What’s the best thing you did in 2009?

I want to know “What’s the best thing you did in 2009?”

I want to know “What’s the best thing you did in 2009?”    All you have to do is click the button below to Comment on this post and add your story to share with the world. It’s easy…also if you could list the City/Town and Country in your comments I would appreciate it! 

Ok, the best thing I did in 2009 is: I put my health and well being first and released over 50lbs. of excess weight! I feel great…

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Wow, where to start?

The very best thing that happened to me this year was overcoming depression that lasted for 6 years, I can say that I finally found the “connection” with God who have helped me through the darkest times of my life, I am thankful.

I also started writing poetry. It helped me express my feelings better when I had lots of troubles doing. It took a huge part in overcoming depression that I struggled through but, I made it !

I am also thankful to Mr. Positive, some of the quotes did help through and are of great value.

So, happy new year everyone.


Good for you, congratulations. I have been through depression several times and it can come back. I have learned how to deal with it. It was hard for me being surrounded by so many people, family and friends and no one would help or believe that my condition was real. Those people I have learned to deal with and mostly stay away from. I have surrounded myself with positive upbeat, supportive and encouraging people. I had to stop worrying about other people and take care of myself. When you starting trusting in God more and believing in yourself, you can do anything and I believe I can.

Best Wishes Ayame

WELL DONE Ayame! Trusting God is the most positive step you’ve done for yourself. Am sure it’s not an easy road for you, yet with all the prayers and your belief in yourself everything will turn out good. One day at a time and you’ll get there. So proud of you.

This year, as a single parent of a seven year daughter and also I’m unemployed.

I did manage to take my child to school for the rest of the year and she passed with great comments from the teacher.

This is the best thing I have ever done this year, and I’m feeling great about it.

After reading ur mails i hv become a positive person,hv thrown all the negative persons from my life andlearnt so many new things like computer etc

Your comment about empowerment is so true. Regardless what situation an individual is in, they can make a choice. When disapointments arise in our lives, we
learn from those experiences. We can choose to give thanks to these experiences or complain about them. In giving thanks for what we have, we raise our thought level and give ourselves a brighter light to those around us. With this thought, I can
attest to this myself. It’s all about attitude and not allowing yourself to fall into a negative state, or as it is referred to as depression. My business is entertainment. We produce television commercials, interview celebrities and concentrate on celebrity endorsements. Although we operate in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, we have eperienced the economic crunch. This is where one has to be strong in their
comitments, in order to achieve their own freedom through positive attitude and
appreciating what God has given.

The best thing I did in 2009 ( and am still doing) was to tell stories to children, specially, under privileged children, either fables or from mythologies. I always come out a happier person along with happier, smiling and laughing children who want to hear more and who also want to read stories. So I have been donating small libraries to some one who can look after them and continue ‘story telling’. I have 20 such centers running all over India.
It is a great feeling. It is very positive.

dear vishwa,
well done for your best thing in 2009!
i am going to india next year and want to do voluntary work. if u want to give me a list of your 20 centres in india i would be very very happy to come and spend some time reading to the children!
zen (

went on an NLP course as a result of which I now take myself less seriously, value myself more and am of more conmstructive help to others.

When I learned that my first grandchild was expected in November, I decided that the best gift I could give her and myself was to stop smoking so in April of 2009, I quit smoking and have been smoke free since.

After 40 years of being dependent on cigarettes, I am finally free of my addiction and hope and pray that I will never look back.

Take heart those of you who share my addiction, you too can be smoke free. All you need is motivation and prayer.

Merry Christmas to all and may 2010 grant you all that’s good.

Yes, Yes, Yes! Such a tremendous feat you have accomplished. I quit at least 7 times after 35 years of addiction. I for one am proud of you.

Knox, PA USA /It is early Tuesday morning here, around 5am & as I rose to begin a new day, I looked out my upstairs window into darkness. There are a few Christmas lights on in the neighborhood & a reflection of ice glows across the frozen earth. I was “reflecting” on our own journey during 2009 & was immediately grateful for being alive this year, to be able to be a part of our newest grand daughters birth on Sept. 25. You see I was an addict, albeit a legal one, from prescription drugs. Drugs I took to relieve almost unbearable back pain after 6 back surgeries. One of the medications I took was 80 times more potent than morphine. Where a normal dose would be maybe 75-100 mcgs every 3-4 days, I was on 175 mgs every other day, for over 3 years. Even at this dose I was still in pain. I finally had enought & made the decision to get off the drugs completely, because I knew they were killing me. With help from God above & my beautiful wife of over 40 years, I stopped them completely in 6 weeks, instead of the 6 months my doctor said it would take me. PTL! It was painful yes, but I had a goal to be drug free before our baby girl arrived. I wanted to be able to think clearly & appreciate with joy her life. So today, this Christmas season is special to us. I am alive, living with the pain of 6 back surgeries yes, but none the less able to see my grand daughter with a clear mind & heart. Able to enjoy the everyday changes she brings to us. And able to give thanks for a chance to give hope to others who may be facing addictions of their own. I do not seek success in yesterday, for it is but a memory, nor in tomorrow, for it is but a hope. But today I am succesful, today I live to give…today! Thank you for giving me a place to express my joy for 2009…”Eliana” (El-E-ahna)

Congratulations for kicking your addiction. I know a small part of your pain , because I had two back operations. Enjoy your life!! and Merry Christmas.

I helped 3 singled women through this year to pack up to move, to unpack after moved, and to settle the new “nest.” I’m known as Gypsy Lynn because I had to move 12 times in 1991. I KNOW HOW MOVING FEELS! Still helping one settle.

I am a second year university student in strathmore, kenya. Between April and July this year we had our long break after the completion of my first year of study and it is compulsory in the University to engage in 200 hours of community based attachment after completing first year.

I did my attachment in a children’s home with mostly orphans. one of the duties I was undertaking was teaching the children. I have never been more touched all my life. I woke up every morning looking foward to going to the orphanage and undertaking my duties. Those children inspired patience, understanding but most of all love within me.

I came to understand what it really means to love through those children and it led me to finding true love and sharing it with somebody in August this year and we are still together.

The interesting bit is that I had been in an emotionally draining relationship before with someone I trusted and they went ahead and broke my trust. I had lost hope literally and I knew I needed change and an inspiration only that I did not know that that change would be facilitated by those children in the orphanage. I will forever be grateful for them and I hope that others will be inspired too.

My family joined a nearby private country club. As a child I was always told that only the wealthy people were members at Oak Hill Country club. When a friend told me that the clubs initiation had been reduced by two-thirds as part of a membership drive we didn’t hesitate. It was the best thing we’ve done in a long time. The golf course is the best in the area, the amenities, tennis, swimming pool, etc., are immaculate, and the staff are fantastic. I also found out that there are many wealthy members at the club, but the majority are hard working very nice people who love golf.

One of the best things I did in 2009 was come to Afghanistan as a Civilian Police Officer and train the Afghan Police. With God’s help I hope this will be a successful mission and the Afghan Police will stay a little safer and I will return home to my family safely when my mission is over.

Yesterday my husband and I decided to leave a letter for a family and a gift so they can buy Christmas and Christmas dinner for their family. We told them how inspiring they are as a family and how much we appreciate the love they share with others. We left it unsigned.

This is a tough call. I know people on the receiving end of blessings like this and they really want to say thank you and feel a loss of not being able to do so. Sometimes an indirect hint about something you said in the letter, a small detail can be used to let them know but still the secret is between just the two of you. Or a direct approach of asking if they would like to know who blessed them or just privately telling them. People really like to be able to say thank you to whoever helped them. If you are concerned about them wanting to pay you back you could mention the pay it forward technique. Which I think they already do.

Hear that applause? It is just for you. I just celebrated my third year as a breast cancer survivor. My prayers are with you that your victory will continue for many, many years.

Do you hear that applause? It is just for you. And these hugs
((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Isabel))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) are for you as well.

I just celebrated my third year as a breast cancer survivor. I know that is you can get through breast cancer diagnosis and treatment you can get through anything. My prayers are that you will have many, many years of that victory.

HI Yes chemo & radiation are rough on a well person let alone one who has Breast cancer. I’m a 8 year suvivor of Breast Cancer & with the help of God,I will make 20 years or more then I will be in my 90’s. I thinbk of many of my friends who were taking chemo & radiation at the same time & died. Your attitude plays a big part here.

One of the best things we did this year was move to a smaller house we can get around much better with no steps at our age. Thanks to our son for finding the place & thanks to God for giving me strength to downsize a bigger house– 3 floors in to a single floor,with a ill husband & move to this condo all on 1 floor

I’m thankful for our heavenly father, and I’m thankful for my children, I’m thankful for our health, and also thankful for the blessings god gives me and my family, and I’m thankful even though I didn’t have a job this whole year it didn’t kill me but it maid me stronger by the grace of god. And I also want to thank Mr, Positive for all the encouragements! God bless you all. Tina fromCearwater, Florida

I was nominated by the company to raise awareness about environmental issues from the beginning of the year so I prepared presentations and delivered. When it coincided with the global issue this month with Copenhagen summit, I had the feeling for the best thing I did in 2009.


70% of the visits to doctors are STRESS related. Hence, its vital that people know the CAUSE of their ill health: mentally, emotionally, physically.

keep up the good work, Mr Positive.
May the gracious Lord bless you as you “water” others.

to visit my resource:

leong s c (ND)

The best thing I did in 2009 was to get up the nerv and leave my husband He was a mental abuser to me He lied to get his way around the truth and he was a smoker. He had some good features though He had pretty blue eyes, was a good cook and even though he had very high mood swings he usually got along with most people We only got a legal separation However just after that he got himself a new girlfriend. It did not take him long to do that

Congratulations Eunice! There is not one woman out there that deserves the verbal abuse. You will be a better person for putting that stressful life in your past. My ex-husband was also verbally abusive, as well as an alcoholic. I finally got out of that relationship over three years ago and have never been at such peace with myself as these last few years. While it may be more of a financial burden for you (especially in my case where I have two college-aged children) I found out a long time ago that happiness and peace of mind are more important than money. My ex is living with his girlfriend and it makes me wonder how desperate woman must be to tolerate that behavior. You know what the new girlfriend is putting up with so don’t be jealous in any way or look back. You stood up and took a stand–be happy with yourself. And if you ever need a friend for support, I’m only an e-mail away.

The best thing I did in 2009 is love someone. I got to take everything I ever learned from life experience, books, people and most of all God, and His Way, and love someone else, who was not always easy to love, more than myself. It was often quite an internal struggle, but always worth it in the end. I feel so enriched and Blessed!

The best thing I did in 2009 is love someone. I got to take everything I ever learned from life experience, books, people and most of all God, and His Way, and love someone else, who was not always easy to love, more than myself. It was often quite an internal struggle, but always worth it in the end. I feel so enriched and Blessed! Philadelphia, PA

Four years ago I had a knee replacement- the best thing I did this year was to go to Egypt and Jordan on a three week trip in November- I was able to keep up with all the walking and even rode on a camel…l

The best thing that I did in 2009 was to re-evaluate my true purpose in life and in doing so I know longer focus on me and the here and now; but on God and his promises for eternal life.

Curtis/Atlanta, Ga./USA

The best thing I did in 2009 was to participate in two medical missions, one to India, and the other to Vietnam. I always return from a mission with a renewed spirit and sense of awe at the blessings afforded me. This post-mission experience invokes a dichotomy of emotions. I feel ashamed that I have so much, and yet I occasionally forget how incredibly fortunate I am. The missions remind me, and yet I am embarrassed that I require a reminder. All of the accounts I have read on this site are also wonderful reminders to be both humble and grateful. Thank you.

I envy your opportunity! I dream of going overseas and doing work with women, just not sure how to go about it. Do you have any advice or suggestions. Have searched the net high and low and nothing seems to be directing me toward a good organization.

Can’t think of anything else besides visiting sick friends at their homes and at hospital, and doing a lot of other things for families and friends. Escorting a sick friend off island for medical purpose.

Been a fan of Mr Positive for a long time, finally after many years of a single life, I will be getting married and buying a house. Thats a Positive Plus. Thank You.

Monroeton, Pa. …The best thing I did this year was continuing to serve my LORD, my family, and my friends and neighbors, and continuing to forward the Mr. Positive quotations across the country in my morning message of Scriptures, Quotes, and fun and puns from the farm country..

Thank you for asking………….Rev. Tom


Best thing I did this year was to be a helping hand to a friend that lost her daughter to cancer, and be a sounding board for her grief and a shoulder to cry on.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The best thing I did this year is join the YMCA and do an adult learn to swim class. I enjoyed it, got over my fear of water, met awesome people and had a fabulous time.
My reward: In February we are going to Cuba and my reward is to swim with the dolphins.

Cincinnati, OH, USA: I went to MEXICO! I went on a spur of the moment decision, and with 6 other peope, 5 of whom I’d never meet until we arrived at the airport. I’m definately not the most social person and I have a really hard time doing things out of my comfort zone so it DEFINATELY was a shocker (even to me) that I decided to go…..and it was the BEST TRIP EVER! Oh, and I bought a house. I think I’d have to say 2009 was a pretty GREAT year! 🙂

I also went on a diet and lost 20 lbs, but I took it a step further. I am a 59 year old grandmother of 4 and my husband and son-in-law were certified in open water scuba this summer. My 29 year old daughter wanted to take the course and asked if I would like to take it with her. I thought about it and decided that if my 60 yr old husband could do it, do could I!! So this past September, I did it. I became certified in open water scuba. In November we went to Key Largo and did 10 dives, one to the depth of 80 feet to see a shipwreck, the Speigle Grove and the Benwood wreck at about 50 feet. We went on drift dives and an environmental reef clean up as well! What a wonderful experience we had. I actually swam next to a Loggerhead turtle at the Molasses Reef! I really am proud of what I accomplished this year. I was able to do something that I never in a million years thought I would do. Now I can’t wait for the next time we go diving. We hope to make this a family tradition and as our grands grow up, they may want to do the same and join us on some of these adventures. So for all of you over- 50-year-olds out there, don’t be afraid to try new and different things. You may be pleasantly surprised at yourself and what you can do!

the best thing i did in 2009 is be there and support my ex husband as he was dying. clean his apt.,pay some bills for him .

