Happy ‘HOLY’ Days!

Finally, for all who are writing about me “selling out” or being “politically correct” because I chose to say “Happy ‘HOLY’ Days” instead of their preferred term. I say please understand that I run an “International Newsletter” with people who are also celebrating special Holy days at this time of year.

In December people celebrate special days like, Bodhi Day, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, The Winter Solstice, etc. all of which are ‘Holy Days’ and I while you or I may not celebrate them Billions of others do! Hence my inclusive message to all (can you tell this is a pet peeve of mine…sorry I’m working on it but seriously people…can’t we all just get along and bless each other? Isn’t that the real message of the season any way?). 

What are your thoughts…do you Agree or Disagree? You can share your thoughts by commenting on this article.  Again, Happy HOLY Days and a Very Happy New Year! 


PS I am working for a world where we all respect each others faith, culture and traditions. Let’s celebrate what we have in common that’s my HOLY day wish for all.

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I think it is great that you are inclusive. We should all respect each other’s beliefs and faiths, especially in this season of goodwill to all mankind.

List these HOLY DAYS singly or not at all. Are you paying for the amount of words you use as in a telegram? Do not reduce them all to ONE BIG MISH MOSH…they are not THE SAME IN ESSENCE. You seem to be a fan of the ONE WORLD ORDER…sorry, I have no interest in foreign cultures other than to live and let live…but not intermingle…a tree is a tree is a tree, etc. Eveyone should stay in their own comfort zone…even Liberals tout this….so, make it a rule of life….

No offense, Mr. Delucia, but if you don’t understand the spirit of Mr. Positve’s well meaning for all mankind then perhaps you should unsubscribe from his ‘free’ newsletter !!! And, sir, you are incorrect that all Holy Days are not the same 🙁 They are all based on individual beliefs in God; and America was built on the principal that all beliefs are equal !!! Oh, and I have to ask you, “If you don’t believe in ‘intermingling’ how is it you or your ancestors landed on our shores ???” Me thinks you should have a heart to heart with God about hatred and intolerance 🙁 HAPPY EVERY HOLY DAY !!!

Perhaps Vince needs to find another planet to live in. Our melting pot is the basis of America and under God is our rule. Try to be friendlier and you may be surprised how wonderful you can make a day. By the way, every day is a “Holy” day , acknowledge it and you will be blessed.

Fraternal charity is most important. It’s an act of love and kindness to say, “Happy Holy Days!”

May the peace of the Lord be with you always.

Sorrry David
I disagree. How will people learn about Jesus if we are afraid of hurting their feelings. I believe in respect of cultures but when it comes to Jesus, if they are insulted by Merry Christmas then they need to hear it more! On the same hand, your international readers should respect that your preferred choice is Merry Christmas. If it means nothing to them, then is shouldn’t offend them. I am offended because I am a Merry Christmas person.

Laura, You have every right to disagree but that shouldn’t limit me in anyway from expressing my good wishes to all at the season, even to you my Christian friend. I an a Merry Christmas person too but because I have a global following I wish everyone Happy Holy Days. But for you and my many Christian readers I wish you a very Blessed and Merry Christmas!

David could you not wish everyone Happy Holy Days without leaving out what your believe is or are you afraid you might lose some readers? If you professed to be anything other than Christian I would not stop reading. I have nothing against those with others beliefs and have many friends with other beliefs but am proud of mine and will not forsake my God by trying to be politically correct. Merry Christmas, Happy Holy Days and May God Bless Us All, not just those who believe the way I do!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t recall David mentioning just Christmas. Yes that is the day we celebrate the birth of Christ, who is my personal Savior, but I understand David to be wishing a general “Happy Holy Days” in reference to the entire “Season”…To me and to many of other believers, Jesus is the reason for the Season, but David seems to be wishing well to All…That was who Christ was sent here for..

Everyone is a child of God’s and we should include the entire world. Our God is big enough for the entire Universe and he loves us all good and bad. The rain falls on the just and the unjust and who are we to judge.That is not our job. Our job is to share the love of God with everyone and if we shut them out we are not sharing. You do not have to agree with me, that is fine. But being fearful is not an inclusive way of life. It shuts out all “others” and means I think I’m better than “others.” No one is better than another, we are all equal even we were not born into equal experiences.

Laura – Jesus gave us the “Golden Rule” – let’s live by it.
Merry Christmas and Happy “Holy Days”, everyday is holy.

Some people are either too sensitive or too obnoxious. You can’t please them all. I believe in one God, which most other faiths do. They just may call Him by a different name. But this time of year is a very relgious time for most faiths. Ignore those complaining about the festivities, as it is obviously their choice not to believe in anything….
Merry Christmas David.

I think saying “Happy Holidays” are fine! there are alot of Holidays at this time of year. Why make such a fuss? Sometimes I say Merry Christmas ….Do you always say it? I address this question to the people that are so upset?
Jesus died so we could have a choice..not another law!

I LOVE it that you say happy HOLY Days, that is what I say too! After all it is where holiday comes from and it is honoring everyone’s special day – it is not a sell out it is a wonderful recognition that these are special days, not some commercial selling opportunity. It show a common thread that all of us find this time of the year to come together, to honor our faith and pause. I LOVE it!
Happy, joy-filled HOLY days to everyone! with extra hugs and blessings!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAYING WHAT YOU BELIEVE AND STANDING UP FOR IT!! I too, wish we ALL could get along, the world would be a much better place. Too many of us are worried and focused on the wrong things while life is passing us all by. MERRY CHRISTMAS and GOD BLESS YOU!

P.S. I challenge anyone who reads this to just clear your mind and do something nice for 1 person today. Trust me, you will be the one who will recieve the joy in doing so and what an AWESOME feeling.

