What Do You Want in 2010?

Tell me and the world what you want for 2010! Did you know that when you write down a goal or an intention you are 95% more likely to get it! Test it out. Write what you want for your life in 2010 and then take action. Yes unless you have a magic lamp, your goals, dreams, aspirations all require you to take some action to make them happen! (Please join the conversation by clicking on the word comments in the lower right hand corner of this post.)

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We all, have to be the Expression from our OWN
ESSENCE ! That will be the miracle for the next year !░░(¯`·.|/.·´¯)!♥ Happy new Year… ░░☆♫ ♫☆(¯ `·.(۞).·´¯)♥To Everyone !!♥ ♥ ♥ ░(¯`:´¯)⋰☆♫ ★☆★♫☆░(_.·´/|`·._) ♥ (¯ `·.|/.·´¯)░░♂●๋♪♫•●๋•♀░(_.:._)….Alain, …xxx..!

well my first hope is for some of my friends who dont know the Lord will be given a chance to come to know him and realise that without our Lord there is nothing for them,,,,,,,,,,,,and I also want my daughter to know how much I love her and want to be part of her life and get a chance to go and visit with them. I also want my home sold and a move into my new wee home to go forward with no mishaps and each and everyone of my family to love and be loved…………Katie

Well the 1st thing i truly want for 2010 is to be able to buy a car, any car will do.
2nd: is to be able to pursue my positive thinking and to use the law of attraction in a more powerful way.
3rd: I want my personal life to change, even if i’ll have to get a divorce i just don’t care i just wanna be happy and make my kids happy.
These are the major things………i have plenty of small things i want 🙂

I want to learn more and take more responsibility either here or in another place to grow in the career. Start research without further delay. Make children more active and focussed in studies and extra curricular activities. Read atleast 1hr daily other than newspaper like science or moral or religion. Save money to buy a car. Buy chain & ring.

my # 1 Mission is to Help Worl of Hunger,to help Starving Childrens, “doing well doing good” project
my group are creatting a Global Network of Contributors, who make it “THEIR BUSINESS” to have a SIGNIFICANT impact on the world hunger issue, this is my gold for 2010!

I have a prayer for 2010. I would love to get married and have a home of my own. I am 55 yrs old and still have the dream of a white picket fence with a wonderful husband who shares my Christian faith. I want to be content for my next 50 yrs on earth.

I have the home, I had a christian wife. God took her home, to me prematurely. 3 and half years ago we were deeply in love. By all standards she was gorgeous. She was 60 but closer to 50. I’m 64 and blessed with good health. I too want a christian wife again, so I’ll agree with your prayer that God would grant us our hearts desire in 2010. Blessings to you! Ronnie!

David, a name we picked for a boy but GOD sent us 3 wonderful girls. Our goal is to live joyfully and with grace until GOD calls us home. We are a ministerial couple, 81 and 77, who have served God many, many wonderful years. I CANNOT tell you the blessings we have received nor the attacks upon our beloved family by SATAN! Our goal is to prepare to meet our beloved Saviour with grace and patience, witnessing to all the loving ARMS of our Saviour. Daily we try to live with GRACE FOR HIM with JOY!! Fern McClain..We have a grandson preparing to be a minister! PTL!!

I want to have enough money so that I can travel to other countries where my friends are. I wish to have work that fit my ability,…mentally, physically and emotionally. I have long wanted to have a work from home job, but the ones that are offered on internet require me to pay either their DVD, video and all that thru credit card and other means. And since I am already a retired lady, I don’t possess any more card unlike when I still have a job. So I’m still hoping that someone might be able to help me find one. I always pray for it, you know. And I am proud to say that I do not want to stay IDLE for the rest of my life! Amen

Hi all,

I am a 43 year old professional in the field of Quality, OH&S. Service and Change Management. I have trained myself in these fields for the last 15 years and my philosophy is simple, “in order to succeed, you need to build relationships with both inernal and external stakeholders and to get the best from your people you need to treat them as you would like to be treated” and then they will follow you into battle.