I am a widower of 2 1/2yrs.–any diversion from my greif is a positive plus and there were so many –good compassionate friends–God loving people to share my life–a fishing trip with friends
recouping at my daughters after surgery–togetherness of my family that my wife left me–being able to help my son on the farm doing tractor work and the list goes on. I live on a small farm near a small town in Virgil Ill. God has been good to me as I ask for acceptance and pray to my wife for guidance. She reached our goal in life 1st–heaven in eternity after 57 yrs.of heaven on earth. Our crops are harvested and that is another best thing for 2009! God Bless—Pete!

I joined a volunteer tutoring group called Reading Connections and have been blessed with a student who wishes to obtain his GED.

I helped feed homeless cats every day and wrote letters concerning issues that are important to me, i.e. animal cruelty; hunger. climate change.

After a year of cancer treatments, savings for several years, planning, and language lessons on a cd from the library, I had the trip of my lifetime in Italy. It was 16 days of bliss. The best part was going to many churches and saying my prayers of Thanks for life as it is right now.

This week I got “Red Shirted”! I was privileged to be accepted as a Volunteer at the Free Clinics C.A.R.E project in Kansas City. I had signed up as a non-medical, “as needed” volunteer. Thus I was able to spend 10 hours helping set up and distribute equipment and supplies to the 12 dental chair stations. Then unpack and distribute materials to the medical care pods and rooms. Next help welcome the volunteers as them arrived at Bartel Hall, get them also “Red Shirted”, name tagged and assigned to various volunteer stations. Finally help welcome the hundreds of citizens who came to take advantage of the many health care services offered in this 2 day Free Clinic.
I was humbled by the tons of supplies and equipment that had been so well organized and assembled to make this gigantic undertaking work smoothly.
This may have been a demonstration organized by Keith Olbermann and others to highlight the need for health care reform, but there was no hate, or shouting or disagreement shown. I was deeply impressed by the quiet, joyful, sincere outpouring of concern by citizens of all ages, walks of life and position, who had come to help those who have been denied their right to quality health care because of lack of adequate insurance or other causes.
The personnel of in charge are to be highly commended for their positive attitude, their helpfulness to work with the volunteer medical and non-medical people, and their sincere dedication to helping make all people welcome and useful.
It has been announced that MSNBC was responsible for raising nearly 2 million dollars to support these free clinics but that does not take into consideration the hundred of thousands of dollars spent by the volunteers who used their own resources for transportation, housing, and lost wages in taking a day or more off from work to come and help.
I want to THANK all of the above people for their work and efforts and for allowing me to be a small part of this wonderful experience.

Final reports showed over 2200 patients served. That many (2200) Nonmedical volunteers, and several hundred doctors and medical professionals. Cost for the building rental alone was over $200,000, but the and volunteers made it possible. I saw children bringing in their older parents and parents bringing in their children who had not seen a doctor for many years on the parents and maybe never for the children. Reports showed 83% of the adults were employed but in jobs without medical insurance coverage or just unable to pay for insurance. The last afternoon at 5:00 there was still a line outside waiting toget in with estimated wait time of 4 hours. The staff had said that if there were patients waiting they would stay as long as it took to see everyone.

The best thing I did after retiring the 2nd time was to start a new career doing what I always wanted to do. And prasing God for the chance.

I lost my job this year and have been volunteering at the Community Blood Center in Kansas City MO. It has been most gratifying.

Well we had rescued a kitten last summer and in March of this year he got out and into a yard with three big dogs who tossed him around and punctured his tummy, when I found where he was I hopped a six foot fence & went and got him from the dogs, then hopped the fence back with him. It was only after that I realized I was not afraid of the dogs & at age 55 I was in good enough shape to hop that fence. Junior is quite happy and content, and follows me everywhere, thank God for amazing animals.I live in Port St. Lucie, Florida

The best thing I did this year was to look at life as half full not half empty!!! That has meant be loving to me and to others.

The best thing i did this year was finally get serious about weight loss. I have lost 20 lbs with 10 more to go. I feel great and have more energy to spend with my 3 & 6 year old boys.
Danville, KY

This year I tried to get back my self-esteem in my own capacity, which was almost lost. I had been trying to make everyone around me happy, but now I realize that no one can keep everyone happy all the time. No Regrets!

The best thing I did in 2009 was stay alive. After 4 heart surgeries and 7 stents in my heart and a by-pass (ENDO ACAB) on top of the 4 surgeries…I managed to stay alive another year. I just with I could find a job.

The best thing l did in 2009 was to forgive myself and then theafter l learnt to forgive others. I also learnt to pu myself firt and love myself as well. This has really helped me to accept people the way they are. I also learnt that l cannot change a person only God has the power to do so. This has really hellped me to move on with problems despited the many problems that am facing. Thanking for the encourangements and Merry Chrismas.

Good for you Abigail. Always put yourself first, no one else will. When you learn to accept and love yourself, you can do so with others. The negative people in your life, remember only God can change them, walk away from it. God puts people in our lives for a purpose and a season, when it is time to let them go, let them go. Be true to yourself and believe that God has nothing but blessings for you.

I swam the English Channel on 27 September. It took me 17 hours and 37 minutes. Only achievable because of the tremendous support that I received from some amazing people.

Surrey, England, UK

The best thing I did this year was stop drinking and smoking. Those two nasty habits are now in my past and I have already added years to by Blessed life.
Lantana, FL

The best thing I did this year was start a renovation at my house. It had been in the wings for about a year so it was amazing to finally get the ball rolling. I also acted in a short film this year, ran the 3rd annual Animal Action Day and did some award-winning business applications for several businesses on the Gold Coast.
I love my life, even though it has been an amazingly challenging year. And there’s a full moon on New Year’s Eve! Can’t wait! I will be at the Woodford Folk Festival MC’ing… 🙂 Have an awesome 2010 readers… 🙂
Aldwyn Altuney
AA Xpose Media
Gold Coast, Australia

One of the best things I did in 2009 was to get out and help people. I started taking three of my eight small female dogs to nursing homes and hospitals for therapy dog visits. The smiles we got from the patients made everything worthwhile. I hope that in 2010 we can add more places to obtain smiles.

The best thing I did this year was to volunteer work for a good friend; I have learned so much and began to live again after having my wife and my will to live.

Led my Social Studies department of 18 teachers and 3200 students grades 7-12 into the 21st century by throwing away dry, boring and outdated textbooks and using digital resources to supplement student learning. Students love it, teachers are excited about it and our administrators are supporting us in many ways. It has been a great year to be a teacher!
Columbus, IN

The best thing I did in 2009 was go back to college. I just finished my first semester with a 4.0 and I am very proud of myself. I am working towards a brighter future for me and my son.

Angela St. Jean
Charleston, SC USA

The best thing I have done all year was to read these positive thoughts and stories and actually apply them in my life as well as in my training of Officers within the Sheriff’s department here in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Have a truly “surprise” birthday party for my bride of 45 years. She turned 80 this year and the party totally “blew her away.” Three weeks later she had a massive stroke. Not a fun time right now. Appreciate prayers for Betty.

Hi I would like to share the best thing I did in 2009 was to finally quit smoking. I did it with the aid of a medicine called chantix. I was recently diagnosed with emphysema. I am only 45 yrs of age. I also quit smoking once before when I was 30 yrs of age and stayed off till i was 40 yrs of age. I went back the last 3 years and it was the worst mistake I made. Please don’t smoke.
thanks Guy Spring Hill Fl

After an abusive marriage and several years of being afraid, I have once again opened my heart to love, not just a romantic love, but a love for life, all kinds of life!

To begin to trust again was extremely scary, but so worthwhile. What a great feeling to be Alive! To have joy in my heart and soul! I have received the most precious gift, to trust myself to feel LOVE again!

I am a very lucky person, thanks to God and my faith, I am able to experience the true meaning of life, to love and be loved!

May love fill your heart and happiness be felt to continue the circle of love for eternity!

from a friend in Bruce County, Ontario, Canada

I quit my job at a place where I was physically asssaulted and started a new job in a healthier environment. It was hard leaving my old job of 20 years and starting a new, but it been the best thing ever.

For the first time in my life, the best thing I did in 2009 was to love MYSELF!

All my life I have been caring, worrying and doing things for people – from ailing, aged mother to kids, friends etc, etc.

But when I found that I have third stage nose cancer, I continue to be a responsible father and husband but did the little things to enjoy myself.

What are the things?
Well, for once, I went out for dinner alone – savouring the expensive food in an expensive restaurant. I also plan to travel alone – do things alone like what I did when I was a teenager – cycling over 2,000 km in the hot tropical sun.

I suddenly realise that in this world there are many selfish people. So why am I so generous?

It is good also to be more self-centric for awhile as I don’t know how long I will live.

The best thing I did this year was to target and reach out to people that needed a “boost” with their day to day attitude.
The economic times being what they are–some people need more help then others in staying positive.
Thanks for asking–wishing everyone around the World a Golden 2010!

I have a daily planner where I put daily prayer petitions for anyone that asks me to pray for them. I started in June and every page is filled with petitions. At least 5 times a week I meditate for the whole planner. That means people that I put in since June get there petition prayed on at list 20 times a month. So that means I have asked God for them at least 140 times. I also add thanks to God when I am notified that a petition was answered or made better. Thank God.

The best thing I did this year was to
visit Nashville and learn about country
music and gospel. I decided to go after
purchasing the special set of cds called
This is My America – some one I knew
was involved in this production.

The best thing I did by far in 2009 was to get into a program that is helping me to deal with lifelong negative thinking, and depression. I also am continuing with other goals that I have, in spite of having been diagnosed with two physical issues which have slowed me down considerably.
I feel like my goals and new attitudes are going to help me deal with things that my be in the horizon. Thank you for asking. Nebraska

The best thing that I did/happened with me was I solidified my life with marriage to God’s choice for me at 49 years of age. Thankyou, Lord!!!

I completed writing my book of poetry about the abuse and murder of our children. It is entitled “Voices of the Children.” I’m also working on marketing it by holding readings and book signings in various venues.

Congratulations on your loss of 50 pounds! You are now a much healthier person. That was the best thing I did in 2001–lose 35 pounds. The best thing I did in 2009 was to be an encourager to my husband of 51 years as he endured several major health problems. Praise God, he’s much better now. LaVerne Teague, Counselor, Victoria Independent School District, Victoria, TX 77905

I married Our Lord’s choice for me at 49 years of age, making my life more solid and permanent. I am from Byron, Illlinois – USA

I sent this letter below as a Christmas letter I hope you will pass it on to invite others to write the two teams. I enjoy your emails & pass them on often. I have not heard from either team despite the fact I sent 8 letters to the team mgmt. I am still hopeful. : )

December 1st, 2009

This past summer I went on a medical missions trip to the Ukraine with my two teenagers. On Sunday, November 1st 2009 I went to a basketball game in Phoenix. To my amazement…on the court there was a player from the Ukraine. I recognized him right away…I grabbed the Playbook. It was him. He was on the same plane from New York City to Kiev. He is hard to miss…7 feet tall. It was a ten hour flight + our team waited 6 hours in customs–they took all medical supplies from one of our physicians and his pre med son. ( six suit cases).

I have a thought that keeps coming to my mind “Basketball for Better Health” Summer Exhibition Games. The purpose is to raise money for medical needs of the poor in the Ukraine and Slovenia. It will bring simple but greatly needed eye glasses, glaucoma & diabetic testing equipment, eye drops & medication.
I am asking the team owners, management, three Eastern European players & teammates if the two teams would like to participate? The two teams can play one or two games in each player’s home country.

Minnesota Timber Wolves – Olesksiy Pechorv from Donestsk Ukraine.
Please invite Aleksandar Pavlovic from Bar, Montenegro

Phoenix Suns – Goran Dragic from Ljubljana Slovenia – born 1986.
My mother’s family is from here.

It will be exciting & purpose filled to be a part of this. In only one week we helped hundreds of people each day. My daughter recalls “the battle of the babushkas”. Our last day patients started pushing to get in. They wanted to be seen by American doctors. My son remembers how most patients were women. I recall a 21 year young, attractive, blond with diabetes going blind due to lack of treatment – she sobbed and shed huge tears of disappointment – sadly our extra supplies & a portable laser machine to help her were taken at customs.

Help us give sight to the blind. Most of the people did not have glasses, not even the inexpensive reading type. Can you imagine going blind when you know it can be prevented in another country? Will you help us have an exhibition game this July? It will be one of the most rewarding & memorable things you do as a person & team in 2010. I guarantee it! See our photos on the back.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah & Happy New Year.
May GOD continue to bless you and keep you healthy and strong.

Colette Rosati RN
6040 E Jenan Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85254 (602) 750-3233

If you like basketball and would like to see a charitable exhibition game to promote “Basketball for Better Health” please write your own letter and send a copy of mine to encourage the teams to follow through. The more mail they receive, the more likely they are to help.

Timberwolves | Lynx Offices
600 First Avenue N
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David Kahn
President of Basketball Operations

David Kahn was introduced as the Timberwolves’ President of Basketball Operations on May 22, 2009, bringing nearly 15 years of front office experience in both the NBA and the NBA Development League, and 24 years of experience in positions directly related to professional basketball, to the Timberwolves front office. In his role with the Timberwolves, Kahn oversees all decisions made within the Timberwolves basketball operations department.