I love all the work that you do and never pick apart your words or try to read between the lines.
I usually forward almost everything I receieve from you and my co-workers come around to say “thank you” or send back a message saying “that was wonderful” or “that really helped me today”. So who ever may be complaining needs to do more GIVING and less TAKING… Tis the Season… it is a HOLYday which also means HOLIDAY. So Merry Christmas to everyone. We are so blessed, please spread some cheer to as many people as you can. Be careful, be happy and THANK YOU Mr Positive.

I live in Miami, FL. which is a mixture of everything. We own our own business and like to extend messages to our customers and venders. So we have to pick and choose the correct terminalogy. Sometimes being from the south I just want to say, ” Hey y’all have a Merry Christamas and a great New Year.” We need to be careful not to ofend anyone either.
Therefore it is not easy to please everyone. But like you said it the season for a reason-to get along and be joyful under the circumstances. Have a wonderful holiday season!(y’all) 🙂 S

Wouldn’t the world be a better place when we can stop fighting about whose God is better? It is as bad as “my dad can beat your dad.” Get along people and respect each other’s differences.

And for the religions who feel they must force their views on others – practice to yourselves and God will smile.

And, Happy Holy Days to you and all!
Many lights, one window… Bless you.
And my our New Year be one of health,
wholeness and an understanding that
we are all one, living on this tiny earth
together…truly a wholly, holy vision…
of Peace on Earth and good will to all.

AMEN to that! I agree with both David (well said) and Elaine! Loving one another is what matters most….not the differences.

I am not offended at all by the “Happy Holy Days” greetings, I just hope no one is offended when I wish them a “Merry Christmas.” We all need to be aware of others in our daily lives, but still cherish the things we hold dearly.

Carol’s reply says what I would have said. Merry Christmas is special to me and I continue to use it. Some of my friends do not see Christmas as a time to celebrate the birth of Christ and they wish me Happy Holidays or something from their own belief system instead. I enjoy hearing and seeing them; how wonderful they care enough to share their best wishes with me and I will respond with their greeting since I know it is important to them. But, my own greeting is Merry Christmas and others can know by that, at least in part, my own beliefs. My Scottish ancestors had a plaid only their clan wore. In the old country travelers knew one another by their plaid design and color. Here in America our dress sometimes gives clues about us as a person but our personal greetings can akso. Thanks goodness we have diversity in both greetings and choice of clothes.

And ‘all’ of God’s children should be saying ‘AMEN’ to that !!!

HAPPY ‘HOLY’ DAYS to all and may each and every religion or non-religion find a way in their hearts to be more tolerant and loving in the New Year and stop playing the ‘I am better or more important than someone with different beliefs’ one upmanship game !!!

Thank you, Dave, and I am sorry intolerance seems to have flooded your email today 🙁


hpy,holy eh. The statement only shows that u r a yes man, trying to please everyone. Have you ever professionally encouraged someone on something u r against,? or do you encourage others just on what they are for? I like the idea of staying positive and having someone to encourage me, but only if they sincerely mean it

Do you really believe what you wrote here is positive ??? What you wrote is so negative and self serving not to mention a rude assault 🙁


I rarely respond to these types of things (in MY effort to remain positive) and yet I am such a big fan of your work AND of ALLOWING a space for all, I thought I would simply write in my vote for you amazing ability to be inclusive and loving and a fabulous example of what this season is supposed to embody. For those who are challenged by this, that is THEIR challenge and well, what a teacher you are for them!


I have to comment on this!
Why are people more and more intolerant to each other?
I’m dutch,living in Sweden,and don’t have Christmas as “present-day” but I have SAint Nocolaus as a special Holiday on the 5th of december.I celebrate this very old tradition together with only one of my 3 daughters,because she is the only one who wants to have this special day with me.She on the other hand,celebrate Christmas together with her hubby and his family….so my daughter don’t have to feel sorry about me that I’m in my own company that Holy weekend.
In good time before this Christmas Holyday,I make cards to people who are special to me,no matter what colour of skin,beliefs or culture thay have(I have friends/loved ones in all colours and sizes and from different cultures)!
I make personal made cards with a message:thart can help them if they feel depressed…lonely…..or are incurable ill like me(I live on borrowed time)….collages with pictures/words from nice magazines……
It will be a reminder for my loved ones what is really important in life….
Because of the commercial way of thinking/living,one has forgotten that the Holy Days(whatever it may be)is a time to reflect….to contemplate!
I am so grateful for the weekly News Letter David send us!To me it is a comforting News Letter,just because of being incurably ill,it give me the tools not giving up LIVING and take every day as a beautiful bonus!
I wish everyone of you the most beautiful Holy DAys(of what kind these may be),and the very very best for the year of 2010!
Happy New Year!
Sascha Krüger,Sweden,Europe

I agree that people celebrate different Holy Days at this time of year. I think it’s great that you try to wish everyone a great holiday whatever the Holy Day is that they’re celebrating. Keep up the good work David.

Dave ,the “real” message of the season is about the birth of JESUS and that is a very HOLY day.
Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

I wish those complaining folks would just “get over yourselves”- Intolerance drives me crazy and it is soooo rampant these days. Thanks for all you do to keep me positive.

Kudos to you and your HOLY DAYS, Dave! I had to laugh as just this morning I was sent a very humous email about this same subject. All this political correctness sure takes the joy out of things. Hey you “over-sensitives”…understand we all have our differences, but it’s not necessary to “inflict” yours on everyone else.

Blessings to all ~
Cindy from Indy

Well, for those who do not wish to share in CHRISTMAS… I think you should work on Dec, 25m refuse any type of Christmas bonus..and by all means refuse all gifts given in the spirit of THAT DAY.

