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International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness

Join the movement for a happier world

I want to encourage you to take part in the International Day of Happiness 2017. On March 20th thousands of people from all around the world will come together with the focus on spreading more happiness in our world.

When you sign up on the website ( ) you will receive three free gifts and be kept up to date on how you can participate.

I say “Think Globally” and “ACT LOCALLY”

Ask yourself, “What can you do in my home, community, work to share happiness today?”

Then take your answer and act on it!

So many people need encouragement right now. We need to remind one another of the good that is all around us right now. I hope you will join me in celebrating the International Day of Happiness!



Maya Penn, Inspiring Teen

This Teen is Inspiring Others to Change the World

Maya Penn started her first company when she was only 8, now she's inspiring others to change the world.

Posted by HuffPost Black Voices on Friday, March 11, 2016

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A Pep Talk by Kid President

It’s not always easy navigating your way through life… Taking the “road less traveled” can certainly make it all the more challenging! Whatever path you have chosen, or find yourself on right now…

This short, funny movie will inspire you to walk tall and proud, and create something that will make the world awesome.  If nothing else, we hope it’ll make you and your loved ones smile! After all, if life is a game, aren’t we on the same team?

Who do you know that needs a pep talk right about now?  Please take a moment to share this cute, motivational video with each of them, via email or Facebook.


Help for Haiti’s Children

Please watch my friends Zaria and Terry they have an important message to share with you.

If you would like to help you can give in the following ways;

1) Give to Hope Hospital is a Children’s Hospital in Haiti.
Hope Hospital is a Children’s Hospital in Haiti. They had never turned anyone away until the earthquake struck last week when they ran out of medical supplies. Yesterday a shipment of supplies was delivered direct from the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles to Hope Hospital in Haiti via the Dominican Republic.

They urgently need more medical supplies. Please visit their website to see their wish list and for shipping instructions. Supplies are being flown from Miami to the Dominican Republic then trucked into Haiti from there. More info watch this

2) TEXT YELE to 501501 (and $5.00 will be added to your cell phone bill)

3) Share Your Soles Haiti Relief Effort – You can donate shoes to the people of Haiti.

4) You can donate at the Red Cross

Thank you for your support and please keep the people of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers. ~David, Zaria & Terry


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