Zarko Durisic
Director of College and European Player

Durisic begins his 13th season with the Timberwolves and his fourth as the team’s director of player personnel after serving eight years as the team’s director of international scouting. He continues to focus on international and college prospects, salary cap issues and the NBA draft.

A native of Montenegro (part of the former Yugoslavia), Durisic played for the national teams of Yugoslavia at all levels (cadets, juniors and seniors). He came to the United States in 1980 and attended Wichita State University, where he studied computer science. Durisic was a member of two NCAA tournament qualifiers. His 1982 team – ranked No. 2 in the country – lost to eventual national champion North Carolina State. Durisic’s teammates at Wichita State included former NBA standouts Cliff Levingston, Antoine Carr and Xavier McDaniel. After graduation from Wichita State in 1984, Durisic played professionally for 11 seasons in Slovenia, where his teams won six Slovenian national titles and a European Cup in 1992.

Fred Hoiberg
Vice President of Basketball Operations

Fred Hoiberg begins his first season as the Timberwolves Vice President of Basketball Operations and will oversee the day-to-day operations of the team’s basketball department, including both pro and college scouting, preparation for the NBA Draft and the salary cap. Hoiberg, who will report directly to President of Basketball Operations David Kahn, has served as the team’s assistant general manager the past three seasons after retiring from the NBA on April 17, 2006. Hoiberg underwent successful heart surgery on June 28, 2005 to correct an enlarged aortic root .

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Robert Sarver: Managing Partner
Jerry Colangelo: Chairman
Sam Garvin: Vice Chairman
Jahm Najafi: Vice Chairman
Rick Welts: President & Chief Executive Officer
Steve Kerr: President of Basketball Operations, General Manager
Jim Pitman: Executive Vice President, Finance/Administration
Harvey Shank: Sr. Vice President, Corporate Sales
Thomas Ambrose: Sr. Vice President, Phoenix Suns Charities
Al McCoy: Sr. Vice President, Broadcasting
Jason Rowley, Sr. Vice President, General Counsel
Lynn Agnello: Sr. Vice President, Marketing Partnership
John Walker: Sr. Vice President, Business Development
Ralph Marchetta: General Manager of Sports & Entertainment Services

Administrative Staff/Executive Staff
Jacque Alonzo: Assistant to the Managing Partner/Office Manager 
Gloria Santa Cruz: Executive Assistant to President & CEO & Vice Chairman 
Shelby Burgus: Administrative Assistant, Phoenix Suns Charities
Ceola Coaston: Administrative Assistant/Executive Receptionist 
Megan Gallegos: Assistant to the SVP of Marketing Partnerships

Public Relations
Jamie Morris: Public Relations Director
Krystal Temple: Public Relations Manager

Player Personnel & Scouting

David Griffin: Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations

Mark West: Vice President of Player Programs

Todd Quinter: Director of Player Personnel
Ljubisav Lukovic: International Scout

The best thing I did all year was to use the quotes from Mr. Positive to help motivate and inspire staff and people with disabilities to keep pushing forward. I would add a little clip art along with the quotes and that seemed to help with getting their attention. Some people would come by my office and would want a copy of the quote for that day…or week. I really appreciate getting the positive quotes and stories. The stories were sent to staff via e-mail. I thank you very much for helping me and have a happy holiday!

Kathy Armstrong

My husband passed away in 2008 and I prayed to God to show me what it was I was supposed to do with the rest of my life. I was already a Stephen Minister through my church. He gave me an opportunity to become a Stephen Leader and I’m helping others who are hurting or may be going through a tough time. I went into the ministry thinking I would help others, but I have been the one who has been more blessed because of it.

The best thing I did for 2009 was to meet my now future husband. I has changed our lives. We met in choir and we are both have lost our spouses. We’ve know each other since 2003 and two years ago he lost his wife and during the summer the choir doesn’t sing and we sat in church together and got to talking and he invited me to go to breakfast with some of the choir members. He is a spiritual man and we both love going to church together and feel very Blessed. This will be our best Christmas. How wonderful to have someone who likes to decorate and helped me put lights outside and put the tree up and put my Christmas village up and enjoyed doing it. We played Christmas music and it was just plain enjoyment. Thank you LORD!!

Divorced a VERY pessimistic, negative, “the sky is falling”, fearful man. It’s sad that the marriage ended but it’s a good thing for me. I am now free to wake up every morning happy, joyful and secure with the knowledge that Jesus Christ is my savior and salvation. No more do I have to start every day bombarded with fear and negativity.
Thank you Jesus!

Dear David, This year I have done a lot of praying for sick family members and so many others on our church prayer list. Last Dec. 24 I was in the hospital for almost a month; had Stay Home nurses until second week of May, 2009. Then on Aug. 29, my son was in the hospital for over a month. and still has lingering problems, plus mounting expenses from not being able to work and trying to sell his home in this terrible real estate market. So, I’ve tried to give him a lot of hope and encouragement.

And thanks to you, David, I can send him so many of your great positive and encouraging emails. I thanks you so much for your helpful messages.

And by the way, David, you are looking very healthy and happy.

Catherine Yeager

I stopped second guessing myself and worrying about what everyone else thinks and started believing in my choices, my parenting ability and myself. I made a commit to leave a legacy of goodness.

The best thing I did the past year was to spend a fair amount of time with my best friend and my 2 toy dogs at the lake and absorb the wonders of nature and how beautiful God has created our world.
The dogs loved it and both my friend and I spent many hrs. laughing at the antiques of the dogs and also sat in silence as we watched the deer and other wildlife graze and go about their daily business. The loons on the lake were so romantic.


Greetings from the smallest city incorporated in the USA situated in two counties, Lehr, ND, USA Hi, my name is Donna Ruff and I am a Lions member, one of the largest volunteer organization in the world with a membership of 1.3 millon. Our motto is “WE SERVE” but our Lions club makes a difference in our community of approximately 100 people. We help people by organizing community blood drives, opening a food pantry, supporting our youth, our elderly and our needy. We help the environment by collecting aluminum cans, cleaning ditches and planting trees and making our park shelter handicap accessable. Being the President of the club this year I feel it was the best time spent using my free hours as a volunteer.

While I wish that I’d had the strength and fortitude to help others this year, I just didn’t. My story is a very personal one. After a year filled with unemployment, major health issues, marital strife, financial chaos and bad news, I’ve turned back to my church and God. It’s a baby step, but I know in my heart that with God I can do anything. It’s only been a short time, but it has been the BEST thing I’ve done all year.

The best thing that I have done in 2009 was to take massive, progressive actions toward launching my new company.

In effect, I burned the “bushel basket” that has hid my light for so long.

i started doing a bible study and quiet time each morning. i started walking 3 times a week i go about a mile. i’m 65 and stayin alive

I lost my son who suffered with bipolar 2, OCD, and other layers of illness. Now recalibrating my life, I am going back to school at 54 to be a Social Worker, and try to change the process’ that let my son and I down. I miss him everyday, but I know he is proud of what I am doing. His good friends stay in touch. And I have organized an event entitled “Mayday for Mental Health” in Brantford Ontario, Canada. Musicians, Magicians, Speakers, will be educating others about the lack of services for mentally ill individuals.
Stay positive! And things happen!! thats what I say David!!!

May God bless this family – sounds like he is.

When I was hungry you gave me food, when I was thirsty you gave me drink.

Best thing I did this year was survive 2 strokes in October – in the hospital 25 days. I went back to work on November 2. It was a struggle, especially at first, but gets better every day by HIS grace.

As much as some may find this post “selfish” in nature, well one must recognize that for a “giver” selfishness becomes pure survival.
When you are drowning, it is no time to save the world.
My story begins with one trauma after another over a span of 4 years, my family was defrauded of all our investments, my husband had a nervous breakdown, my son became violently ill for a span of 2 years, my father died of cancer and I had a friend who went missing, never to be found.
During this time, I put my emotions on the back burner to take care of my families needs but inside I was falling apart.
By 2005, my 27 year marriage completely unraveled and next thing you know I am receiving Bailiff’s left and right and all the anger my husband stored from the fraud, came full force aimed in my direction.
During this time, I had to return to school and find a means to support myself, as I was a stay at home mom for most of my childrens life.
The emotional strain, topped with the need to study, was depleting my adrenals, throwing me into pre-mature menopause. My health was taking a toll and I was diagnosed with mini clusters of tumours forming on my Pituitary gland causing such severe head aches and my vision blured.
I made it through school, got the divorce, began to work and the recession hit and first in-first out… but by then I was put on sick leave in the mist of a breakdown.
This is when I left on a solo vacation down in St. Lucia to a place called the Body Holiday- meditation, tai chi, body stretch, nutritious meals, daily spa treatments. I stayed 6 weeks and the veil began to lift and I finally felt my body beginning to heal.
While at this Resort, I became friends with one of the women working there who happens to come from Bali. She invited me to join her when she returned in October. I jumped at the opportunity and experienced the most amazing 2 weeks of my life.
I am well aware the way this may come off as selfish with so many people low on money and me running around the world traveling but it does come with a price, debt!
It is the first time I owe any money and especially on luxury but I know this saved my life.
Miraculously, my health is back on track, my mind is clear, I am no longer in a dark place and for the first time in my life, I took care of me.
Today I am ready to go out into the world and offer my help.
I am looking to find my way to join a type of organization overseas (Africa preferably) who concentrates on helping women.
I feel there is more direction in my life today and I know for sure to never again “depend on a rich husband or a trust fund, you never know when one may run out!”
Without our health, we cannot help anyone…
Sometimes selfishness is necessary to survive. Saying yes to ourselves is also important to learn.

It is a common mistake to feel guilty about putting yourself first. You were lucky that you were forced to do exactly that. If we don’t put our own needs first then we cannot gain the strength and self confidence to give out. That has been my lesson for the last 5 years.
Have a wonderful 2010 and a wonderful life. If you are happy then you make others happy.

The best thing I did in 2009 is learn to think and speak positively about things … instead of seeing the negative in a situation I now look for the positive. I am also learning how to live life fully…not betraying who I was created to be. I am so thankful for every day, everything that comes my way and everybody in it. Life is full of good things and I want to give back some of that goodness. I now try to do one good thing (or more) for someone each day …either big or small… whatever I can do to help another human being that crosses my path. “If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain; If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain” Emily Dickinson 1830-1886

To Debbie …What a wonderful attitude you display ! You are truly an outstanding person! Reading your comments strengthened my belief in mine as I try to parrallel yours..May GOD always smile on you is my fervent prayer.!!

I help my friends and some people to review their financial status and provide some advise for them to manage their resources. Their feedback encourage me to go ahead along this way.

The best thing I did this year was to be appointed as Guardian for an 81 year old Gentleman that has Alzheimers. It certainly enlightened me as to how the elderly people are treated. They put him in a room with no windows where he can see the outside world and it is like entering a dungeon to visit with him. He is permitted ouot side twice a day with the people that smoke and he does not smoke. There has to be a better way for our older people to be treated.

I agree with you completely.I have tried to change things in the past.When I was a C.N.A. i complained to our head nurse.Lost my job because I said something about another C.N.A.who was abusive to someone and tore her skin.
Than our father was beaten almost to death.He died before I could get to where he was in Utah.He was in a nurseing home.Go figure.
There needs to be a change in things.I am 65 years old.And I pray that I never go to a nurseing home for anything.

The best thing I did in 2009 was survive despite intermittant unemployment. It has proven to be a year that has resisted my attempts to find a full time job that pays a sustainable wage. At this time I am a displaced, older worker with no job and no home and yet I am not cold, wet or hungry. It has to be a freaking miracle.

help to organize a volunteer 5 mile fun,family fitness “Team CCD!”Dash for Diabetes in Goderich, Kincardine, Port Credit and RYERSON University in Toronto. These 100% volunteer ONTARIO projects direct 100% of all monies raised for diabetes research and local area kids with diabetes while promoting fun,family fitness for all kids of all ages. These volunteer activities inspire me to try to lose 50 pounds in 2010 and keep it off. fg

I became a man of peace this year. All my life has culminated to this decision. Peace has always been a focus it was just not something that I focused on or watched so closely. I rate myself on a daily basis or daily average. One is the lowest and ten being the highest. I usually am around eight. My goal is to live at ten continually. This means in every area of my life I am monitoring my level of peace. In most if not all situations it comes down to choices that I can control. Peace is not some nebulous far off thing, it is inside of me and in my daily living. I am currently unemployed. Right after I lost my job my wife said to me, “You sure don’t seem very upset about loosing your job.” I considered that a compliment. So being a man of peace helps me to deal with stress and my situations in life along with bringing peace with me where ever I go as a blessing for others. So this is not just for me. Now my goal is to share what I have learned with others and to learn from them too.
Mandan, North Dakota, USA

The best thing I did this year was to teach children that GOD loves them and has a wonderful plan for their lives. GOD is so good and I am so very thankful for this most wonderful time of the year that we can celebrate the birth of our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST.

A little over a year ago, a lady came to work as a janitorial cleaner for the company I work for. Her husband also was able to get a job there as well as a shipping clerk. She is very humble and an excellent worker and takes her job seriously. Her husbands health took a serious down turn and he was in need of a liver and kidney transplant. They also have three young children to support. With the many trips to the doctors and hopitals, they were now consumed with medical expenses and other expenses that they never had before.
Due to being out of work for so long, the husband was no longer able to work so now they lost his income as well. They were able to apply for the organ transplant program and were put on the waiting list. Things did not look good as his health continued to decline. They sent their children back to their home country to live with their grandparents so that she could devote all her remaining energies to helping her husband and maintain her job as it was the only source of income for them now. Some close friends or hers and work mates approached me and asked if there was any thing we could do for her. Being her supervisor, I had already mentioned their plight to our HR director and asked if we could help her out somehow with a fund raiser. The HR director got approval from the owner of the company and he said he would match the contributions collected. So I sent out a plea via inter-office email, requesting help for this family.
The response was fantastic! I still get emotional just writing about right now. We were able to generate over 11,000 dollars for this family in this time of need. The positive and giving spirit of everyone was amazing. It really restored my faith that many people really do care about others and want to help when they can. The family was so grateful for the kindness shown by everyone and to top it off they received the news that both a kidney and liver became available for him. His health is continuing to progress with a new prospect on life and they were able to bring their children back home. As a huband and father of two girls I know how impotant it is to be together as a family. When there is nothing else, family is all that matters. It was just a small act that brought many positive results. I would have to say, that was the best thing I did in 2009.