I’m a little sick of all the hoopla…it has been Merry Christmas for generations….What was good then? Is certainly good now. So on that note, May I wish everyone who ventures to read this post a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

For those who do not want to celebrate in Holy Days other than Christmas during the month of December perhaps you could at least show the Christian love that Jesus taught us and give respect for Holy Days that you are demanding for yourself:

6 – St. Nicholas Day

8 – Bodhi Day

12 – Hanukkah

12 – Virgin of Guadalupe

13 – Santa Lucia Day

16 – Ashura

16-25 – Las Posadas

18 – Al Hijra

25 – Christmas

26 – Boxing Day

26 – Kwanzaa

I am tired of people worrying about political correctness or being insulted if they don’t have their particular saying, we are a diverse nation, the world is a diverse community be Jew, Buddist, Christian whatever, all faiths have their sacred holidays this month and should be acknowleged with respect. So to you, Happy Holy Days, becase thet are Holy; no one group as a corner on the market.

The message of Christmas is not us all getting along and blessing each other, but rather celebrating the birth of Christ. Nobody should be attacked for their beliefs and getting along is something we should all strive for. If you are going to address a wide base of beliefs maybe there is no need to say “Happy” anything. That way no one takes offense. Just because people stand up for the true meaning of Christmas does not make them intolerant.

I agree with your final statement unless the way they stand up for their beliefs is to make all others wrong! Trying to limit or exclude anyone else from celebrating their holy days in December is intolerant and frankly today I had enough of it. Christmas has different meanings to different people, period and it’s OK. That doesn’t mean it means less for you, if I don’t share your faith does it?

It’s frustrating that in an effort to be so politically correct we forget to respect each other and our different beliefs or lack thereof. I’m proud of you for saying what you want to say and not apologizing for it. People need to put their big girl panties on and get over being so easily offended. KUDOS for your follow up email reinforcing the HOLY days whichever those may be for each of us! It’s a good happy wish just like saying good morning ~ you choose to reply or not ~ you don’t get to complain about it.

P.S. If you don’t have any HOLY days then the message does not apply to you and get over it!

AMEN! Too many are too easily offended – this is a big world with many different beliefs and cultures and if you can’t at least be tolerant about normal greetings during such times, you should simply opt-out and keep your mouth shut!
Sorry if this seems harsh, but I am personally “over it” with the whiny, self-serving few having such a huge, detrimental effect on our society!
Dave,you just keep on doing your thing- it is good and it is a blessing that someone out there in web-world is positive and optimistic! May God bless your continued efforts!

What you said was not about being politically correct, it was about speaking from your heart. Those people who could not hear what you had to say were not listening from their heart. To be tolerant of the intolerant…….that is when we really listen to our heart. Love and Light, Shirley

I choose to not take offense. Happy Holidays means Happy holy days. My Holy Days happen to be Christmas and Easter. When I receive that greeting it adds to the joy of the season. “Xmas” does not take the Christ out of Christmas for me, because I understand that the letter X, chi, in Greek, was an early Christian symbol for Christ . I hope you all have a merry peaceful happy Winter Solstice Day to night. The sun (Son) will return!

I think the problem is this: for some reason this year it has become offensive to celebrate Christmas. Christians around the world have celebrated the birth of Jesus for centuries. Please feel free to celebrate whatever you wish this season and don’t expect Christians to hide and apologize for celebrating Christmas. The fact that you didn’t feel free to wish your constituents a Merry Christmas is a sad commentary. Dave if you are Jewish, you should feel free to wish every one a Happy Hannukkah. And I will wish you a Merry Christmas, Joe Blow can wish you a Krazy Kwanza, and Summer can wish you a Wonderous Winter Solstice, all with heartfelt sincerity, peace of mind, and kindness.

I couldn’t agree more. I think everyone should be able to celebrate the season in a manner that fits their faith. I wish all my Christian friends and family the Merriest of Christmas but I cannot possible exclude the other 5.5 Billion people of other faiths from my well wishes this time of year…that wouldn’t be very Christian. Would it?

Mr. Positive: I have had the opportunity to be in business as well as to now be educated to be a rehabilitation counselor. We have to ACCEPT anyone of any theology, respecting them in trying to help them find a job or helping them to reach their goal. In my spiritual life, I’ve realized that to reach my best, I have to accept others as they are. This acceptance frees me. In my work, I need to accept but also encourage them to be the best that they can be and to have HOPE, as this is needed to seek anything rather than to sit and wait for an end. Yes, Christmas is my time of year, but in the acceptance of others, I have become free of malice and I have HOPE that we can all live in a world of no violence and mutual acceptance. I encourage others to enjoy the Love of my God, but accept them if they choose other ways of life. I believe that UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE is the first step in a peaceful relationship and encourage others to extend that to others so a more peaceful world can start forming. This will all start with each end every one of us on this planet that will make the effort. To note in your Holy Day wish the various historic celebrations is noteworthy in trying to let each know that they are wished the best for them celebrating what is precious and important to them. If others cannot accept that there are others in this world that have made choices best for them, and respect that choice, then they have not realized that they themselves are important in your wish, as much as anyone else. No one is more important than the other in the wish, as it includes everyone. If you stop and think, at a party, everyone doesn’t wear the same clothing, so why the same theology? We still enjoy talking with the people at the party, share the food and drink, and enter from the same door. If something funny happens, then we all laugh probably including the one it happened to. Granted this is simplified, but this is a time of celebration, no matter what the mode, and by noting the various celebrations that are happening in the Holy day wish, everyone is included in the celebration. May this time of year be a good & memorable one for all on this earth!!

