A night with the homeless by: Ellis Moore (Age 10)

Every Saturday or Sunday night my family and I go out and feed the homeless people in the city of Orlando. There are thousands of people across The United States with out food or shelter. My family and I have been doing this for several months.

We wanted to see what it was like in the life of a homeless person. One special thing I like to mention is, my family and I do not eat before we begin are journey. So we know how it feels to be hungry.

All of the areas we go to are very dangerous. We go on streets such as, Orange blossom trail, Parramore, Gore street, Colonial dr , and Down town Orlando.

We all get together in the kitchen and prepare the food. Some of the meals are sandwiches and cookies and a bottled of water. Sometimes my mom prepares a steaming hot delicious meal. We then bag them all up to feed 30 or more people.

I like to write a special notes on the bags like, “God loves you”. Before my family And I get into the car we ask God for protection in a family prayer.

A lot of people misunderstand homeless people. Not all homeless people are drug addicts or bad people some are really nice. Some of them just had bad things happened to them.

At first when my family and I went out on the street we had to earn there trust. Because a lot of people are mean to them for no good reason. But now that they see us every week they trust us. We even know some of their names. We all have to remember that these are people that have feelings.

Some of them shake our hands for giving them food, and thank us. Some of them do really funny dances because they are happy.

We have become really close with this man named Tony and his wife. They have all of their personal belongings in shopping carts. After meeting with them several times he has told us a lot about his life. He graduated from collage and has a PHD. He used to teach French and, Spanish. He graduated from Howard University.

After we get done feeding the homeless ,it makes me appreciate what I have at home. Sometimes it makes me sad, and makes mom cry. I love feeding the homeless, and making a difference in someone’s life.

–Ellis Moore (Age 10)

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Thank You for sharing this heart warming story. For the last 2 days I have been sending messages on ATTITUDE…this post was such a timely ENCOURAGER to keep sending the message of hope and FAITH Attitude out.
A few Quotes you might enjoy:
**Things turn out best for the people who make the best out of the way things turn out. ~Art Linkletter

**He started to sing as he tackled the thing
That couldn’t be done, and he did it.
~Edgar A. Guest, It Couldn’t Be Done

**There are souls in this world which have the gift of finding joy everywhere and of leaving it behind them when they go. ~Frederick Faber

**Become a possibilitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities – always see them, for they’re always there. ~Norman Vincent Peale

**I never really look for anything. What God throws my way comes. I wake up in the morning and whichever way God turns my feet, I go. ~Pearl Bailey

Sending Love&Light (Twitter @entreprediva)

Dear Ellis, your story is beautiful and I enjoyed reading it, it helped put things in perspective in my life. I have grandchildren and you have taught me a very valuable lesson. I will start taking my grandchildren with me to feed those who are hungry too. I know there are plenty facilities around. I live in Philadelphia and the homeless is plenty. Your family, I’m sure makes God’s heart melt with love. You and your family will always be in my prayers.
What have I done in 2009, I went back to school at a wonderful age of 55!

This was such a beautiful story. If only everyone was like this family, imagine how beautiful of a world we would live in. Thank you for being as kind and as generous as you are, and for serving as an example to all of us. I sincerely believe that your efforts will be greatly rewarded.

I don’t remember the last time I read such a touching story that I was on the verge of tears. I really do hope that more people would learn the meaning of family cohesion like you have that is including me.

truely a heart warming story. something we need to listen and keep listening. I live in india and there are plenty of homeless people and may be its time i and my family stop shaking our heads looking at them and start doing something to help them.
thank you so much for thsi inspiration.

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