One family’s journey during this economic downturn.

a true story that really moved me. It’s about one family’s journey during this economic downturn and I just think it’s wonderful how the have responded to their personal crisis with hope, faith and love. Be sure to read what their 10 year old son wrote from his perspective…it’ll touch your heart.

Below is a true story that really moved me. It’s about one family’s journey during this economic downturn and I just think it’s wonderful how the have responded to their personal crisis with hope, faith and love. Be sure to read what their 10 year old son wrote from his perspective…it’ll touch your heart.

“Hi David ! My wife shares all your emails with me. I’m looking forward to one day meeting you.

This is our story in a nutshell. It’s amazing what a difference a day makes. America is the richest country in the world.And as Americans we totally take a lot of things for granted. With my family ,I have always been able to provide and live very comfortably. My wife was a stay home mom for 13 years.And I work as a skycap for the # 1 airlines,at one of the busiest airports in the country. Working solely on tips,we were never short on cash.

The crisis of the economic down fall finally hit our house,like a big fist.  The company I worked for over 10 years lost the contract. I now had to re- apply with the new company, and pray I have a job.Not only did they cut my hours ,I’m now only working 3 days a week solely on tips,talk about FAITH!

I sent out mass loads of resumes with no response.We had a padding of about 40k in our personal account.But as days and weeks went by,and the the non stop of bills and not to mention mortgage. We watched that deplete rapidly to almost zero.

It was causing a major strain on our marriage,bodies,and most of all  our FAITH. We were faced with some major and drastic decision’s. We lived in a beautiful neighborhood . One we had always dreamed about.We had a brand new 5/3, 3,500 sq ft  home,with pool,whirlpool, and all the bells and whistles.But due to financial constraints.We were forced to move to
a 1100 sq ft 3/2 very old house.It already came with lots of roommates, the kind with 4 to 8 legs and wings.Some of them were so excited we were moving in,that a few were laying on their backs dead from all the excitement of the new tenants.

As a man ,and the head of my household. I was at an all time low.I felt as if I was letting my family down.Battling all kinds of  emotions,depression,anger,sadness you name it I felt it.

The only thing I could cling to was my FAITH.One day my wife was really complaining to GOD. She asked him why did this happen to us? She heard a still soft voice in her soul speak to her.

The LORD said” Look at what you  have instead of what you no longer had” She looked into the refrigerator and saw we have 2 stocked with food.She began to cry from conviction, because there are people in Orlando without food or a roof over their head.

She shared this with me and the kids,and ask how we would feel about serving and feeding the homeless.We thought it was a great idea and a way to really appreciate what we have. As we bagged up all the meals, our son wrote on all the bags ” God loves u” The response we got was overwhelming.The hardest part was turning away hungry faces when we ran out of food.

The ride home was very quiet,we cried and fought back tears all the way home. When we finally got home and had our meal for the night,everything looked and tasted different. And our humble home didn’t look so bad after all.

Our family now looks forward to serving not the homeless ,but our new friends. Thanks for letting us share our story! God Bless!” Ellis and Silvana Moore, Orlando, FL, USA

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One Family’s Journey During this Economic Downturn. Thank you for this wonderful story. Oh wow, what a heart grabber, and then to read the son’s take on doing this, blessed me more than I can say. I used to hear in church years ago “each one reach one,” and although they meant salvation, how wonderful would it be if everyone who had reached out and helped at least “one” who didn’t have. The Lord put on my heart to start giving to an organization called “Meir Panim” which helps to feed, house and teach the poorest of poor children in Israel. It blesses me so much when I get their e-mails and newsletters about what they are doing to help others. It has changed my thinking in a lot of ways. Now instead of just spending my money to just consume whatever I think I want, I stop and think “do I really need that” or could I use that money to bless these children instead. I’m really learning to lay up riches in heaven instead of just buy every little thing that catches my eye. I’m blessed and so grateful to God for everything I have, but often what we think we want is really just a silling passing thing of no importance. How much better to have joy in your heart to know that you helped someone in need. I have been through hard times in the past and am well acquainted with how much a helping hand can mean. The way I see it I’m just paying it forward. There is no teacher like going through hard times yourself to teach you to have a heart of compassion for others.

Thank you so much for this wonderful story – it came at an opportune time in my life as my husband and I are beginning to feel the crunch of the economic down-turn too. I have been feeling cranky and hostile because we no longer have the extras in our home. This story helped me recognize the wonderful things we do have and some of the new adventures that are revealing themselves since we no longer sit for hours in front of the internet or television. Thank you again for helping me to recognize the beauty of life and the gifts that come in ugly wrapping!!

Wow, this is very touching and inspiring, specially on this season of advent. Upon reflection, more than 2 years ago, when I was suffering a “Stroke”, I was asking God, why me Lord? Did you get the wrong person? Justifying that I have been trying to be holy and righteous. A loud and very clear answer came , not audibly but in spirit. “Why are you complaining, I died for all of you?”. Since then, the Lord continiously revealed to me and to my family “to rejoice in everything, even in pain and suffering, because pain produces endurance, and endurance produces character.Now we practice that gracious attitude of gratitute. Although we lost our business due my health and disability, we thank God everyday for what we have.We learned to value the gift of “Life”, the gift of health, the gift of a good closely knit “Family”,the gift of a very supportive “community” The Couples For Christ, and the gift of His inexhaustible”Love and Mercy”. Every morning I wake up, I praise and thank God, for not being included on the 230,000 people who would not make it, on the average everyday. God be praised.

The story shows the wonderful guidence of God Almighty Jesus Christ. It teaches that with God’s help how their distress mind was completely modified into a new experience which gives content in their life with what they have. Once, they were thinking about themselves and worried about their tomorrows. But now they are feeding the needy people and each day is meaningful to them.
When you really surrender yourself to Jesus and pour out all your worries and there is no doubt that He will surely give a immediate solution.
Praise the Lord and God bless you.

Thank you for this beautiful testimony of faith . . . more evidence that when we don’t give in to self pity and reach out toward others instead, we are more blessed than had we not gone through difficulties.

We often hear in life that to get ahead we should be “go getters.” Your wonderful example is evidence that we get more out of life when we are “go-givers!” regardless of our circumstances. God bless you and your family!!

Thank you for sharing this heart warming, beautiful testimony of life. I do always believe that kindness something the blind can see and the deaf can hear; it costs nothing but counts so much.

Thank you for sharing your struggle. It’s wonderful to witness someone like you to live out our Lord’s teaching (2Co 4:7-9 we have this treasure in earthen vessels,that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us. We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed.) Praise our Christ who became a helpless baby.

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