Even though I am a Christian and Christmas is a celebration of Christ’s birthday it is not my role to cram Christ down anyone’s throat. Jesus did not slam himself into anyone’s face when He walked this Earth. A lesson some Christian radicals should take note of. It seems in all religous based groups some always take their ‘religion’ to the extreme. Christ equates to love which equates to me loving all regardless of their affiliations to whatever religous group they belong. So, Merry Christmas, Happy Holy Days, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, Happy Happy Happy to all and Peace, Peace, Peace to all.

David, I personally would like to thank you and congratulate you for your choice to use the term ‘Holy” days.

I think this is a beautiful term and really gets to the ‘spiirit’ of what the holiday season is all about. Too many people focus on the holidays – rather than the Holy days – holidays away from work, or the holidays for exchanging gifts, and in the hustle and bustle and merry making much of the ‘Holy’ is overlooked or lost.

Wishing people a Merry Christmas is also nice but doesn’t really include everyone. Even though a Happy Chanukah, Joyous Kwanzza, a festive Eid al-Adha, or a bright solstice greeting does more to recognize and celebrate the diversity of individual groups your choice of the term Holy days recognizes and celebrates that which brings us together and unites us all.

As a Jew living in Canada I have full freedom to live and practice how I choose but often feel a little left out with the lack of diversity in pop culture or even the greetings exchanged on the streets or in the workplace. As a practising Jew married to a practicing Catholic with two small children, the inclusivity of your greeting is even more meaningful to me and my family. In our house these weeks are Holy days and holidays. We celebrate and acknowledge this as a time and season of miracles, a time of blessings, and a time to celebrate and acknowledge light over darkness, warmth over cold, hope over hopelessness and the ever enduring power of faith and belief in something bigger than yourself.

At this time of year let us all please celebrate and share the lights that unite us. Each of us has a little light burning inside us – I believe that some of these lights burn brighter than others, that at this time of year and all the time really – each of us has an apportunity and a choice. Will we use our lights to warm others, to guide the way to understanding and peace? – or will we use our lights to showcase and highlight our differences, to make ‘others’ feel cold and lonely while we only light ‘our own’ people or path?

If you see someone who looks like they are wandering in cold or darkness maybe you can shine your own light a little brighter to give them some comfort, to ingnite a spark of hope and joy.

I hope that your light will burn brightly this holiday season, that it will spread to others, that together all our little lights will unite in one big bright miracle of joy, unity and understanding that is the Holy in the holidays.

“…this little light of mine…I’m gonna let it shine…”

Peace be with you all.

“Merry Christmas” should offend no one, nor should “Happy Hanukkah.” Dave, If you celebrate a religious holioday, and it makes yuou a better person, or you should not have to worry about offending others, especially in a blog that is dedicated to being positive. That you had concerns that a warm and heartfelt greeting would offend people indicates that this world needs more postive thinking, and it also shows that there are people who are insecure about their own beliefs! Merry Christmas!

I think your use of ‘Happy Holy Days’ is just what this world needs. Many of us non-christians appreciate it because other faiths are not always noticed during this time of year. So, thank you! Shalom!

David, you have found a way of wishing the season in a very respectful way, i thank you and agree with you.
My personal feeling is, if some one wishes you a greating in their form of worship, we should be pleased that they think enough of us to pass their blessing on to us.
if we stop thinking of our selves and start thinking of the person and his intent, we would be far better off.

I am Christian and therefore celebrate Christmas, the birth of my Living Savior. I believe you can send the message Happy Holy Days of goodwill, love and peace to anyone you desire to do so. I wish our world had more love, compassion and tolerance than it does and we could ALL live in peace and happiness.

I commend you and was uplifted by your Happy Holy Days greeting. As a strong Catholic Christian, I am always encouraged by those who wish all people well, not just those in their belief circle. Jesus is the reason for the season and He must be very disappointed in the close mindedness of some of his followers. If He had met those folks today…would they have accepted his radical ways of thinking and living? I wonder.
Peace on earth and good will to men. ALL MEN!!!

I appreciate your choosing Happy Holy Days because of the International following you have. However, in my life it is Merry Christmas and if people living in my country can not appreciate that then they need to just learn to live with it. From me to you, David, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year!!

Vicki, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and the happiest New Year. I have no problem with Merry Christmas at all but it’s funny how so many Christians have written in with problems about Happy Holy Days seems they feel disrespected which is not the intent. So I hope you understand why I shared this… Thanks, David

Reading all these comments, some really sadden me. This is a precious time of the year for me. I am Christian, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna say that others who celebrate other Holy Days aren’t right in their beliefs. Remember “freedom of speech and religion” So God Bless You David, for making sure you include everyone in your well wishes! It’s the first I have heard someone say “Happy Holy Day” and I think it’s wonderful. Why ruin someone else’s Holy Day by trying to cram mine down their throat. I believe what I believe and no one is gonna change my mind. But why stir up controversy when there is no need to. I think Happy Holy Day covers everyone and their beliefs. Kudos to you David for being right and standing up for what you know is right! God Bless you, Merry Christmas, Happy Holy Day to you, David.
Happy Holy day to everyone else too!! 🙂

I am with you David! People, this is a time of peace, love and light so please do your share of being nice!

Shalom peace,

I couldn’t agree more. A rift has occurred in our family this year where someone remarked that “the Muslims are hijacking Christmas!” I found this utterly deplorable and saddening as it was said about a young Turkish girl in our family who simply wanted to have a Christmas breakfast in the new home she and her partner have recently bought. Such a sad lack of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for taking a stand on this. A very Happy and Holy Christmas to you and yours.

I am a minister’s wife and, like Diane, I am very sensitive to believers of all faiths. Now if I am in a circle of believers of another faith, I have a new blessing to share with them. [I have added it to my lexicon and have already used it.]
God bless and Happy Holy Day to you, too, David.