I, like you consider my best thing to be health realated and life style change. After having what many refered to as two years from Hell, I decided to change their minds. Yes we had more than our share of tragedy, but we have survived. My best accomplishment after beating cancer and losing 40 pounds was determination to beat the thing again. The positive side of our toil is we always knew we had the best family and now we prove it to each other every day. Each day is new and we embrace it with vigor, joy and a deep faith. Our volunteer work for others has never diminished and making people feel good is always a priority.

Many times we think the “best thing” we “did” is something we actually “did” but the best thing I “did” actually “happened to me” this past year. The experience of dealing with family and life and death. The paradoxes of life. My mother died about a year and a half ago. My family – like many others I’ve heard about since she passed, did not “come together” to grieve. Here in lies the lesson. Perception is personal, reflection is telling, and the future is in God’s hands. All I can do is the best I can do and am only responsible for my own actions. It’s been a “life changing” experience – God truly does give us what we need when we need it. The definition of “family” is the people who help you grow and love you in good and bad times. Judgement is left to God and guilt is self imposed criticism usually subject to someone elses opinion. My mother and I had a very loving relationship that took years to grow thru acceptance of each other as individuals — not just mother and daughter. I am forever grateful for the growing we did together. Learning to live and let live and still love is the essence of family. We are all going to die one day, it’s how we live and as I’ve heard — to live in such a way as to go in the direction of life — that determines the quality of life we experience. I love the family that’s grown up around me through life experiences and paths that cross. Life truly is about discernment, acceptance, and change and never ever losing the enthusiasm to LIVE!


So many things to be grateful for, it is so hard to tell which was/is the best thing I have done this year!!

I would have to say enjoying another year with my family is Number 1 and Number 2 is watching the growth of a company I co-found come to fruition along with reading and sharing the experiences of many who have benefited from this water.

Happy 2010 to all!!

I am honored to be the National Director for the
Great Lakes Region of Sertoma. The absolute best
thing that occured for me was at our Convention
in April of 2009. I made a presentation to the body and asked them to unite on one day in May
to raise $100,000.00 for Annual Giving of Sertoma, Inc.. This would be accomplished thru a
5 K “Walk In The Park” Fund raiser. With this 5K
walk we would raise a Regional Awareness for Hearing Health of the over 50 Million Hearing Impaired individuals in our country. I am pleased
to say, the Sertomans of the Great Lakes Region,
(consists the states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and
Wisconsin) agreed to do a First Ever 5K Walk fund
raiser. It is a work in progress and only 5 short
months away. So if anyone would want to make a
donation, please respond, and I would be glad to
foward the information to you. The dollars raised
would go to Grants, Youth, and Scholarships. We
are truly blessed volunteers. If anyone would like
to make a donation, please respond and I will forward any information you would require. Thanks, Edwin (Eddie “D”) Dlugopolski.

At the edge of having a possible heart attack, enduring numerous severe angina attacks daily, I made a decision to NOT go to a hospital or use modern medicine to heal myself. Instead, I used my own inner wisdom, higher guidance, help from my friends and google. Through the use of proper diet, including herbs, ionic minerals and the right fats & oils, adding chelation therapy and lots of rest, here I am 5 months later about 98% healed! And I feel great!!!!

I took my niece and nephew to Italy and Switzerland for two weeks in June and July. We had a blast!!

I also have donated a lot of food items to the needy and instead of getting any Christmas presents this year my family and I have decided to “Adopt a Family” in need in the Milwaukee area.

Helped usher my mom Home. I held her hand while she took her last breaths and felt the jolt of joyous Energy as she bolted outta here and raced into the next dimension. It was the best. I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else. I miss her.

Introduced my kids to the road of suffering – and the power that compassion can make, in response.

As a father of young boys, the Little League complex is where I live from April – July. It has its own community made up of local families. Watching all the kids grow over the years is something I enjoy, as a coach and father.

This past summer we read a fundraiser flyer, at the concession stand, for a 10-year old girl named Becky Boucher, who has inoperable cancer. She played in a nearby Little League. We went to the fundraiser and as a result, I decided that it would be a good opportunity for my sons to learn about community, by seeing it through the eyes of suffering and compassion.

Over the next 6 months, we have organized a few fundraisers (an example is the website I listed), created a First Pitch ceremony during our LL tournament in which Becky was the Guest of Honor, had teams sign baseballs and shirts for her, started hat drives for Becky and her friends at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia who are losing their hair from treatments, took Becky and her sister out to the movies, Christmas ornament making workshop, etc.

In essence, we pursued friendship with the Bouchers. In doing so, we learned alot about their difficult journey. My family also learned to be more loving, more compassionate, more thoughtful of others.

And we experienced the power that little acts of kindness can have – impacting, not only those we offered them to, but for us as well. We are different because of them.

Along our journey of learning compassion, periodically we would hear from other people who were inspired by our family – and took that inspiration to motivate themselves to action. That was truly wonderful to see – and makes me appreciate, all the more, the significance of starting something. You never know where the first step will lead – or who it will impact.
(the “ripples effect” was amazing – if you are interested, drop me an e-mail, I’ll be glad to share the details)

I took up the challenge of writing my first book this year. It is an awesome experience – lots of work, but also so much fun. I did this on the suggestion of many of my clients who said that I should do this becuse I explain things so differently from other coaches and use interesting examples that they can relate to. So, here it is, December 2009 and my book is scheduled to be released in late January 2010. Wow!
The title of my book is: HEAR APPLAUSE! Choosing Success in 12 Steps or Less. I think I’ll take my advice and give myself a round of applause for accomplishing this endeavor. What a way to start a new year!

I spent time with my 3 yr old Granddaughter. She is the greatest joy of my life!!! Watching her play and learn new things is very joyful!!! It is my goal in life to teach her to be a positive person full of joy and love!

I married my sweetheart on August 13 — a beautiful ceremony at the beach. My son (from my first marriage) walked me down the aisle, and my Dad performed the ceremony….it was a memory I’ll cherish forever!

The best thing I did this year was make the journey back to Scotland to see the tree that was planted in my mum’s memory after she died in 2001. It was my first trip home in 5 years and the first time that I had seen the tree that was planted in her home town, Aberdeen. I realised that time passes quickly, the years are going by so fast and I am glad that I went. New carpet can wait for another year. Take the opportunity to see your family and tell them that you love them while you can.

March 7 1959-2009, Celebrated 50 Golden Years with our precious Family and Friends. God has richly blessed us with four wonderful children, two sons and two daughters. They have all successfully married and given us eleven wonderful grandchildren. We have had a wonderful marriage with God always at the center.

I got married to the perfect woman on the 4th November. And the second best thing I did this year was to bump into a young guy called Tyler… I’m 54 years old and found myself surrounded by enthusiastic 20 year old rappers…. We created a phenomenal hip hop album which is being released on December 19. It took six months from the start of the project. The album title is “A Series of Events” because of the way the whole project took shape….
I was working as a pianist on a cruise ship for the first four months of 2009, and whilst on board I caught a chest infection from the air conditioning system. I lost my voice for three months and wanted to record some songs that I was writing, but couldn’t sing. So I ended up writing a rap song. Until this point I didn’t like rap music….

Anyway, after the end of my contract I ended up performing the rap song at a hip hop night at a local night club, met Tyler, and the whole project began from there.
This coming Saturday (19th December 09) we are having our first major gig coinciding with the release of our album. The name of the group is Buried Head.
So all in all, a pretty damn fine year!
So, a big thank you to you David for your relentlessly positive emails. Every day I read them and have done so for the last two or three years. I surround myself with positive thoughts for the day, and though not short of challenges and times of despair, I feel that my life is definitely going with the flow. I am in the right space, and the best opportunities do not pass me by.
Hope everyone has a really great 2010 and is inspired by David’s emails to remain positive.

Through personal development and positive thinking, I have found what I believe my true purpose is and have started volunteering with a local German Shepherd rescue group. In 2010, I am planning on starting a program that combines personal development, homeless dogs and people who deserve a second chance in life.

One of the best things I did is adopt a sick kitten from the shelter last week. I have no “extra” money whatsoever, but this kitten (I named her “Diva-Not”) is such a sweet, affectionate, cutie, I had to do something. I cannot keep a cat, so I will doing another good deed by finding her the perfect home, once she is well.

Best thing for me in 2009 was My wife and I went to washington state and saw our new granddaughter she is our 5th granddaughter and by the why we have 3 duaghters also our youngest daughter also lives in washington state and so we got to see her also and she made us very happy when she told use she was due in April of 2010 WAHOO

the best thing I did this year was to realize my dreams could come true if I rolled up my sleeves and put in a little hard work for 2-5 years. I join a relational marketing company called Monavie and am now building an amazing business that allows me to have passive income coming in week after week once I have built the foundation. I am so tired of working week after week and not having any money left after I pay my bills. I have so many dreams that weren’t being realized and now I have hope and excitement in my life again as I work towards having financial and time freedom rather than striving to get a paycheque each month.

The best thing I did this year was to visit my Dad twice. He lives out of state and we don’t get to see each other often. He is in his 80s now, and in reasonably good health, but you never know what tomorrow may bring.

We as a family started home schooling our children this year. We have two boys and only one of them is in school right now but our youngest child is learning so much just sitting next to his big brother and watching him.

Also, we as a family came up with a budget to pay all our bills and our debt. In the past we have not been able to pay all of our bills and now we are on our way to living a debt free life. I am so proud of our family.

Without a F/T job, having the time to praise & teach, watch & learn, feed & soothe, listen & laugh, love & be loved with my son & my wife every day is the best thing I did in 2009!
What a beautiful and blessed year!

Although financially the past 2 years have been very difficult…fortunately I appreciate life more than ever now.
Jesus lived a simple life and spread LOVE.
Living a simple life & reminding my self every morning & day to be thankful for God, my wife, our son, our families, friends, neighbors, community for making every day a good one! Amen!

WOW! Thank you everyone for sharing your bliss with me. It is very hard to choose one thing. Just being me is a good thing – marriage partner, mother, energy medicine practitioner, artist, writer,
human. I do want to share that one of the best things that I have done this year is to incorporate
Ho’oponopono into my daily life – it is good medicine for these times.

Chatham, Ontario CANADA

The best thing I did in 2009 was reach the big 5 0 with the realization that there’s no point in looking back but I must live in the present moment and this will lead me to a much happier future. Well done Mr. Positive for all your good work.

The best thing that happened to me in 2009 was that someone special believed in me and I got a childrens book published and will be introduced in February 2010. Happy to be Mia was written 20 years ago and someone gave me a hug and a push to “DO” something with it and it is becoming alive!!!
I am extremely thankful!!

The best thing I did this year was start my first novel! I’ve spent years searching for who I really am in the grand scheme – my purpose and my joie de vive. Writing is it. I’ve always had stories to tell. I’ve always seen myself in imaginary scenarios where I would practice what I would say. As it turns out, doing so is part of my development process for characters.
Since I began, I’m about 60% finished; there are 469 pages and 116,108 words (non-proportional fonts and double-spacing for the purpose of editing together take up a lot of space!) and I will be looking for an agent soon.
I’m deeply thankful for the coaching I’ve received over the past 2.5+ years, because it got me to this point. By far, though, the largest portion of that coaching came from the Divine. I not only let go of many erroneous beliefs I had about myself and life, I was able to embrace the possibility that ALL my good could come from doing what it is I most love – NOT just money.
There are other things I love doing, of course; not the least of which is learning the saxophone. I will be doing that come the first week of January, 2010. But I credit the reawakened desire and impetus to do that with the process of discovery that led me to writing as my passion. All my other passions benefit and are supported by it!

I deceided to get helathy, not quite there yet but on my way. Got basd health reports 2 months ago and so far I am down 21 pounds. I am going to get to the point in 2010 where I can flush all of those pills.

Tulsa OK

The best thing I did this year was to register with Mr.Positive, I love reading the encouraging and beautiful quotes. I also graduated with honors from College this year. Who says you have to be young to dream big dreams??? I will be 60 years old in January and I feel SO GRATEFUL FOR MANY THINGS. All I want for Christmas is a JOB that I can enjoy. Merry Christmas to all and God Bless.

Iris Edmonton, Alberta Canada

The most difficult and the best thing that I did was to do an intervention on my brother Matt for Alcoholism. He is in treatment so not sure of the outcome yet but we had to make the decision for him since the alcohol was so powerful over him. He was incapable of making the decision for himself. It seemed easier to put our heads in the sand but came to the realization we could no longer ignore this. Please pray for his recovery. God Bless.

I’ve studied for my GED,so that I can take college courses. I’m 46 so I feel a bit behind but excited. Finally, I’m taking charge of my life.

Did two best things in 2009. First solved the internal bleeding problem that allowed me to recover from life threatening health problems. Second best thing I did was write a famil history for my kids since I am th oldest surviing member of the clan. Approcimately 175 pages of who what where and when the family got to gether from whence the original great Greatgrandfather arrived to he birth of the las Great grandchild. Togh but fn project. If any haven’t tried it you ought to Tom

The best thing I did and am doing in 2009 is to volunteer for a local hospice to be a companion to two patients. Also to help in the office as needed. December 23 I will go to a skilled nursing center to play Christmas music.

Always receive more than I give.