At present I am stuck in my current employment which I am not enjoying at all. I have leaders who don’t se the bigger picture and upper management who are incapable of change.

In 2010 I am setting out to find my dream job, one that makes me get up in the morning and again ideas blast from within. I know the job is out there and I will be making every effort to make this happen.


Drewvale, QLD Australia

First of all I would like to see America get back to its potential, straighten out this mess we are in. Have peace all over the world, the men and women come home, plenty of jobs and opportunities. I know it is a dream but I am sure it could become a reality. America is a great Nation, with good leadership we could become even greater, it has been done before and I am sure we can do it once again. With God on our side it can be done. Thank you for listening.

Hello David and thank you for the positive thoughts you have given throughout 2009. My wish for 2010 is that I could provide a similar service to the 60% of small business owners in Australia that work on their own. By lending a lekping hand, idea or word of encouragement we can create an avalanche of goodwill that keeps these hard working entrepreneurs going. My wish is to build an army of professional bookkeepers who can provide trhe necessary support to let business owners get on with the business of serving their customers.

my # 1 mission to help world of Hunger, Help Starving Childrens, world wide, “Doing well While Doing Good” Project, we are creating a Globel Network of Contributors who make it Their Business to have a SIGNIFICANT impact on the world Hunger issue that my gold 2010!

What I intend to do in 2010 is to continue what I started several years ago. You know when you reach the point in life when it’s hard to answer a very simple question of “Who are you?”. This is the answer I intend to find out this new year, a fresh start and a move on.

Considering myself as devoted student of life, I intend to benefit from my experiences, the good and the bad, and grow more of a human being than a person I am.

We all reach a point in life when we actually have a point in life, well this year is a year of defiance and believing that whatever I put my mind to, will eventually happen.

Happy new year, and may whatever you guys wish, hope and dream of will happen.


What I hope for in 2010 is to raise the money we need to build New Life Village–so that abused and neglected children will find adoptive homes before they “age out” of the foster care system and find themselves “on their own” at age 18. That is my hope and my prayer. Claire

To me All pre planing and projections are not in line with the beleive that will of God prevails.Weshould be thankful to him for each day that passes for we do not whether we will live to see tomorrow.There is a wise saying “Why plan for 100 years when we do not what is going to happen tomorrow!!!!”

Good morning David,

All I asked Santa & Mrs Claus for Christmas
was to take the 30 Dy. Resolution Project by
Mr. Blair if I have the name correct.

1st. & foremost I have the skill set in me I just need someone to show me the road map on
how to focus, devlope & execute! David, my intentions are to be Financially free the rest of my personal life & to give back to Society by TEACHING many People how to do the same
thing & by doing so create an enviroment con-
dusive to being GREEN FRIENDLY!!! To wage
War on Poverty, Oil, Gas, Greed etc. etc. To
create a Conference like ENGAGE 2009!!!

Thank you Mr. Boufford for the opportunity of
baring my Soul & to announce to the WORLD in
2010 that N. F. Bryant has ARRIVED! Look out
World I’m about to catch on fire!!! God Bless
& Keepeth Zee “FAITH”…

Yours in Caring & Sharing,

Hi David,

It is really encouraging to go through your mails because they give a renewed strength. I shall be sharing here two things
1. personal front – iam heading a school in india and i have established myself quite a bit the change i felt after my taking over was, that those who had left the school after being disillusioned by the system have come back and seeking re admission
I really want to be recognised for my efforts, may be an award or so

2. my son who has no faith in himself constantly battles with his own do’s and dont’s if he actually could become more serious in life and more positive

Hi One and All 🙂

Just 72 hours more to enter into the New Year 2010.

Firstly I would like to Introduce myself to U all. I am Manoj Varma resident Of Hyderabad ( INDIA).

To begin with I would like to thank the God Almighty for bestowing me with such loving Parents and Friends and Mother Nature.