P.S. My husband and I find that when you respect the beliefs of others, they are more open to discuss faith issues.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with wishing anyone happiness, prosperity and blessings with ANY kind of blessing. I understand the desire to be all-inclusive and I don’t consider you, David, to be a sell-out. And, I understand why and how it serves you best to say something like “Happy HOLY Days”. I actually like that statement because it emphasizes the HOLY aspect of the time of year, when so many religious traditions practice a little more compassion, caring, mutual respect and honor their families.
I see both sides of the issue, but don’t feel bad about your choice.

I agree with you about the reason for the season.
We all need to spread love and peace around the world…….. moment to moment.

Thank you for reminding the secular world that there are certain things in life that are holy and worthy of our devotion. From my personal and deeply held belief that Jesus provides the answers to all of life–I wish you and your family a very blessed Christmas season!

Good for you, David! We are a world of people where God has provided infinite variety, and even for people who do not believe in God or a “higher power”, the fact that they deny it is proof God exists. I am a Christian and understand that the world is diverse. I agree with you – the point is to bless one another no matter our beliefs. God bless you and keep you, Merry Christmas and happy Holy days to you and all of your readers.

Holy, Holy, Holy Day… What a great new twist. Why must so many people argue over these words? Let this be a time of Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards ALL people. If you have a problem with peace, love, and happiness, please keep your negative thougts to yourself.

Happy holy days???? Just ridiculous. I agree with one other blogger, in that it seems you can’t be bothered to name all the ‘days’. That’s exactly what you need to do to incude all us Merry Christmasers. When I first saw the subjuct on the newsletter, I really just thought you couldn’t spell properly! Get a life! 🙂

I am taking it upon myself on Dave’s defense to list and wish every one of you around the world the following Happy Holy Day’s (as already listed in a post above) and can we all simply thank Dave for the daily positive inspiration quotes and weekly inspirations he always sends us instead of beating him up because of narrow minds ??? Do you even have any clue how much it time and money it costs to send those emails out and he doesn’t ask for a single personal penny donation to do it !!!


6 – St. Nicholas Day
8 – Bodhi Day
12 – Hanukkah
12 – Virgin of Guadalupe
13 – Santa Lucia Day
16 – Ashura
16-25 – Las Posadas
18 – Al Hijra
25 – Christmas
26 – Boxing Day
26 – Kwanzaa

“Happy Holy Days”? I have no problem wishing non-Christians “Happy Holidays” or “Happy Holy Days”, etc. I understand this newsletter includes all religions, but I am reading it in English. English is the official language of the USA. Our founding fathers were Christian, and our government was set up on Christian principles.

If you want to wish the rest of the world “Happy Holy Days” that’s fine. But here in the USA, we Christians want to hear “Merry Christmas”!

Excuse me, Ms.Plassman… Have you forgotten that the country we live in was founded upon FREEDOM? Freedom of choice: that means religion as well as speech. Do you presume to speak for ALL of us? No wonder Ghandi said that he “liked (our) Jesus, it was our Christians he did not care for.” I was raised Christian, but find that I believe In ALL paths to God (read, “enlightenment”). Why would anyone be offended by another ‘s belief system??? Perhaps Ghandi was only offended by Christian arrogance…I was. Polytheistic works for me (removes judgment from that whole “spiritual” equation.) Open your mind, open your heart and see that all paths to God are about the JOURNEY not the vehicle used.

P.S. Our founding fathers also implemented the “separation of church and state.”

I think Happy Holy Day is very nicely put.I don’t understand why it offends so many people when we say Merry Christmas.If it wasn’t for Christ there wouldn’t be a Christmas.Sorry but if I had to consider who to offend it would have to be man and not God. Merry CHRISTMAS.

I agree completely with you, Mr. Positive!
Like you, I also choose to be tolerant of the intolerant! ;=)
I find your message refreshing!
Thank you!

I DO AGREE..It does not mater what we celebrate.Or how its put.. Its all the same thing. We celebrate life with friends and familys if we have one.. I dont have family persay,,but i do have a world full of friends that treat me as though i am family and thats what God would want.. For all to get along.. Be joyful and greatful that we are free to celebrate what ever holiday we celebrate. God Understands all varietys. Happy Holy days and merry christmas to those who celebrate christmas.

Thank you David for being inclusive and being a positive light in a negative world. That is why I subscribe to your newsletter. Peace and many blessings to you this season.

I agree that it’s an excellent way to send good wishes to a global community. Let there be peace on earth and stop arguing about a salutation.

All these other “holidays” and “holydays” existed before, BUT we still greeted each other with “MERRY CHRISTMAS”, no one minded till the aetheists started blowing their mouths…then everyone dropped the appropriate greetings, and scrambled to cater to their minority gripes. If you’re so concerned about all those other holydays, then when their day approach greet them with “happy hanukah”, “kwanzaa”, etc. etc. NO CHRISTIAN MINDED THAT BEFORE…WHY JUST NOW? I say the H^&%$* with the aetheists and what they think! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!!!AND MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU…and remember no one from those other religion minded MERRY CHRISTMAS before…

Dave thank you for taking the time and sending out all the positive thoughts that you do.. It doesnt mantter how you put it in words..I personally appreciate getting the positive thoughts cause it keeps me positive in all my days. I forward them to my friends and they look forward to every one that i send. If they are in a down mode your message brings them up. Thank you for all the time you spend sending out the inspiring messages. I dont nit pic how something is worded cause i know that we all Have one God in heaven no mater how we refer to Him.. Thats how come theres a freeedom of speach and Freedom to worship…Doesnt mater how we do it just so some one has Something bigger then themselves to believe in.. To me thats what counts. Happy Holidays to everyone. May the next year bring Peace to everyone.


