carefully.
Think purposefully. Think positively.

Pray for your own deliverance from your own vicious thoughts.

Ask for forgiveness — forgiving yourself for the terrible things you
have thought about yourself. Your positive thoughts are both the prayer,
and the answer to your prayer.

Each positive thought is your refuge and your sanctuary, where in that
thoughtful moment, you are safe. Begin now with loving thoughts and
allow these quiet prayers to transform your life.
—Bryant McGill


Rich German’s #1 income-generating strategy JVIC

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From Rich German:

My #1 income-generating strategy

This strategy is a SIMPLE strategy that I have used to sell MILLIONS of dollars worth of coaching programs and to build a massive email list over the past five years.

Last year I used it, and it alone, to create a whole new company where we went from $0 to a MILLION in income in just a matter of months.

So what is this secret? What’s the strategy??

Drum roll please…. Joint Ventures!

Yes, joint ventures are BY FAR my #1 marketing strategy…And I’m hosting a FREE webinar where my partner and I will show you exactly how you too can tap into the power of JV’s:

“Instant Clients Formula: The Fastest Way to Get More Clients, Sell More Products,  And Build a Massive List of Hot Prospects”

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Best advice I ever got: Get a coach!

Best advice I ever got: Get a coach!
–Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google

“Every famous athlete, every famous performer has somebody who is a coach. Somebody who can watch what they are doing and say “Is that what you really meant? Did you really do that?” Give them perspective. One thing that people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really-really helps.”

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O Holy Night By Lynn Rose

lynn rose cody 150x150I am so blessed to have the most amazing and talented friends! My “UBER” talented friend Lynn Rose just recorded this gift for her mom.

I immediately asked her if I could share it with you and she said “YES!” Please enjoy, like and share this and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

You can to say hello to Lynn and her little buddy Cody @



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