2009 was a year of hardwork and smart work put in by me to get a promotion in My Organisation and as the saying goes ” No Pain No Gain” I recently got promoted and manage a team of 12 people here at Dell.

As the saying goes “With Great Power Comes Great Responsiblities” I have been managing a lot since past 2 months and I really dint get time to think abt what to do in 2010 untill this email came in.

Here is what I would like to do in Year 2010.
I would like to get more closer to God ( M kind off tired with the hectic life and meeting deadlines and would like to start doing Yoga to have Peace of Mind which is what everyone wants.
I have decided to keep myself fit by going back to Gym which was not happening since past 2 months cz of loads of commitments at work and at home.

I have also decided to plant a tree every Month which wil make 12 trees planted by me this Year (My effort to Reduce Global Warming).

I would like to work upon my temper a bit and increase my concentration levels and pamper myself by geting started with my hobbies which are Dancing,Singing,Swimming and the 2 most imp things I would like to learn newly will be Horse Riding and Getting perfect with MS Office specially Excel I should say cz I need to prepare loads and loads of reports this year.

Tats it from my End.

Wishing Everyone A Fantabulous and Rocking New Year Ahead.

Work Hard and Party Hard and No Drink and Drive.

Cya Soon

Manoj 🙂

I want to HAPPY I have always put myself last and everyone else above myself not that was a bad thing but people came to expect that. I have fears many and Mr Positive has always made me re-think things and feel better. Lately I have been sprialling down and focusing on the bad and have become fearful and today received this email I just want to say Thank You things may not have turned out the way I had hoped for 2009 but I have to believe 2010 will be better.
Peace to all 2010

My goals are to take better care of myself; to perform actions that will help me to feel better about myself; and to make contributions to my community, country and hopefully to the earth.

I’ve been divorced for over two years and just this year moved from the house we shared together (for financial reasons.) Then spent the remaining year trying to figure out how I want to live and function in my new lifestyle. I’ve been dating, exercising and working out, learning to dance, doing volunteer work. For 2010 I plan to do more of the above and become more selective about the actions that are best for me; especially concerning the dating scene that hopefully will lead to getting married again some day. Several people have told me I’m a good catch; I am trying to believe that is true. I do know I am a good person and deserve the best and have the ability to give the best of me too.

What I want in 2010? Going on reaping the benefits of the wonderful environment I’ve built for the last 6 years, taking actions that match people’s needs, acting in a way that each step I make lead me on My Way, a way of service that helps me being a better man.

I have been building a new company for the past two has been a journery…dream of the past 14 years… though we’ve been caught in the middle of so many economic challenges.. I believe in what we have built thus far and though we are hanging on the edge I know we can still pull this off. Many new opportunities come in the middle of so many challenges and with our success we still believe will come can also open up other opportunities for others who need employment. I’m counting on the positive vibes of friends like you to help us pull this off…we have an amazing story to tell once we get there!! I like you want to be able to tell others…if we can do this…so can you!! follow your dreams…never never give up!! 2010 is the year for us to pull this off!! When we do…come celebrate with us!!

In 2010 I will build a profitable website and e-commerce business, God willing and if the creek don’t rise. I will keep a positive “I can do it” attitude and draw on the power of positivity in my life!
Thank you for giving me the chance to put this in words on your blog.

I want to see my wife’s health improve. I believe that having more peace in her life will make a dramatic change for the better. My goal is to figure out how to do that with her. She has already taken the physical steps, successful dieting, regular exercise and the next steps would include mental and spiritual adjustments. How to be tactful and effective in my approach is my challenge. For myself I want to help people discover a greater level of peace in their lives. Mr. Positive has helped by giving me some very practical guidance and encouragement. He also pointed out that my wife’s situation and my part in it is a great way to accomplish my own goal. Smart guy. I am thankful for his daily inspirational newsletter. And included in all this for 2010 is to go where I have never been before. To reach heights that I have only dreamed about. To extend my ability to connect with more people than ever before. Peace is a blessing we live and a blessing we share.