This is my first time on the ‘blog’ portion of your positive work and am taken aback by some of the conversation this stream is generating. I commend you on the grace and tact that you are handling and managing all this intolerance, anger, and dare I say hatred with.

I am baffled that some of these folks subscribe to a MrPositive service at all…but I guess they probably need it as well.

I think some of us need to go back and familiarize ourselves with the Nativity Story and the New and Old testaments.

one has to wonder WWJD?

I agree! If you are Jewish and I tell you Merry Christmas, then tell me Happy Hannakah. Or whatever, I don’t know what you celebrate but by your answer you could tell me how you believe. I feel like the lay people the world over are just fine with things as they were and then a few troublemakers have to make trouble for everyone. To them I say…MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

You can’t please everyone David, just ignore negative attitudes and do what add value to you.

Happy new year to you & your family.

You know what they say you can please some of the people some of the time but you can’t please all the people all the time. Not sure who said that but hey do what you want. I believe in the Lord and will always say Merry Christmas! Everyone has their own way and as long as they believe in the Lord our God that is what is important.

Merry Christmas to all and HAPPY HOLY DAYS to all. I get tired of all the whining about these greetings. I love your emails and newsletters, they make my day brighter and more loving and positive. I agree that you have many many international people that your column goes to and you are so right to include all HOLY DAYS. God bless and keep on telling us to be positive. Have a HAPPY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR TOO!

I say Merry Christmas without apologies. I am trying to please Jesus and care less of what the world thinks. In the book of James It says “Unfaithful creature do you not know that friendship with the world is inmety to GOD therefore who ever wishes to be friends with the world makes himself and enemy of GOD. However I’m not affended at all with you saying Happy HOLY Days. Because they are HOLY days meaning Set Apart.

I really like the choice of words, “Holy Days.” Of course all days are, indeed, “holy days” but it’s also true that different people celebrate their “(w)hol i ness” at times around this season. This is excellent! BRAVO! I like your choice of words and idea!

Hi Dave, I respect your position on this. I disagree with the intolerance being displayed by some, however, I believe that you should say and convey what you feel. I say Merry Christmas..I feel it’s a bit insincere when someone says Happy Holidays, just my humble opinion. I think it’s wonderful to approach life with a positive outlook and vibe. It is also important to have direction and focus and take a stand on positions such as this. Even in a perfect world, ya can’t please everybody…you can stay true to yourself and your convictions.

I am refreshed to know you feel the same way I do!!! Thank you! I know that any judgement I have on others in being so judgmental and small minded is my own issue..I work daily to try and keep my positive focus but have found myself isolating more in a cowardly defense of this negative focus… I turn the radio when people begin to get angry that we aren’t saying “Christmas” when that is more of an ego comment…Love one another in the moracle of it all and remembering “They know not what they do” in the end…. Thank you for your focus! I dont feel so alone!

I agree wholeheartedly with respecting all others beliefs. I would not hesitate to wish another Christian Merry Christmas, but if I am addressing an unknown audience, then I want to be respectful of all person’s rights to religious freedom. I always loved the song “They will know we are Christians by our love”. If I am living a giving life, then I do not have to publicize my beliefs. And for those that insist we will not “bring unbelievers to Jesus”, I say that I would not appreciate someone trying to force me to be Wicken or Muslim or anything other than what I am. In short, I believe in the principle of “attraction rather than promotion”.

Being Jewish when someone wishes me a Merry Christmas I just say thank you and don’t go into a whole thing that I am not Christian and do not celebrate the holiday. As David said it is a Holy Day for you as Hanukkah is for me. It is a time to celbarate and say Happy Holiday to all. I do not assume everyone is Christian so I say Happy Holiday. When one assumes you know what happens. So let’s be tolerant of all and enjoy the season and Holy Days for what they are meant to be.

All the Holy days should be respected and celebrated with positive wishes like those expressed by David.
All the great teachers have tried to teach us the same thing.
“do to others as you would have them do to you; ” ~ Jesus, Matthew 7:12
“wish for others what you wish for yourself” ~ The Prophet Muhammad, Hadith
“What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbour.” ~ Hillel, Talmud, Shabbat 31a (Judaism)
“do not do to others what would cause pain if done to you” ~ Mahabharata 5:1517 (Hinduism)
“Treat not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful” ~ Udana-Varga 5,18 (Buddhism)
“Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself” ~ Confucius, Analeets 15.23
Unfortunately, we haven’t yet learned the lesson.
Happy Holy Days.

Wow is right. I’m actually going to give a go at saying something in a way that might spark a new thought (what am I thinking?!) This remains too fascinating and maddening a situation not to take a stab at it.

It seems to me the uproar some are expressing over a lovely and respectful nod to ‘other ways of being’ is simply an example of some getting a little upset over what it’s like not to be acknowledged in a way you feel you deserve to be acknowledged? Mmmm, does anyone else see the amazing irony in this???? Is the Christian who is upset over not hearing specifically “Merry Christmas” maybe getting a taste of what he/she/you have imposed upon others throughout the ages? And for way too long, I might add?

I grew up hearing Merry Christmas, which did not mean the same to me as the person sending the wishes. When younger, I was uncomfortable, confused, and eventually became offended by Merry Christmas wishes. And then I gratefully learned many years ago to stop being offended and now am happy to receive the obviously good wishes in the spirit I know they are meant: you are simply wishing for me love.

To be honest, those of you who are upset over David’s choice of Happy Holy Days are the people who I don’t really care to hear Merry Christmas from … because your Merry Christmas is too uppity for me. Your Merry Christmas has a bit too much negative and unloving baggage attached to it and it doesn’t feel good to me. I would never be so bold to assume anyone believes as I … and if I did and someone pointed it out, I would be appreciative for the chance to apologize for my oversight. I cannot relate to the boldness with which you carry yourselves.