The best thing I did this year was to join with my 8 siblings, our spouses and children to build a new house for our parents (age 85 & 89). Theirs was flooded in Aug and on Aug 29th we started the foundation for their new home. We all did what we could when we could. We prayed together, worked together, laughed together, struggled together and 89 days later on Thanksgiving day (exhausted but grateful) we ate turkey in their new home.
Their new home is a blessing but the greater blessing is the stronger relationship built between us “kids”.

The best thing I did in 2009 was encourage and support my very good friend of 25 years, as she was admitted to a nursing home, and is still there today. I still support her with visits and phonecalls. It is an ongoing need.

There are so many best things I have done this year, but above and beyond all else was spend more time with my friends or as I like to refer to them, my family of choice. Plus, I also learned how many of my blood family are also my friends. I am truly blessed by all of the people in my life.

Pasadena, CA

I picked up the guitar after not playing for over 2 years! It felt great – such a wonderful way to meditate, pray, reconnect, relax. We also were able to remodel our home to make better living conditions for my mum, who moved in with us about 17 months ago. I have reached out to help others through free life-coaching, which I love being able to do. I let go of some disappointment, frustration, and anger towards a difficult situation by praying for the people involved, focusing on gratitude for the “haves”, and celebrating my relationships – my faith, husband, children, family, friends, pets, etc. I am so truly grateful to be alive and well and to have so much going well in my life.
Southern CA

The best thing I did this year was to run in our local City to Bay run (12 kilometres) and raise money for World Youth International. I set a goal of raising $1000 and I reached it. This money will go towards education for children in Kenya.
Adelaide, Australia

The best thing I did this year is I quit smoking after 25 years and I started an exercise program that I have been able to stick with. Feeling great and looking good.

The best thing that I did this year was to marry the man of my dreams…my soulmate. I had been married for 23 years and divorced 4 years ago…I was “never ” marrying again..neither was my new husband:) We met 2 and 1/2 years ago and it was like we had known each other forever. In january this year we decided to tie the knot so in front of family, we did it…Feb, 9, 2009 and 2:09 in the afternoon. And the honeymoon continues to this day. Learning to love myself gave me the ability to love my husband and “LIFE IS GOOD!!!!”

The best thing I did was relize what is important spending time with my grandchildren and helping my friends who need help
a kind word , some one to drive them or take them to lunch its speding time with family , good friends and giving that gives you pleasure

I am a retired American living in a very poor seaside village, Barangay Tanawan, Oslob, Cebu, Philippines.
More than half the children drop out of school before they reach the 7th grade to go ‘earn a living’. The elementary school across the street from my house has 279 students, and I learned that about one third of them reach school in the morning with nothing in their stomachs! I hired the mother of one student to walk down at 5:30 in the morning and prepare two vats of the asian version of ‘oatmeal’, which they call lugaw(rice with brown sugar). At first, most of the children, altho hungry, were too ashamed to partake in a free breakfast. After they figured out there is no catch or condition, over 150 kids are eating, and coming back for seconds and thirds!
Now, the kids are more prone to come to school, and the teachers have confirmed that since they aren’t HUNGRY, they are paying more attention and their grades are coming up. The weekly consumption has climbed to 200 pounds of rice and 22 pounds of brown sugar!
Other posters have already affirmed, it warms one’s heart to be helping children.
lee matteson, oslob, cebu

I so would love to find out how to get myself to a 3rd world country to make a difference…
Congratulations on wonderful work!

The best thing I did recently was to adopt a cute Sheltie/Chihuahua mix from the local animal shelter. What a joy she is and good company too. I think I will always have a dog in my life. Now neither one of us is lonely.

Indio, CA

As a retired teacher there are two places I’ve been able to volunteer some weekly time. Phoenix, Arizona has Phoenix Childrens’ Hospital. They have a school in the hospital to service the children who are there, whether it’s a short or long term stay. I’ve been able to provide bedside services as well as classroom activities to children of all ages and have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with them.

There’s also a St. Vincent de Paul Family Dining Center in PHoenix where children in first through sixth grade can come to me for assorted math and/or science activities. The families who come to the dining center are the working poor and most families come by foot even during the hot and humid summer season.

It has been an enriching and valuable experience to continue my teaching in a place outside the traditional classroom.

Hope more people will find how enriching this type of experience can be for all, young, middle and well experienced in life’s treasures.

Have a wonderful and joyous holiday with family and friends!


The best thing I did this year was create a paradigm shift in my life from poverty to abundance. This was the first year that I actually managed to put a few dollars in my savings account and did NOT increase my credit card debt. Faith and the power of belief go a long way! TYG.

The best thing I did was to travel to Guatemala with my wife and youngest daughter as a part of a 24 person Habitat for Humanity team to help build safe, decent affordable housing. We were assisted by the Habitat Guatemala team and members of the families for whom we were building. A tiring but very fulfilling work week in the mountains.

The best thing I did this year was enroll in college online to complete my associates degree in business by the end of next year. It is challenging and fun. I have a lot of supportive and encouraging people in my life, who cannot wait for me to graduate.

I have also decided to put myself first in everything. The opinions and lack of support from family and friends does not concern me any more. I decide what will make me happy and do it.
Baltimore, Maryland

Hey Robin,

Liked your essay unit the last paragraph. Went from positive to negatiive. Dissing on relatives and friends. Makes me wonder what they would say about you? Now your going to put youself 1st. Wow, how original! The majority I meet in this world do that as well! Just watch the news… You will find yourself disappointed soon enough… Advice is free and what I have to suggest is because I care. Try putting Jesus first!

I got the chance to serve my Lord and Savior, Jesus, and help fellow man for another year…praise God!!! (Matthew 22:37-40)

Timing is everything…

I was on the last hour of a three hour drive on I10 when I saw a truck on fire–there was someone trapped inside pounding on the driver window.

I stopped and ran back to the truck–couldn’t ge the door open and had to break the window. I got her out–unfortunately cutting her leg on the window, but the alternative…? We cleared the truck before it started popping and eventually catching fire. EMS eventually showed and put out the flames and take her to the hospital–others stopped to make sure everyone was ok, but eventually drove off.

I never got her name and the Sheriff didn’t ask my name and I didn’t give it. This is the third time in 25 years that I’ve found myself in a situation like like this…I keep thinking I’m “here” for a reason.

Timing is everything.
San Antonio

I’ve had the opportunity to serve my Lord and Savior, Jesus, and help my fellow man this year…Praise God!!! (Matthew 22: 37-40)

KJ Ehrenfeld
Amarillo, TX

My year – spending quality with my husband, children and grandchildren – our oldest grandson’s high school graduation now a college attendee, a first ballet recital for our youngest granddaughter and a trip on the Polar Express to the North Pole with our our 4 1/2 yr. old Gable and Sophia –

We exercise, walk, enjoy our beautiful city of Santa Barbara and spend special time along with cards and calls to friends with health issues and keep in our hearts and prayers everyone which includes our Military..

The best thing I did in 2009 was adopt a little dog from Noah’s Ark animal rescue. She is the love of my life. She makes me smile a million times a day. She has brought more joy into my life and heart than I ever thought imaginable. Miracles do happen. I am so thankful for God’s presents in my life.
Buckey, AZ

I joined a band and played music after not playing for 14 years! By God’s grace, found I still had the gift. Incredible joy to connect with people who are intimately in sync with each other. like finding the perfect partners for the three legged races I used to participate in in school. Just being a part of something so terrific, and stimulating, is so gratifying. Never realized how much I missed it. Very exciting. And being there for my stepfather as he recovered from a heart attack gave myself and him a chance to spend time together and show gratitude for all that he gave me. Also giving up a work related contract was a huge stress relief! having the time to sort out unresolved issues, and restore order to my life is well worth giving up the extra income. I will miss those people I worked with daily in that contract, as there were a lot of cherished moments, but now I can work with the less fortunate, and work on keeping what I have by giving it away! —-Craig J.—Calgary,AB.

The best thing I did in 2009 was to release my book “Teaching and Beyond” in September. I was working on this book for 2 years. In this part of India the college teachers do not have a manual like this. It is a very satisfying thing in my life. I gave complimentary copy of my book to all the 275 teaching staff in the college where I work.

The best thing I did in 2009 was to release my book “Teaching and Beyond” in September. I was working on this book for 2 years. In this part of India the college teachers do not have a manual like this. It is a very satisfying thing in my life. I gave complimentary copy of my book to all the 275 teaching staff in the college where I work.
Coimbateore India

I don’t know what’s the best thing I did in 2009, but there are 3 things that I’m very glad that I did / succeeded to do (the order doesn’t matter):
1) I got my BS degree
2) I helped my parents buy a car
3) I started learning to cook 🙂

I wish you all best,
Adi – Targu Mures, Romania

I consider this as the best thing I have done in life since my birth. Every time we are saving our money for ourselves and we are giving to Jesus our Saviour a small amount out of that. But I was really ashamed of that. We always pray to Jesus for giving us promotions and salary hike, but once we received them from Jesus we will just forget them how we achieved it. But we are busy in increasing our bank balance and least bother about what is happening around the world. Once I went to a village church and I met the pastor of the church. The church had only the top roof with asfestos sheets and for the compound wall they covered with some coconut leaves. This congregation has nearly 4,000 members and I was so distress within myself and the same moment I surrender myself to God that I will donate the church to build the compound wall and I will bear all the expenses. God gave me the strength to finish this project. One thing I want to tell you that we are in the midst of the financial crisis but Jesus our Lord is taking care of us in a wonderful way. He has raised me even in this crisis time. So whoever believes in Jesus and surrender fully to Him need not worry about your job. He will lead you in any downfall situation and He only has the power to change any worst into best. God bless you all. First seek your Lord Jesus Christ and the rest will be given to abundantly.

I helped to organize a Christmas Tree for the Festival of Trees in Salt Lake City, UT. The trees are auctioned off and all the money goes to help pay the costs for patients as Primary Children’s Medical Center in Salt Lake. I always feel good when I do this each year in honoring our daughter, Hanna, who died 7 years ago. She spent many days and weeks receiving care there during her life because of her premature birth in 1983. This year’s tree was done to the theme of “If I Only Had A Heart” to help increase awareness for Congenital Heart Defects through a group I belong to called, Intermountain Healing Hearts. The tree also honored the 70th anniversary of the movie, “The Wizard of Oz”, by using that as our theme.

The best thing I did in 2009 was responding to my sister-in-law who contacted me after 23 years. We had lost contact due to the fact that she left New York. It was great seeing her when she came to visit her daughter in New York and we stay in contact. I saw her again this year in Florida while I was visiting my sister. It was very special.
Also, I saw Paul McCarthy in New York at Citifield. What a treat!

The best thing that I did in 2009 was being able to overcome the devastation of a fire that took 4 barns, 13 head of cattle and all tools, supplies and 3 of our 4 tractors.

The overwhelming acts of kindness of friends and strangers made me realize how very lucky I was and more importantly how powerful the simplest act of kindness is and how it has the abilty to change a life.

I no longer say, “Should I help, should I call, should I hold a door open” I just “Do It” and I have discovered that not only does the action help others to see their cup is half full and not half empty but it keeps mine to stay full with appreciation for my family, my home and the world that I live in.

To me, the best thing I have done in the past year is the same as I have done in the previous three years……communicate with, and help, thousands of smokers around the World to stop smoking via a worldwide chat room on the site.

In addition, for the 16th straight year I have volunteered, weekly, in a smoking cessation clinic at a Veterans Administration site in the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles (CA) County and worked with hundreds of smoking patients, of many wars, attempting to rid themselves of their smoking addiction. I do volunteer work as a smoking cessation educator and counselor, as I have done since stopping smoking in February, 1980. And, an extra accomplishment of mine is surviving to my 83rd birthday, and “surviving” 61 years of marriage.

Dave Wallace

“Smokerdave” is my nom de plume on the chat room.

I am writing from Mexico City.
I think that the Best thing I did in 2009 was to realize what a wonderful woman I am, and to see how deeply I can love and give myself to the person I am in love with. Although my relationship ended and now we are trying to get things back together, now I know what I am capable of, what I can give and I am more self-confident.

I am also becoming a more positive person and I trust myself everyday more and more.
I also understood what to forgive and forget means and put it into practice. It felt good!

Took the Quantum Leap step into a whole new world of the entrepreneur, following a trail of little breadcrumbs …

now I will not say that the solution has been completed yet.

I will say that my eyes and mind have been so expanded that I really can say that I am starting to see “Horizons Unlimited” for so many parts of my life.

Learning and commitment to lifelong learning is my “biggest thing” in 2009

Best thing I did this year was retire from my pediatric practice of 25 years to be at home for my 4 year old granddaughter that my husband and I are raising. Being a “new” parent in one’s 50’s is a whole new experience. She allows me to see the word with different eyes.

I made food for my son and my grand-daughter when she had my grand-son and helped them. I gave my retirement notice to my boss. I lost weight, I gave to the person in need.

I have made great strides in becoming more socially comfortable. If I don’t feel at ease in any situation I don’t ‘go there’! I Have dismantled the concrete wall around my space and am making an effort to really listening to people instead of wondering how fast I can get the conversation over with so I can get back to my comfort zone where it is lonely but ‘safe’. I always read your newsletters and can usually find a ‘nugget’ of information to remind me to be positive. More importamtly to spread that positivity around. Thank you for your words of wisdom.

After Jagoda Markiewicz read my book I Can Forgive if I Want To, which was translated into Polish and released there in 2008, she emailed me an invitation to speak in her country in 2009. Poland is just becoming aware of the extent of domestic violence and is now where America was approximately 50 to 60 years ago. Jagoda expressed to me her desire to help heighten Poland’s awareness. As Women’s Forum Director (Connected with Campus Crusade for Christ) she felt I and my book would be the vehicle to do that.

