2010 Boom or Bust?

Do you know how to turn your resolutions into reality? I must admit that I don’t! I have failed so many times in the past at making my resolutions work that I honestly wasn’t ever going to make any again!

Seriously…I know that’s not very positive but it’s the truth, I was so discouraged by my repeated failures that I was ready to quit! And remember “I am Mr. POSITIVE!” so this quite frankly was very disturbing to me. After a while I calmed down and spent some time thinking, reading and researching resources to help me with this problem. I found the solution this past October.

I met “The Goals Guy” Gary Ryan Blair just 92 days ago when I entered his 100 Day Challenge program to finish 2009 strong and set up 2010 as my best year ever. Now I know that I can really make my resolutions stick this year! (Sadly, most people give up on their resolutions by the end of January)

I am committed and determined…this is my year!  I am writing this because I would like the same for you, your best year ever, whatever that means to you, I want you to be healthy, happy, prosperous so I thought I would share what I truly believe to be my best shot at making this all happen, if you’d like to learn more watch this short video, it makes sense to me. Let’s make 2010 our best year ever! Happy New Year!

Got Resolutions? Are you ready for success… I AM!

Here’s proof…

“Gary, your help in putting together my own personal strategic plan in the midst of all of the general chaos of my business has been invaluable. Your insight, which I’ve now outlined in my personal strategy to push for a promotion, and raise, which should exceed $3,500, more than justifies the small investment I’ve made out of pocket for your services. Quite honestly, I could not have done it without your help. Thank You!

Sean Thompson
Mass Markets Project Manager – IBM Corporation

Got Resolutions? Are you ready for success… I AM!


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I will continue to strengthen my body so I can be active in golf again. Something I have had to “put off” for 15 years. I also want to attend a specfic gun instruction course that will teach me the correct way to handle the right gun for me & prepare me for home or away from home self-protection. I’m not a teey bobber or someone who thinks guns are glamorous. I am a 71 year old great-grandmother that wants to & will be able to protect myself & others. My main goal with that is never to have to use it, unless protection is necissary

I am praying for healing for my many aches and pains of my body and especially my BROKEN SPIRIT. I have always been so very POSITIVE however, the last year has proven to be extremely difficult both spiritually and financially. I graduated from college with an 95% average and I Can Not find a JOB. I am a people person and I will perish being stuck in an office. I know I was put in this world to help and motivate others I just need to make the right connection. Please help me if you can. Any advise or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. God Bless!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE advise on how to stay motivated while going through a divorce, being laid off and having a 16 mos old to care for.

When everything around you goes wrong, everybody is lying, not caring, acting in a selfish way, stealing your rights, your promotion, how can you stay positive, & how can you give? This is in Life, what about when it’s an organization that has no structure, no system, no HR, how can you stay productive especially when there’s no Jobs outside in the market.

That’s an experience that makes you stronger and better, don’t be mad at people, they won’t change, but we can change ourselves.
I know how it feels to not have a job (I was there), I am about to lose it again with my savings almost to $0.00 and a few thousand dollars on credit cards, but instead of getting frustrated I always think something better will come up, I deserve better than this anyway.
I appreciate every morning that I am alive, on my way to work I enjoy birds singing their very specil songs thinking this is a sign of Spring and better days are coming.
Don’t let the anger eat your soul up, you deserve much better no matter what people say and do.
During my life journey I learned that everything happens for a reason.

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