Positive Thought for Today

I simply allow God’s idea of me…to be!  –Rumi Noon

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I’m thankful of:
Dave’s News Letter,that inspires me every time!
I’m thankful that I’m still alive,becasue I’m incurable ill
I will be grandmother again in october!
I’m so thankful for that I can inspire others and help them.
I’m thankful that I can decide that every day will be a nice day!
I’m thankfull for that I still can laugh!And even often!
I’m thankful of all the small things in life that makes me happy!
That I still can see and enjoy the beauty in life…nature…

I can make the list endlessly long…….but than I’m sitting for hours repeating myself!
A crisis in life can teach you to be thankful,and I have learned that in my heart and soul!

Sascha Krüger,KArlstad,Sweden,Europe

Thank you so much for being who you are and for being in my life. Positivism is the best meal I can have each and everyday. Thank you so much for sharing, stay blessed. Have a “HOLY” day too!!


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