I was interested but hesitated when she said it would require at least a month of my time. Furthermore, I would not be paid as this is a nonprofit organization. I would receive lodging with her, Heniek, and their two teenage sons, Jan and Stas. Women’s Forum would be responsible for transportation within Poland—my publisher covered my air faire to Poland and back.

Because I had written my book to help individuals become overcomers rather than remain mere survivors, I agreed to not only go, but I also waived the customary author’s discount on my books so the Women’s Forum could purchase them at a discounted price and use the difference to offset their cost in setting up these events. This also relieved me of the usual burdens authors have in transporting or shipping books to each speaking location and the only time I touched the books was to sign them.

Committing to this trip was no light decision for me—someone who doesn’t speak Polish, is a widow, and in her seventies. But because my heart aches for those struggling under the handicap of pain, bitterness, and the crippling victim mentality that usually results from abuse, I was determined to go. Although translators would accompany me everywhere, I wanted to learn a little of the language and took Polish lessons from a local tutor.

It was not without fear and trepidation that I flew alone to a country where I could speak only a few phrases and words in its language, where I had never been, to meet people I didn’t know, except via email, and to live with them for an entire month, just to encourage people I had never met. (I was, however, able to connect several times with my Polish publisher while he was there at his main office in Warsaw—we originally met in AZ where his Phoenix office is located)

Thus, I spent the entire month of October, 2009 in the beautiful and brave country of Poland where I spoke at seventeen events in thirteen cities. Following each event I was hugged by crying people, women and men, thanking me for coming and giving them hope through my message. So many spoke of the great need their country has to hear the message of forgiveness. One women’s leader hugged me and wept when Jagoda and I arrived in Poznan, saying “I have been praying for six years that someone would come to Poland with the message of forgiveness. Thank you for traveling such a long distance to answer that prayer!”

I thought of those statements as I toured Auschwitz just outside Krakow where I spoke several times. I was not prepared for the grief that struck me as I viewed the tragic reminders of all the holocaust horrors and the millions of lives lost there; including the countless thousands of courageous Poles and their families who perished because they had aided the Jews.

How difficult, indeed, for the citizens of Poland to forgive such atrocities! And yet, healing through forgiveness had already begun before my arrival.

While in Poland, I was guest on seven radio shows (two of which were live talk shows where listeners called in with questions) and guest on one live video talk show. Jagoda had hoped I would be able to also make TV appearances, but due to a major internal conflict between the heads of the TV industry there, that was not possible. I was also interviewed by numerous newspaper and magazine reporters. With the exception of one person, every interviewer had read my book entirely before the interview. That rarely happens in the U.S. and I believe it was because of the topic.

Interest was so keen in what I had to say about overcoming the tragic effects of domestic violence with God’s help, as evidenced in my personal story, and my emphasis on Poland’s need to establish more shelters for abused women and children, that a number of the interviews were three and a half hours long.

This trip, without a doubt, is the best thing I did in 2009—possibly my entire life! And yet, who knows? They want me to return in three years.

I have been able to grow, in most areas of my life. My healty is wealthy, my son is growing well, my family is good. God is in all that I do! I have learnt a very valuable lesson this year. The only person to make me feel bad or keep me down is ME. No matter what people try to do to bring me down, will only come to pass if I allow it to!
At my workplace there r some very small-minded individuals whose main purpose is to make themselves ook good by pulling others down. It had me really frustrated for a while, so much that it began to affect my health. After numerous doctor visits and tests. I was stressed from ny work. My doctor told me that I need to not study insignificant people and that was my turning point. I went to work with a smile each day and i kept myself happy. What’s important to me is my life,health and my family! God gave me that. Right now there mistified about my new attitude.

The best thing I did this year was to decide to live a more positive life and share my positive thoughts with others. I started my blog 4abettalife in May and add to it almost every day.
I am also suffering from depression altho I am working on it and I must say, some of my friends have been awsome in understanding what I am going through and supporting me.

Stuart Fish
Sydney, Australia

Suart, One of the best way to heal yourself is to help others! I love your blog and what you are doing. Also, I went through a severe depression myself and it was caused by two things Sleep Apnea and a Hormone imbalance (my testoterone levels were almost nothing) so make sure your doc checks them because it has a huge effect on mood. I wish you the very best mate! Happy Holy Days! David


Thanks for your comments and thoughts. I will visit your blog often and look for inspiration there, and hopefully share those thoughts on my blog. I will check with my doc soon too. The idea of a hormone imbalance sounds likely :-).

Enjoy the holiday period too and take some time to rest up.



Here I send my true story and my best thing I did in 2009. I want to share it
with you and your friends.

So I am Franklin and I am just 40. I live in Belgium (Europe- so I speak French, sorry for the eventual mistakes)

Here is my story, here is my best thing I did in 2009.

My situation in the begining of 2009 was very sad for me, espacially on my work- business.

Since I am young I work in the family business. Due to problems with my parents, they are addicted to
money games, to the casino, the business went bankrupted in 1992. I was 23. I stopped my studies in order
to help saving the situation and and we started again the business in 1993, me, my father and John a collegue.

At that time it was like the end of the world for me. I could not believe that it could happen to me. I cried a lot
because it was very, very difficult to start up again. But after working and working the business went well.
Meanwhile I did not see or know that my parents still went on gambling and it affected again the business.
I could not believe it again; they had a big warning in 1992 and did not learn from it, they did not stop gambling.
So I was very disapointed. I had to admit that they lied all the time, that they manipulated me all the time, that
they abused me and used me. And in the begining of 2008 they put me aside of the business, they trow me
away like a “Kleenex”, you use it and you trow it away when you do not need it any more. So since then I
had no income (I have a wife and a little girl of 7) At that time I was very deep, I had the intention to commit
suicide, you can not imagine how a gambler can lie and manipulete poeple, they manipulated my brother and
sisters. My brother said to me “you are rubish”, my sisters do not speak to me any more. Nobody did call
me or send me a card for my 40 anniversary… For me i did everything I could to save the situation in 1992,
I did everything to go on with the business and instead of being appreciated I am rejected.

In the begining of 2009 I went to Egypt for a week holiday in order to rest and to change my mind.
I bought a book for reading on the plane. A book about selling; “advanced selling for dummies” from
Ralph R. Roberts. And in this book Mr. Positive was mentioned. So I contacted DAVID and tell him my
story. This is the best thing I did this year David. I came in touch with you , and you give me hope,
you gave me the courage to go on, you opened my eyes and I saw that my situation is not so bad, I
saw that I am a lucky man.

David send me first the book of John Assaraf “Having it all” I read it 3 times, and I made the exercices.
Then I received the book of Sascha Xarian “outrageous Mastery” and again I did the exercices several times.
So David you are the best thing I did this Year. You gave me the means to fight up again, to have faith, to
be happy again, to be positive.

In may this year, I started my own company, alone, it was again very difficult (due to economic crisis) but
I did not complain ” like you said” I went on again and again. We are now in december 2009 and this week
I had my first sale. I am crying while I am writing this because you give me this tremendous tools for surviving.
So David you are the best thing I could do this year. Thank you for keeping me alive, thank you for helping me
living me live of my dreams.

A nice Christmas 2009 and Happy new year to everyone.

Greatings from Belgium

The best thing I did for myself this year is to join a gym and work out consistently. This has been the first year in 20+ that I have not had a long winter depression. God willing I am looking for another positive winter (Nov-Feb or when the sun comes out here in Houston!) I don’t know what the best thing I have done for others except I visit an 82year old lady almost weekly and both of us really enjoy our outings and time together. We have a “slumber party” (just the two of us) planned that was post poned as she had a cold and the holidays are coming. I hope everyone can recieve the gifts of getting to know some “living history” in an elderly person.

The best thing that I have done in 2009 was care for my mother who died July of this year to lung cancer and for fully accepting God into my life. Those 2 things alone have given me such a different perspective on life. I’m looking forward to continuing my personal and spiritual growth.

My mother-in-law died in April. I survived a heart attack in June. July we moved, bought a house and moved again end of August. I’m just thankful to be alive and I am eating healthy and exercising to stay healthy. It’s been a stressful year but with God’s help we have gotten through it all.

After years of people calling me and saying, “I want to be a writer. How do I get started?”, I finally was able to put all my class material into a book entitled “A Step in the Write Direction–the Complete How-to Book for Christian Writers” which will be released in about three weeks. Although I was depressed because my regular work slowed down, I see now that God allowed me that time to complete the book.

After an illness that spanned almost 11 years of a 16 year marriage I said good bye to my beloved husband. For the past two years I have sold everything dear to me just to keep my promise He would die in his own bed and not a nursing home. I now work 2 full time jobs to try and recover the basic things in life such as being able to keep my home. Just yesterday I buried his dog(she was 13). His other dog died a few months before he did.
I just celebrated my 53rd Birthday and I am filled with the knowledge that my life is just beginning again. Life is hard and unbending, but it is filled with the promise of Light, if only you allow yourself to see it. Wallowing isn’t allowed in my life. Working towards promises kept and promises to keep is how I live my Life. 2009 has been a year of humility and pain, but also of Hope and the Promise of a brighter tomorrow.

I almost quit my job this year because of harrassment at the work place. I am glad I got posted at a different location and I’ll see how it goes 🙂

I enlisted in S.A.G.E. (senior adults for greater education) where you become a teacher’s helper. I help two teachers at two different schools. One in the second grade and the other in third grade. I help students in reading, writing, math and whatever other subjects students are having trouble with. Instead of sitting at home moaning I get out and volunteer.

Teacher’s Helper
I am a senior citizen
Twenty three years
Past sixty five.
I’m a teacher’s helper
An activity that
Keeps me alive.
Whether it’s reading, writing, spelling or math
I have the time to help with that
It is something I like to do.
Helping a child bolster
His or her self esteem
Has always been my fondest dream
And if I succeed
By this small deed
That will be
All the thanks I need.
Tom Fenning
May 14, 2009

The best thing I did this year was to be selected to represent Australia in Hollywood at the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF PERFORMING ARTS.

It was the most amazing experience of my life and I have never felt such acomplishment in my entire life…apart from giving birth to my beautiful daughter. 🙂

I won GOLD and also won SILVER in four other musical categories. It was just the most exciting and most positive achievement in my life.

I was blessed to be selected but it was my belief in myself, my music and my dream that made it all possible. Its all about the dream and knowing that anything is possible if you just reach to the skies.

I am blessed. I am proud. I am lucky…to have experienced a dream come true 🙂

I love 2009 and I KNOW 2010 will be even BETTER 🙂


Keri McInerney

This year my mom passed into a better place. It wasa very difficult for me. I was puched out of my job of 10 yrs, as they would not accommodate my illness. So I am now on SS disability. But the best thing I have done for myself is joined a group of ladies and we support and help each other with problems. I never would of done this before. Now we are getting into being spiritualality. And Iv’e made a girlfriend who helps me move on from the past and into the now. So I have to thank the Lord for leading me in this direction, for I have gotten past alot of my fears this yr.

best thing i did in 2009? i started living consciously! i now have a dream, a target, a plan and i have belief. i quit my job and going travelling the world to help others in need and that way help myself.

Newly divorced after 30 years of marriage, I lost my Dad in April. A short time later, Mom (who suffers from Altzheimers) suffered a stroke, leaving her unable to communicate. At times the never ending tasks required to care for my parents, bury my Dad and handle his affairs in a way that would make him proud seem overwhelming.

The best thing I did in 2009 was to realize these were not a burden…they are my ultimate honor.

This has been a stellar year. In 2009, I started the fund-raising process to take my first mission trip. I plan to leave for Ethiopia in February 2010. I have also started writing a book that the Lord has asked me to write. But the most important thing I did all year was to lead a friend to Christ. It was, and still is, one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I am so blessed to be given the opportunity to speak into her life and to witness such a wonderful, life-changing event. God is so good.

I made the choice to take better care of my physcial health and love myself more. Because of that choice I have become more attentive to my family, and I try very hard to be a real good friend.

The best thing i did the year was on yhe second wensday in december my fellow scouy members and i volinteered for brown santa and for those who do not know what that is the sheriffs departmant outs together boxs filled with presents for families that can not afford them any how there was a bout 10 of us total and we fulled about 300 boxes for about a family size of 5 and we are going agin this wensday

I am a breast cancer survivor. Four years now. I am a member of a DragonBoat Breast Cancer Survivor team, called A BREAST OR KNOT in Windsor, Ontario Canada. We have the International Dragon boat races here in Windsor in July. We have lost three ladies on our team to cancer in the past year or so. Usually we race with 20 women on the boat, this year we raced with only 17. We barely place ordinarily but this year we sailed over the finish line- 1st place in A division! We won the trophy! It was the best thing ever! A triumph for all us breast cancer survivors and a tribute to those we lost! And we all knew that we were powered by some incredible force- our three angels! I will never forget that experience of 2009! We can beat this thing!

Best thing I did was take time off work to spend with my Dad. I checked him out of the hospital. I set up in home hospice. I was able to monitor his care more closely. We spent his last 2 weeks together. I was able to tell him all the things I wanted to share with him. He died with dignity in the privacy of his home he lived in for 55 years.

In February of this year, I decided to leave an 8 year relationship that I was completely unhappy in. I decided that my life was too precious and passing by too quickly to be living in a state of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. I had also been married for 17 years before to a man who was addicted to crack, and before that had been in a physically abusive relationship with my own brother. I decided to move to another house and live my life the way I felt I wanted to and needed to. I accepted fully the responsibility of my actions if I was to fail. From the very first night at my new house, I felt a peace what I had never felt before in my entire life. I am 41 years old. Now 10 months later, I am happy in my solitdude and in my alone-ness. I have my children to keep me busy and family and friends to keep me occupied. I am grateful for the courage to finally make the move that was best for ME! I also make every effort to maintain a positive attitude through it all!!!

