Mother’s Day Cards

What would you rather recieve this year a heartfelt handmade card or another store bought card? – Please comment below…THX

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Definitely the handmade card over the store bought card. Sentimental gifts are the very best and most treasured!

AS a Mom, ireally prefere handmade cards/things of any kind,than bought cards /things.
Because in a handmade card jou feel the personal message from your child/grandchild!
And often just those handmade cards have caracter……depth….
heart & soul!
My youngest daughter(soon 32) still makes handmade cards for me……very special ones,and I saved all of them……..because theý are so special to me!
And something else:there’s only one card…….no-one else will have just that card!It is a very special gift to receive such a card!It’s a real gift of love!
That’s my opinion anyway.
A ´Mom´/nanna ,Karlstad,Sweden,Europe

Mother’s Day Card
I would rather have a hand-made card, or a store bought card with a letter inside any day. It’s the personal thought, the message that took time to compose that is so meaningful. Too often people feel unappreciated and forgotten. And when one’s child forgets or makes light of an important occasion, it hurts.

I would like to receive a handmade card over store bought. Now, everyone has their talents and card making is not my kid’s cup of tea so any love token would be welcome.

I always love a handmade card because it’s created with great LOVE.

I cherish the special “award” my daughter made for me out of crayons and construction paper when she was a little girl:

“To Marilyn Lewis who always TRIES to be a Mother.”

My daughter is a grown woman now, and I still smile whenever I see that special “award.” I certainly did “try,” and it was wonderful to be acknowledged by my child.

I always told my boys and husband that a handmade card means far more to me anyday
then one bought.Love giving them….but LOVE getting them.

Store bought can say things we can not think of saying, but the love and thoughtfulness put into a handmade is always treasured.

To have someone spend their time making a card is a GIFT. The effort, love and care that is given to making that gift comes from the heart. To have someone remember and purchase a card is a very wonderful thing, but going that little extra with making a card is, PRICELESS.

OHHHH, YES! Definitely handmade. It tells the recipient that you care enough to take the time to create something just for them. It’s even more fun when you personalize the card with something that triggers a memory or add their favorite color, flower, animal, etc. That’s where the true gift lies! “I made this just for you because you are one-of-a-kind to me”.

Definitely something handmade or from the heart. My two favorites are: Our daughter sent me a handmade card with the same poem you had posted….”When You Thought I wasn’t Looking.” And a short note. Our other daughter, made a card and put decorations on it, along with the message, “Momma, I love you, and this is worth I lunch with me anytime.” I cried at both of them. I knew they had taken the time to really know what I would like most. Time with them. That’s all I ever ask.
I don’t need something else to dust, or to wear, or to look at, I just need them. Maybe for lunch or just a cup of coffee or tea.

Absolutly home made…..I am helping the environment by recycling my cards and also cards given to me by my friends. All my friends and grandchildren like my homemade cards…esp the personal ones to them.

i have just turned 50-actually i am 18 with 32 years of experience! for as long as i can remember, my 23 year old son has been ‘creating’ hand made cards for me. it started when he was old enough and smart enough to create color with the use of my personal makeup. ironic, that i make women feel beautiful as a makeup artist in real life! he took my brushes and shadow to create my long red hair, and gave me fantastic eyelashes! the picture is always smiling, as i always am. his beautiful words are so heartfelt..whether it be valentines day, mothers day, or my birthday. i am grateful for my children, and the big box that i have lovingly gathered throughout the years of sentiments like this. it makes me feel so wonderful, and so lucky to be their mother. xoxox

Savor the love. I still have the plate with David’s hand print that he made in daycare and it chokes me up every time I look at it. He is now 20.

Without question, home made because homemade is made from the heart. To take the time to create a card or gift is more meaningful than running to the store to buy one of many somethings from the shelf. Homemade is another word for love.

Although handmade cards are infinitely precious, we live in a busy word. A simple phone call, note or heart felt email message works just as well for me, with a visit being the best of all!

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