I actually honor Jesus and the amazing example he is for us ALL ~ as is Buddha, as is Gandhi, as is Martin Luther King, as is Thich Nhat Hahn, as is the Dalai Lama, as are so many beautiful spirits who have graced and do grace this earth.

I am glad to be free of being offended as I truly believe most wishes are heartfelt and I choose to receive THAT! If Happy Holidays are genuinely sent your way, perhaps you ~ yes, you ~ could choose to receive the dear wishes with which they are said. If you are offended by Happy Holy Days or Happy Holidays, then … well … then … blessings upon you.

I agree with you wholeheartedly, David. I think some people need to read their Bibles (“Judge not ….” and “Love thy neighbor….” and “He who is without sin….” come to mind).

Some history lessons might also be in order. No one knows the actual date of the birth of Jesus. We celebrate the birth of Christ at this time of year because the early church chose to designate a time that was already being celebrated as a way of weaning people from their pagan beliefs. Solstice and Yule predate Christmas by many years.

I am offended by those people who give Christianity a bad name through their intolerance and hatred. Didn’t Jesus chose tax collectors and prostitutes and his companions? I think that Christ would prefer that we treat our fellow beings with love and respect rather than worry about how we greet each other.

Wow, now I see why religion has been, and continues to be, the cause of most wars and hatred around the world! I consider myself to be very religious, but not to the point of believing that every soul on this God-made earth has to share my humble opinion, or belief system. God gave us all free will and we should all respect that, as God does. Bless you, David, for respecting everyone and their right to choose their faith.

I also meant to say that as car host on a Holiday train ride, many people commented on the fact that I wished them and their families a “Merry Christmas” at the end of the ride. They were pleased to hear it.

Hi David:
Funny you should mention this particular pet peeve as it is one of mine also. You know, this is one of the big problems with out world. We don’t live and let live. We have a most beautiful world with many,many wonderful and different cultures.
I just love this. I love learning about the way other people live, and I love telling them about the way I live. I don’t condemn them for not having the same beliefs as myself. I learn from them. We all should have our freedome to speak and worship as we please, although I know not everyone does. And yet, almost on a daily basis, I find that there are a handful who would take away these freedoms just to please themselves. How could one think that their way is the only right way? If we don’t continue to have people like you who express themselves by giving respect to all concerned, we will be in trouble.
Come on everyone!!! There is much to be learned, enjoyed and appreciated from the Christian, the Hindu, the Buddhist, the Moslem…….from EVERY different culture and religion in our very varied world. To you David,
“Happy Holy Days.” I wish ALL people, no matter whom they have chosen to worship, Peace and happiness in a time when we are truly short on both.

If you chance to meet a frown
Do not let it stay.
Quickly turn it upside-down
And smile that frown away.

No-one likes a frowny face
Change it for a smile.
Make the world a better place
By smiling all the while.

I thought with diversity, we were supposed to be celebrating our differences, not what we have in common. It’s all so confusing.

Merry Christmas everyone!

The only reason this discussion troubles me is because when I grew up, everyone said “Merry Christmas” without any problems coming from that expression.

Now it seems cashiers in stores don’t dare say “Merry Christmas”, unless a customer happens to say it first. Then they may say it.

For those who want to greet someone in any other way, that is truly their choice. Each and every one of us has a choice. love, Darlene

I do agree with you ! 🙂 All the best to you and your loved ones !

Thank you also for all your encoroging emails :-)))
in love and light

Annika Elhra

Dave, with respect to inclusivity I always felt that consideration was a two way street . These days it seems you can acknowledge others all you want but I hardly ever see anything coming back the other way. The sense I get is groups of people who are only interested in their own agenda.

As for a truly inclusive response how about just adding the few keystrokes it takes to say Happy or Merry or Holy or whatever to the front of : Bodhi Day, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, etc or whatever celebration is out there . That way they get recognized and the rest of us get to learn about whatever other HOLY days are out there.
You could create a signature block that has them all on there so you wouldn’t even have to type it out all the time.

Wow is right. I’m actually going to give a go at saying something in a way that might spark a new thought (what am I thinking?!) This remains too fascinating and maddening a situation not to take a stab at it.

It seems to me the uproar some are expressing over a lovely and respectful nod to ‘other ways of being’ is simply an example of some getting upset over what it’s like not to be acknowledged in a way you prefer to be acknowledged? Mmmm, does anyone else see the amazing irony in this???? Is the Christian who is upset over not hearing specifically “Merry Christmas” maybe getting a taste of what he/she/you have imposed upon others throughout the ages? And for way too long?

I grew up in the U.S. hearing Merry Christmas, which did not mean the same to me as the person sending the wishes. When younger, I was uncomfortable, confused, and eventually became offended by Merry Christmas wishes. And then I gratefully learned many years ago to stop being offended and now am happy to receive the obviously good wishes in the spirit I know they are meant: you are simply wishing for me love.

To be honest, those of you who are upset over David’s choice of Happy Holy Days are the people who I don’t really care to hear Merry Christmas from … because your Merry Christmas is too loaded for me. Your Merry Christmas has a bit too much negative and unloving baggage attached to it and it doesn’t feel good to me. I would never be so bold to assume anyone believes as I … and if I did and someone pointed it out, I would be appreciative for the chance to apologize for my oversight. I also get that’s a perspective that may come from being in the minority….

I am glad to be free of being offended as I truly believe most wishes are heartfelt and I choose to receive THAT! If Happy Holidays are genuinely sent your way, perhaps you ~ yes, you ~ could choose to receive the dear wishes with which they are said. If you are offended by Happy Holy Days or Happy Holidays, then … well … then … blessings upon you.

