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Give Yourself a Gift…Stress Free Holidays!

Are you yearning for stress free holidays?

stress-free-holidays-6Navigate through the maze of celebrations with clarity, confidence and joy. Learn to overcome anxiety, downsize your doubts, and capsize your fears.  Heal holiday hangovers, pity parties, and buyer’s remorse before they start. Give and receive the genuine gifts of the Spirit.

This 6-week tele-seminar will support you through the wildly anticipated, but usually frustrating season of festivities starting with the beginning of Hanukkah, continuing through Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa and into the New Year!

Conveniently participate on your phone with like-minded individuals who are also seeking solace and support for the crazy-making days of this time of year.

You’ll be prayed up and supported throughout the season and feel courageous and clear to begin the New Year!

Join Rev. Greta Sesheta for “Calling in the Prayer Circle for the Holidays.”


How to Learn Anything 2 to 3 Times Faster…


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So here’s a question.

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Do what you can – where you are.

hungrySo I was on my way to meditate at the beach this morning after my workout…but the fog rolled in and it was totally covered so I decided to stop for breakfast.

While eating the thought came to me to buy some food for the homeless lady I saw at the bus stop on my way by…it was just a thought I left without buying her anything.

And then as I am driving away I see man holding a sign “I’m very hungry” – at first I want to just keep driving but then I just simply asked him what he wanted his request was so simple a breakfast sandwich and a soda from the nearby Burger King.

I hit the drive-thru, fulfilled his order and Doug was very happy and appreciative and I’m feeling pretty good too!

Then I am driving home and I see the same homeless woman sitting at the bus stop that I saw before and I just felt I couldn’t skip her and I made a U-turn, pulled up at the same drive-thru and ordered her a breakfast sandwich and a coffee.

The woman at the drive-thru said “See you in 10 minutes?”  with a smile. I just smiled back and said it was for my friend. Then I went to deliver breakfast to my sister at the bus stop.

When I dropped it off…just seeing her smile as she drank the warm coffee after sleeping out all night warmed my heart….

Now I share this not for you to say “oh look at what a wonderful thing “David did”  – I share this to ask you to look into your heart the next time you see another human who is hungry and if you can offer them a meal, a word, your smile…You’ll find you receive way more than you give!



Help for Haiti’s Children

Please watch my friends Zaria and Terry they have an important message to share with you.

If you would like to help you can give in the following ways;

1) Give to Hope Hospital is a Children’s Hospital in Haiti.
Hope Hospital is a Children’s Hospital in Haiti. They had never turned anyone away until the earthquake struck last week when they ran out of medical supplies. Yesterday a shipment of supplies was delivered direct from the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles to Hope Hospital in Haiti via the Dominican Republic.

They urgently need more medical supplies. Please visit their website to see their wish list and for shipping instructions. Supplies are being flown from Miami to the Dominican Republic then trucked into Haiti from there. More info watch this

2) TEXT YELE to 501501 (and $5.00 will be added to your cell phone bill)

3) Share Your Soles Haiti Relief Effort – You can donate shoes to the people of Haiti.

4) You can donate at the Red Cross

Thank you for your support and please keep the people of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers. ~David, Zaria & Terry


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