The Best Thing I did in 2009….I left the people who I thought were my friends in GOD’S HANDS. See, I messed up big time and told a lie. and lived a lie for a long time. When the truth came out. I admitted I lied and asked for forgiveness. My friends that I have known for over 12 years have walked out of my life and the people who I thought didn’t care did.
SO I had to release my so called friends to GOD
so that I could move on and it has been the best thing I have done.
I don’t have that pressure of trying to be perfect for them and keep up appearances. Which is how I felt many times.
I have a Peace in my life now that I can live the way HE wants me to live. My husband and I have two wonderful children. Our Daughter has been married now for 7 years Nov.10th and our Son just married Oct 10th. God is so good.
He has brought me back to where I need to be for HIM.
So 2009 was rough in the beginning but ended up with lots of PEACE and JOY in my life.
Thanks for asking me to share.
Carrie Kraft from Everett, MA

I am a substitute teacher and the best thing I did in 2009 was to let God’s love flow through me to the students. Especially the ones who are in juvenile detention or long term in school suspension. They are not outcasts, but they need a lot of love and individual attention. Without the Lord’s help I could not do this and I thank Him for helping me through the Holy Spirit how to best deal with each of these children.

the best thing I did in 2009 was NOT cooking monthly to help feed the homeless at the local
Coalition, it was NOT volunteering 2 nights a month at a health clinic for the working poor,
BUT I realized and understood that G-d may not give me the things for which I ask, Wisdom–I received problems to solve; prosperity–I received
brawn and brains to work, Love–I was given troubled people to help; I received nothing I asked for, BUT everything I needed.
Bless and Praise G-d

All in all a bad year, company i worked for for 20 years closed with little notice almost lost everything i have work for all my life. having to watch my dad fight cancer is the hardest thing i have done in my life. mr. positive helped me stay positive. I am one of the luck ones and very grateful that i found a new job and digging my way out of debt. The best thing i did in 2009 was marry my Beth. She is my rock

2009 has been the most devastating and rewarding year of my life. For 16 years I have been living with pain all over my body which manifested into a chronic arthritic condition. I have been married for 27 years. We have worked and lived together in our own businesses for 31 years. We have two children. Eight months ago I finally saw and understood who I was really married to. Betrayal, lies, abandonment, third party and others for many years. It crushed me, broke my heart. Turned my life and children’s life inside out. Even thou I love him i had to painfully let him go.

I have been doing a lot of meditating, self awareness searching and praying. I have been heard! I NO longer have pain in my body. The arthritic condition I had is all gone. I am blessed. This is the best thing I did this year to let him go. Letting go allowed me to heal my body.

Everyday I repeat this words:
All is well!
Everything is working out for my highest good.
Out of this situation only good will come.
I am safe!
by: Louise Hay

The best thing my husband and I did was celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary with family and friends at a small gathering on June 30, 2009! We had just had 5 days of extremly hot days here in Texas without our A/C and we had forgotten that 60 years ago when we were married on my 18th birthday, that our church and our homes did not have A/C – but it was 5 days of sweat and worry – finally the day before our anniversary they got it fixed! We can only appreciate these modern conveniences when we are without them. We were happy to spend those few hours enjoying the good food and the company of those helping us celebrate.

Went to SW China, for our son’s wedding in a Chinese minority culture and learned to love the commonality we share with people of different lifestyles, and how easily that love and respect is returned. Embraced the paradoxes of China, especially in the country side.
Arnold, CA.

The best thing that I did this year (2009) was to accept a new job in Oregon. I was in a non positive situation at the old job which was just becoming so negative. I tried everything to pull myself out of the negativities and was struggling with severe asthma. My new job is fun, exciting, and the people are great. This is the way a real work place should be with positive, fun loving, people who care for each other. I also just purchased a small ranch which has beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Asthma is not so severe anymore and breathing is getting better every day. I believe that 2010 will be even better.

Best thing I did in 2009 was the cry of my heart to be more aware of His Presence especially when my husband was in the hospital in February at the Layey Clinic in Burlington, Mass. with an infection in abdomen and right thigh, prostrate abscess, ventilator, all kinds of tubes. He pulled his ventilator out, respiratory failure, blood clots to lungs, coma and is a miracle to be alive.

His Presence was so strong as I lay hands on my hubby and watched his oxygen level rise on the monitor screen.

His Presence filled me with the Father’s love to flow through me to my hubby.

His Presence was so strong when I went home (after a 45 minute drive with traffic) I went to my room and ministering angels gave me foot and back rubs; tangible healing Presence flowing from the Father’s throne adjusting bones in my neck and back where all stress was going.

Presence of the Holy Spirit comforted, directed, counseled me through it all.

Presence of the Holy Spirit wooed me away from the computer to spend more time in His Presence where the Father lavishly washed/bathed me in continuous waves of His love/peace/joy flooding, permeating and saturating me at unexpected times and places.

Newspapers began to pile up, TV watching stopped, July 22 I began reading the Bible from begining to end. Today is December 22 and I am in I Corinthians 9.

I have lost 18 lbs and love to worship, pray, praise, love Jesus more and more each day more than words could ever say.

I don’t care what people say. I don’t care what people think. I am going to love and serve King Jesus lover of my soul.

I am so hungry and thirsty for more AND WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED.


Savanna, IL/USA: I have 2 things that I feel helped me the most in 2009. The first being my committment to a healthier life style. I started watching my eating and exercising more, even participated in a few 5K races. The weight came off and the blood pressure is down. The second thing I did was to join a small discussion group at our church. There were so many things I was never able to communicate, but now I can. We have also taken on the mission of helping people with food, etc throughout the year. Both decisions have helped my outlook greatly!

The best thing I did in this past year was to FIND myself, truly. I am a single mother of two grown children. As the holidays ended last year and we entered into the New Year, my daughter was a senior in college and my son a sophomore in high school. I had a job I loved and was earning a very good salary …. life, as defined by our standards, was great!

Not even one month later I was told that my position in the state agency where I worked was being eliminated and that I had five weeks to find another position in the agency, or file for unemployment! I was shocked, mortified, devastated, and hurt beyond description. I was an excellent employee with a solid work ethic and I produced strong results in my projects. I moved in a fog of disbelief and hurt for many months while applying for the few available jobs in the agency. After what seemed an eternity of chaos and an ongoing series of unfortunate circumstances, I was “mapped” to a position with a 40% salary cut!!! To exacerbate the situation further, the agency had implemented a mandatory 2-day a month furlough which lowered my salary to about 45% less.

I pleaded my case with the executives at the agency, to no avail. They claimed that nothing could be done. I found out over the following months that many people whose positions had been cut had been placed in better-paying jobs, some with promotions. It was not a surprise that these people were “well connected” among the executives.

How did this impact on my life? my finances? my family? my state of mind? BADLY!!! very, very badly. I had been practicing what I believe is the world’s best stress management program for ten years, yet I could not seem to get a grip on my negative emotions – worry, fear, anxiety, hurt, anger, LOTS of anger. To make matters worse, I struggled with a terrible lack of self-worth and self-esteem, and a sense of invalidation that pushed me to want to hide in any dark corner of the building and my life. I wanted to see no one, talk with no-one. Without even the luxury of indulging in self pity, I had to pay the bills, including my mortgage, or else!

I quickly applied for a re-finance of my home mortgage and a loan modification at the same time. I was sure the re-finance would work out because I had excellent credit. I managed financially for about four months, but in early summer the @#$%$# hit the fan and I had to ask for help from my loved ones, and loved they are, because everyone came through for me  After months of hard work, the re-finance fell through because my debt-to-income ratio was off due to the salary cut and a loss in home appraisal value. The loan modification was initially denied, but in a moment of clarity, I decided to call the office of the President of the company and was able to petition for a review of my case. The loan modification was later approved and, after meeting the requirements of a trial modification, I am now (still) waiting for an exceptional Christmas gift in the form of a permanent (so-to-speak) modification of my mortgage.

My children suffered tremendously … my stress levels were such that our home became a boiling pot of anger and frustration; with little or no provocation, we lost our tempers, blasted each other verbally, and hurt each other terribly. There were moments when I felt that my head was about to explode for lack of a calm space in my mind. At night, I planned everything, from A to Z, not knowing what the following day would bring. Thank God for a world in which children now hold their parents accountable …. both of them blamed me for ruining our home environment. A first I resented the accusations, claiming justification in my victim-status; this only intensified the negativity all around because they didn’t have time for my sorry excuses. Thankfully, the universe came to my rescue – while helping a loved one through a personal issue with her son, in a flash insight, I realized that I had not lived up to one of my intrinsic life values. I had always maintained that parents have the responsibility to lovingly create a safe haven for their children, a warm and gentle space from which they can look out into the world and know that whatever happens “out there”, they are safe “in here”. Once that reality hit, I experienced a powerful shift in my heart and slowly but surely, with my “safe haven” mantra as motivation, I sought counseling for a couple of months, engaged in honest, raw conversations with my children about my present moment of chaos and confusion, and consciously made myself accountable for my words and my actions with my children, asking them to let me know when I was screwing up.

Today is December 22, and we are three days away from Christmas. By a series of fortunate events and with the support of my loved ones, I am holding my head high again, strong and proud that I have been able to walk out of the “valley of shadows” sane and healthy. My daughter has graduated from college and is looking for a job; my son is doing well in school and socially, and I have found myself again, thanks to the love and support of family and endless surprise miracles. Our home is bright and happy, and once again, my children’s safe haven. I am ready for the New Year and the new decade – I know it will be perfectly splendid!

congratulations….You sound like a very strong proud person who hit that wall. I feel every emotion and display of said emotions you experienced. I reacted the same way to the news I had radical growth prostate cancer, but my daughter was my only rock…Yes we owe to our children a safe haven and God will never give us more than we can handle. ALL things work to the good for those who believe. How powerful of a lesson you have taught by example to your children !!! You showed them it’s O.K. to react, positive or negative, reaction is real, you showed them it’s O.K. to ask for help, this is the one area I have not conquered yet, you showed them it is not only O.K. to suround yourself with loved ones, but necessary, and also a blessing, and you showed them it’s O.K. to sit down and admitt “I am Sorry” for any actions from the past, but more importantly you included by invitation their help to develop a greater future…I bet from what I read from you that your next move is to help others who are in the same, if not worse situation. After all, “you have loved ones in your life” many don’t. They are in this alone with kids. Trust me .I know what happens to the kids, I drive a school bus :)) Great Job Mom !! God is Blessing You

Thank you so much for your kind words. I wish you a blessed Christmas and New Year, one filled with the knowledge that God’s love and grace is the one true constant in our lives and if we surrender to this love and grace, all will be well! Blessings! Asha and family.

I follow my guidance as I walk this spiritual path I have chosen. Sometimes my guidance is not what I want to hear. I was living in Reno, working to get my spiritual business thriving, loving what I was doing, loving the sunny skies and loving my new home that I had just moved into. I received guidance that it was time for me to move back to Washington state where I had lived for the first 51 years. I did not want to return to western Washington for many reasons. When I had left four years before I had no intention of returning. However, once I knew it was part of my spiritual destiny, I sadly packed up and prepared to move. Just a few weeks before I was due to move, my dad passed away at the age of 84. I knew deep inside that part of why I was coming back was to take care of my mom. I am now living with my mom who will turn 84 on Christmas day. This is not what I thought my life would be and that is exactly why it is the best thing I have done this year. Loving my mom enough to give her the best remaining years that I can even though my freedom is now restricted and I have my own bedroom instead of my own home. I am reminded by my guidance that my home is within and I take it wherever I go. There are just some places that are easier to take it! Namaste, Shirley

This year I turned 80 years old for which I am truly grateful. Yes, I do have some health problems…what 80 year old doesn’t… but compared to many others I am very well off in that category.

I think the best thing I did in 2009 was that I have not been afraid to talk to anyone…… old, young, immigrant or born-here, different race, creed or colour and I sincerely hope that those I have met will remember that I am glad that I met them. They are all my “brothers and sisters” and so without anyone misunderstanding, I do love my fellow human beings unconditionally. No one is either “above me or below me”. We are equal in God’s eyes and in mine.

I thank the God I believe in, that I have been given the gift of being able to love freely.

For those who don’t know how to love this way, what a pity. Open your hearts and minds and just remember that no matter our circumstances, whatever we feel in our hearts today is because we all have a free choice to be kind, loving, hateful or nasty to those around us. But also remember that no matter what our decisions are, we also must live with the repercissions of our choices.

Have wonderful and happy, prosperous New Year.


Hello David, What I did that I am most pleased with this year was become a published author. My first book Scared To Life and Loving It, (one man’s journey with prostate cancer),was released in late september and it has made an impact on men and women already. My mission is to create a foundation to aid men in testing for prostate cancer by getting a small blood test called a PSA. By the way David, whats your PSA?..This book would not have been possible without the support of my special Lady in life, Cherie, who is also my business partner. We have started an LLC, Beyond Imagination, and with the guidance of God and His desire to use what happened in my life, we are going to help many more people to come. I have chosen to become the Face of Prostate Cancer, and see how many more Faces I can collect…I am now beginning a speakers tour to raise awareness and funds…All of this David is a direct result of making a promise to my daughter the moment she was conceived, never never will I quit trying to be better for her every day. There is no greater gift in life and no stronger proof of God’s faith in us as there is in being a parent !!! Especially to a Little Girl,,,boy’s are great, but there is nothing like Daddies Little Girl !!! My daughter was born the day after Christmas, so, Jesus’s birthday is Dec.25th, and the first birthday party He went to was Lisa’s on Dec.26th.

In looking at my situation in the most thoughtful
thing I did for 2009, was to inspire people through
my interviews on You Tube and help individuals who need advice.Personalities such as the late Michael Jackson, Anthony Quinn, Debbie Allen, can
influence those who are receptive to improving their lives. Each one of us can inspire someone in some way. It can be a sincere smile, a hello, or
sharing a story. Even lending an ear to someone who needs someone to talk to. Here’s to happy
holidays and a successful life.