Yes, I like Holy Day because it certainly is, however, there will be a day where you personally will accountable and you will have to decide wether you will believe this season is Christmas celebrating Jesus’ birthday or not.
Merry Christmas

These ‘Holy Days’ are not just about Christ’s birth and each religion believes the same way we Christians do regarding accountability. If you had read the posts here you will see where Dave indeed did say ‘Merry Christmas’. And we Christians will also be held accountable for intolerance of others.

You have it RIGHT David!!!!
And you are true to yourself!
Enough said 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy Holy Days to everyone!!!!!


I wish people Merry Christmas since that is what I have to wish them; I celebrate Christmas. Those who celebrate Hanukkah or Kwanza may wish me those regards. I do not have Hanukkah or Kwanza in my heart so I can only share what I know. We do all need to get along and not be so sensitive with my or anyone else’s good wishes. However I will NOT apologize for wishing a Merry Christmas as that is what I have to wish you.

Well, isn’t Christmas merry because it is the holiest day of them all? Happy Holy Days seems most appropriate to me! I certainly agree that we all should strive to get along and bless each other. Well said David!

sounds to me like the ONE opinion that should come first before EVERY decision is being totaly left out of the equasion. we will all have to stand before our [THE] maker one day so we should all put HIS opinion first instead of our own. READ!!!!

People who don’t understand or want to feel in control are the ones who are typically offended. The thought of a higher being means they are not fully in control of their lives. Unfortunately they will find out in the end. I pray for lost souls. God bless and MERRY CHRISTmas.

I am rather bemused at how “intolerant” many writers are when they read something they don’t agree with!

Telling someone they should live on another planet because they have a different opinion seems hypocritical.
Let’s face it, we would expect the vast majority of writers here to overwhelmingly support this “holy day” message. Go somewhere else and we could well see quite the opposite.
Has anyone experienced how accepting of western culture and beliefs people are in Muslim counties for example?
Who is right?? Don’t know, don’t care. When you meet someone in the street, treat her/him based on their merit.
Good luck, and Merry Christmas – which just happens to be how I was brought up.

Not surprised you got some negative feedback David. This is a touchy subject for many. I can see where you’re coming from and though it caught my attention when first reading your words, I thought to myself after two seconds, he must be thinking of his audience in places like Europe, Asia and Africa as well as the N.Americans.
If you’re offending people from time to time, you must be doing something right, I say!
They (offence-takers) won’t go away, so get used to it.

AMEN already! I’m right there with you on this “HOLY” days issue, Mr. Positive. We have to get over ourselves, which often blocks furtile opportunities for connecting. There’s no problem with saying “Merry Christmas” personally to whomever you wish in your own neighborhoods and cities, but Mr. Positive’s reach is far beyond your own! I love his inclusion solution to honor Jesus and the other HOLY holidays. This is not a diss on Christmas, folks. Kay from Louisville, KY

If a Christian feels slighted by the use of any term other than Merry Christmas, they are not really Christians. Does the bible not say “love thy neighbour as thyself”? There are many other quotes supporting this idea, as have been mentioned in previous comments. Thanks, Jim Gough, for your examples. Wishing one a good day or season, in whatever form, is still wishing someone well, so if one cannot accept that, there are obviously issues at play that have nothing to do with Christianity.

There is so much that could be said here. No one can ever know which belief is “correct” in this lifetime, so as long as people can be kind to one another, I believe any God will be satisfied.

Hi David – Merry Xmas – even thou. personally I feel neutral about the subject of the use of ‘Happy ‘Holy’ days’, I can see why others aren’t ambivalent – & the reason is that, year after year, more & more traditions of our magnificent Christian, democratic nations are censored by hyper-sensitive minority groups i.e: we can’t sing Xmas carols or put up Xmas trees & decorations in class-rooms for fear one or two might be offended, & the reason that all the minorities are here in our wonderful countries is because they are the last sane bastion of decency – everyone/everywhere is fleeing the madness of their own ‘failed states’/corrupt regimes – where human rights mean nothing ……then instead of embracing the society that will allow you to thrive & flourish, they censor & mutate it to be more like the anarchical places they have fled from, with their lives – I think we r just fed-up with our open, welcoming, generous Christian societies being taken advantage of & not appreciated…..we clearly embrace all differences, otherwise they would not be here ……..but that is not true for all religions & cultures………Cheers to you!!!

All this political correctness is out of control. Say Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakuh or whatever you want – it’s yours so keep it so don’t let anyone take that from you. It’s become a reverse discrimination when others impose their beliefs and want everyone else to accommodate them and alter what you should say – it’s exhausting. I don’t hear anyone complaining when they have Christmas off as a holiday and they’re not Christian. I don’t complain when my Jewish friends (or other religions) take off for their sacred day(s). So let’s just settle down and give each other the right to say Merry Christmas or whatever you want to say to acknowledge your celebration.

I just want to say, that I love your choice of Happy Holy Days! It is a much better choice than Happy Holidays, which to me has always seemed like I was selling out my own faith by not saying Merry Christmas. I work in Diversity and their are so many other holidays that are just as important to others as my Christmas is to me. Thank you and next year, you will hear me saying Happy Holy Days, it shows respect for all holidays in December that others hold dear.

Hi Dave, You got it spot on by being inclusive to everyone. So much violence and destruction is done in the name of intolerance these days. Everyone’s faith is important because it is special to them. I really think people need to ditch the fundamentlism and ego in thinking there religion is the only/right one and embrace the power of love. With love it dosn’t matter what your faith is, it is how you treat others and the world around you which matters. In 2010 let us welcome and embrace our individuality.
Blessings to all regardless of their faith and may you continue to inspire us in 2010.


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