I decided that 2009 was going to be the year that I focused all of my spare time on my taking the phones for Crave Life – Drug Free and help addicts get help. It is has been a year of successes and failures but I have to say that throughout 2009 the lives I helped save by getting them into Rehab has been the most rewarding part of my year. Having families call me to say they have their son or daughter, Dad or Mom back happy and healthy and no longer craving a drug or alcohol has been the best feeling I have ever experienced. I am looking forward to 2010 and helping as many people as I possibly can.
What a great year 2009 I will remember it always.

I thank my professor Dan who helped me overcome PTSD by many positive techniques without medications. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful family,friends and best teachers any one could dream ,I cannot thank enough to God for all the blessings He has bestowed on me.

I did not think that i did anything that great in 2009..but my friends let me know that i did..I gave up alcoholic beverages after drinking for most of my life. I found faith In God when mine was weak. I dont have family but have many many friends that are like family.
Its hard kicking an addiction whether it be drugs or alcohol,,l but with God and friends everything is possible..Keep God in our thoughts over our celebrations of OUr Holy Days..No mater what they are..May everyone be blessed no mater How they celebrate there particular holiday and a very great NEW YEAR to you all.

One of the best things I did for ’09, was to volunteer at the USO. It makes me feel great when I can give encouragement or just talk to our brave men and women who are serving and protecting our country.
I still volunteer at the Los Angeles USO and hope to do so for many years to come.

using a story I read from my daily positive word, I “payed it forward”…. I own a fitness studio – have 3 awesome fitness professionals who work with me. I asked our clients (in secret) to write something special about the instructors. For a Christmas gift, I copied all the awesome comments on Christmas stationary. We had a little Christmas party, giving them their gift & having them read wonderful words about themselves was very touching – hopefully for the rest of their lives. It meant so much to me, as the owner of a business to read what clients think about people who “work” for me!

The Best thing I did in 2009 was particpate as the Team Captain of “Team Baghdad Breast Defense” and walk 6o miles along side the most amazing group of people I know at the Boston 09 3 Day Susan G. Komen for the Cure Breast Cancer Walk!

My personal page contribution: $2,580.00

Below is an excerpt from my 3 Day Page:

The start of a Journey

My sister Kim had undergone a dual masectomy and battled Breast Cancer and as a family we all shared in her Survivor Party. It was shortly after that she asked me if I would be interested in walking the 3 day with her. I said sure but we didn’t talk much about it until one day I saw the 3 Day on TV and called the number to sign up. I was excited about it and called her right away. She still hadn’t signed up herself but told me she would. Then later I got a call from my parents. Kim wasn’t doing so good and I really didn’t understand it all. Despite being previously cleared now I was being told that her cancer masestisized to her bones and a brain tumor had been discovered. Kim’s battle wasn’t over. So on my first 3 Day walk I walked alone, or so I thought at the time. I didn’t know anybody walking but I met so many truly tremendous people that year. I remember telling folks that I was walking for my sister and how I couldn’t wait to see her at the commencement ceremonies. Kim and I were only 10 months apart. We were really close. I remember how my Grandparents used to take us out when it was close to one of our birthdays. Of course though they would tell everyone it was both our birthdays, as if we were twins, and we would share our birthday cake. Over the years celebrating our birthday together had become sort of a family tradition.

Jeff’s 3 Day Story

The Journey Begins
My 3 Day Journey started out as a gesture about spending time with my sister Kim. Honestly though, I didn’t think I’ld walk again after that first year. Especially after the first commencement ceremony. You see when I finally finished the walk all I wanted was to see Kim there at the finish line. I was sure she’ld be there but I was wrong. Not to long after the walk that year my sister was gone and my Journey was just beginning, only at the time I didn’t know it.

I am a quilter- and this year about 15 of us decided to make a lap quilt for every Veteran in our Valley ( we have already ‘covered’ all our men and women from here who have gone to Iraq and Afghanistan ) We started our list–thought maybe a dozen-well the list grew to a hundred, but by Veteran’s Day in November we handed out over 100 red, white and blue quilts.
Our Valley has about 1000 or so people living here.

What was the Best Thing I Did in 2009:

You ask me to write on what was the Best Thing I did in 2009? As I thought it came to mind I practiced ‘Patience.” Not an easy task for me. I call it a task, because patience never came easy to me. 2009, has not been a good year for me, being alone, losing a job and trying to pay a Mortgage.
Being without a job for close to a year or more and suffering from Clinical Depression I have known fear! Scared I may not survive, fear that I was not good enough, fear of being so miserably alone and forgotten. Fear that after fighting depression on a daily basis for 10 years and having had reached a level of some clarity in my life, that I would fall into the black pit of despair again!
Being inpatient and always being busy has been my way of life. Not knowing how to relax and being patient with life’s unfolding episodes in my life. Not really dealing with the truth that God is in charge. I am now aware that through my unfortunate unemployment I have relied more and more on the Lord and patience has been forced upon me with the grace of God.
I began to volunteer in the town I live in. I have returned to church and attend mass more often and spend more time reading scriptures and practicing waiting on God thanking him each day for the day he has prepared for me in knowing that he has not and will not desert me. Thanking him for all he does, seen and unseen. This was very difficult for me at first. It was painful and tearfully hard to do, but far from impossible.
He has filled an empty hole I had in the pit of my stomach with his peace, his joy, his contentment, his faith and his truth. Bidding me to be patient and fear not of the future, but to live the very present of life itself – each day!
I am still a work in progress, but press on in light of what he has done for me this past year:

Some friends got together to bring me food one week I had none.
By helping another friend to hang some pictures and House and dog sit while she and her husband went away. My friend called the Food Bank of our church and placed me on their list. The Food Bank carters to mostly families with children and not to single persons, which I can understand. However, they made an exception for me for three months.
I have even recieved a Christmas gift from one of the parishioner’s from the “Angel Tree” for those in need. I cried I was so honored , since I am alone, thanking God for such generousity.
And in my volunteering have met a lovely lady and was offered a job in the town I live in.

Yes, I am still a work in progress, but God has granted me the knowledge and wisdom of patience – a vertue I did not pocess until I was forced to look at God and practiced what I had been taught all these years.

PS: I am 63, widowed, with no children, a college graduate professional, who once owned an insurance business and was busy all the time, believing, but far from practicing the Lord’s teachings.

Wishing you all a Very Mery Christmas and a Very Happy, Healthy New Year! God bless!

I have read many of the responses here and I must say, I am impressed and humbled.

In October of 2008, I lost my job of 16 years as a manager in the residential home building business. The thought of this happening to me brought chills to my spine, however, when it actually happened … I found a sense of peace and something was “right” all of the sudden. It took a major life and possibly career changing event to raise my awareness, however, I learned that I simply was not happy where I was anymore.

This is where the best thing I did in 2009 comes in; I decided immediately after leaving my post with this company and my 30+ year run in the building business that I wanted something different, something more. I began to search for niche business opportunities both industry related and unrelated.

To make this long story shorter; I learned that just as it is important to be employed, it is even more important to generate income while doing something you love, or discovering new horizons. I could be involved in one or both of these opportunities; instead I turned away from both because one or more pieces of the puzzle did not fit together in my best interest.

To this day, I remain unemployed, however, I am at peace with my decisions because the decision making process was based on sound thought process. I did not jump at the first things that came my way and preserved my future happiness.

Best wishes to all for a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, profitable new year.

Chris P.
Austin, Texas

My daughter and I – Linda and Rhonda Pond – pitcher and catcher duo for the Carleton Place Ladies Fastball League, invented The FAB Light -(Find A Beverage, Find A Bobber, Find A Bolt, Find A Blanket….. a light that sticks to the inside lid of your cooler, and turns on when you lift the lid, turns off when you close it.

We invented it one night after a hard fought game on the field.

There is a light in a fridge, how come no light in a cooler? Well, we set about to fix that.

We had some of the best engineers in Ottawa design the most remarkable little light in the world – open the cooler lid, the light comes on – close it the light goes off. We did the work, now we are enjoying the rewards. Selling in most retail stores…..loving life, and very, very proud of my daughter, Rhonda.

This year with supports from my children and friends I helped Doctors without Borders Be there 1st campaign raise $3,000.00. It was our first participating but we made the goal. I am very glad that our effort would help doctors save lives of the sicks and poors around the world. Hope we will do better next year.

The best thing I did in 2009
I surely don’t have a lot of money, however I truely felt compelled to pay a tab at a restaurant for a young hippy couple with two small children, when traveling out of town last weekend. I have been a true follower of Mr. Positive and so I passed on the good deed and suggested to the couple they “pass it on”. I am hoping whoever reads this will be inspired as I am touched by Mr. Positive’s Angel. Bless you all in 2010!


The best thing I did in 2009 was to take on the daunting, yet very rewarding, task of being treasurer of our church. By doing this I have become closer to God. When my husband lost his job in June we have had the FAITH to grow instead of crumble during these difficult times. We also serve at the soup kitchen once a month with our church. We will be serving Christmas Day and we look forward to giving to those who need more than we do. This new relationship with God led me to support my sister when she needed it instead of throwing her husband “under the bus” as I would have done in the past.

May everyone have a very Merry and Blessed HOLY day and wonderful 2010.

Gillette, Wyoming, USA

I joined the local Hospice team as a volunteer to offer Healing Touch to clients. So far I’ve visited three people in their homes. It’s a gift to them and a gift to me. Thank you for your newsletter.

The best thing that I have done this year is to help someone. I have always attempted to save the world by helping as many as possible that are in need or to rise and stand on their own. This year I focused primarily on one person, rather than attempting to save the world all at once. Because this experience was so different from the others, it forced me to re-examine my own humanity. Through this experience, I realized that you can never give too much of yourself in order to help someone else rise. It has given me a peace within that will last for years to come.

The best thing I did in 2009 was get new job and i m enjoying with my parents and friends. I want to be change in my life in 2010. Specially thanks to you Mr. Positive your idea is also very much support to us .

Graduated from collage at the age of 57 – in Feb, 2010 I will take state boards and become a registered nurse. Sometimes if you keep going, showing up, you can surprise yourself

The best thing I did in 2009 was to try my best to embrase each opportunity that the Lord sent my way to do whatever He needed me to do. To serve Him and others. To minister and evangalize to those who He brought into my path. Also to make as many retreats as possible, to pray as often as I could, to spend as much time with the Lord as I possibly could. To grow in my faith and in holiness. To do for my family and friends. To pass on to others the blessings in which I have been given. To be thankful and grateful for all things that come from The Father. To try to bring encouragment to those who are discouraged, to bring hope to those feeling hopeless, to bring love to those who feel unloved to bring acceptence to those who feel rejected, to bring understanding to those who are misunderstood and judged wrongly, to bring joy and laugher to the down hearted, to give to those in need, to bring positive words and thoughts where there is negativity, to bring faith where there is fear, to pray for peace where there is dismay, to try my best to see Jesus in all the faces I see. To answer the call when I am called. To pray the simple prayer of “Lord put me where you want me to be, to do whatever it is you want me to do. Amen”
Thank you for allowing me to share some of the wonders of His love and opportunities to use the gifts the Lord has given to me and gives to all who are open to receiving Him. He is the GREAT I AM!!! The peace of Jesu’ to all!!!! God bless you and have a blessed New Year and each day live for Him and watch the wonders He creates in each new day.
Yours in faith…Diana

I donated a kidney to a co-worker, neighbor, a friend. The recipient is doing wonderful and living her life with joy and happiness. See her smile always make me happy.

Thanks for your inspiration and perseverance.

This year I followed through on a dream that is still requiring ultimate faith. I’ve long wanted to create a “haven, abode” for young single moms or pregnant teens; a place to be while in transistion and opportunities to grow on every dimension. My background is teaching and providing alternatives.
Within 3 months we found this property on 10 acres; the home is twice the size of our last one (8000 sq ft) and will house 4 and an assistant.
Many resources have opened up; my husband and I (in our 60’s) have new energy and passion as business owners as well. Much to learn and funding as well. I’d rather find sponsorships for girls individually. It’ s both exciting and a bit scary balancing this dream and working a business to a higher level of success.
I need prayers for flexibility and strength of purpose. Thank you so much for your vision.
God bless you, Beth

Important things I would like to improve: To be a better human being and to do all I can to serve humanity, our country and our environment in the best possible ways.
To assist those who are less fortunate, to gave charity to the poor,the helpless and the hungry. To pray for peace and for those who are suffering around the world. To be positive, to recognize our blessings and be grateful for them. Most important to remember, praise and worship our creator who sustains and shower us with his infinite mercy every second of our lives.

Suffering chronically from migraines since 15 yrs, 63. I reach out to other women to take my mind off the recovery pain. Some women are moving and need some help packing, or moved and need help unpacking and settleing or simply an open ear.

Suffering with chronic migraine since age 15, Now 63. I reach out to women who need help pack to move, or unpack after move, or help to settle in “while nesting.” Some times it’s simply an “open” ear. I push myself to have a very good life.

Well let me see.There are a couple of things that I was able to do.The greatest gift I have is praying for people over the internet.
But on Dec.21 I went into the hospital with a stroke.and I guess the greatest thing I was able to do is pray for a woman who the doctors told her that without surgery that there was know hope.And that if she had surgery there was a 50,50 chance that she would make it.So I prayed psalms 118:17 for her as well as my friend Paul who has stage 4 cancer.Later I seen the nurse and asked about the woman.She said that she had came out of surgery and doing great.Praise the Lord.
Those are the greatest things that I did in 2009.

One morning while I was riding the New York subway to work, I heard a man playing the guitar and his two sons were singing at his side. He was playing the song “Help” by the Beatles and big Beatles fan that I am, I was affected by the song he chose to play. He did a great job with the song and I gave him $10. It really made me feel good.

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