David my husband name is David. I married a wonderful man forty-one years ago. God gave him to me and I am truly Blessed. Now on to other matters. In 2010 I would l plan t0 seek God more for directions in my life. I am going to help the hunger and helpless more and above, All to seek my Savior and Lord More and More for the directions he wants me to go. Pray for me.

In 2010, I intend to get my AA degree in Business, be debt free and be in serious relationship with a man, who loves me and appreciates me as the special woman that I am.

My first goal for 2010 is to learn to love myself and do whatever I need to do to make this happen (Weight loss, school, make more/new friends, etc).
This could be a very long journey..Something I have never explored before!

My goal for 2010 is to complete writing to story of my life to inspire others to maximise their full potential in life by using their gifts and talents to help others.

I have learnt that life is found, by and in, giving. We need to rid ourselves of self and selfishness or it will kill us.

It is my hope that my life story will help someone out of dispair into HOPE or “turn their lemons into Lemoade”

I want to save money and get out of debt and get into a loving relationship with someone I can trust. I also want to stay focus on my heath issues and stay healthy.

Good Luck to everyone making goals and resolutions:)

My goals for 2010 are to work through all the fear and anxiety in my mind that has held me captive for the past year, so I can get back to doing the things I love to do to help others. I want to be able to go back to church and to start volunteering again with the special needs middle school children and teachers that I miss. I want to learn to have greater love for the person I am and to live up to the potential I know there is inside me.


I know how devestating anxiety can be and what helped me were two things 1) Learning how to meditate and learning great self talk try this book “What to say when you talk to yourself” by Shad Helmstetter it’s a brilliant book and avail on for about $8.00 (I hope this helps)…Thanks, David

Thank you David. I too will check out this book as I have been riddled with anxiety for over 15 years. This is the year I hope to find peace within myself. Thank you for your positive daily emails!

I want the New Year to be more rewarding. God has been kind to me for bestowing with a wonderful wife, a daughter and a son. We are very closely knit and very much in love with each other.
However I am perturbed with attitude of my brother who does not like to work. He has two grown up kids and its only God’s will that they being reared up.
In 2010 I would pray fervently to God to give him strength to cope with problems and to give me strength and sense to stand by him always.
I bow the God Almighty who is ever so benevolent

David well for 2010 I have the dream and hope and Prayer that all will find what they are searching for.. Celine Dion has a power point presentation of “The Power of Love” that depicts what all things are without Love. A Movie called “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” is also all about the various Loves in ones life. Both have made a great impact in my life in 2009 as has your many positive letters of positive thinking. I pray that that continues throughout 2010. Love to all that all find that dream and love they are searching for… Thanks for all you do and bring to life and living life to all of us.. May you have a very successful and enjoyable new year of 2010 God Bless and Keep You….

What I want the most for 2010 are:

1. Want to get on with my and my partner in dancings training for competition. And to start compete. My heart belongs in dancing.

2. I’ve just got a new job as a teacher on a senior high school, teahing media and filmmaking. The job is the whole spring-term and on 75%. I’m quite nervous about this and I really want this to work out and me being able to handle it. And ofcourse I want to have enough time for my dancing.

3. I really need more self-esteem, so my goal is also to “pump-it-up”

4. I want to get my own apartment. Now I’m living with my parents. I’m a little worried about being alone. Several years ago I tried moving to a school where I studied music, but it didn’t work out well. I was not ready and had to move home.
So I want it to work this time.

5. In dancing I meet several girls, but I seem to have I heard time really connecting and meet one who’s right for me. Most of the time it results in a dancing-friendship, which is great! But I really need more. I hope will meet someone who’s appriciates me as I am, a girl I can be myself and relaxed with. I know I can give alot to her to!

Often I write these kinds of things on my dream-list. And amazingly they happen! It is the best list I know and I try to ecourage people as much as I can to dream. I have proof that it works. Without it I wouldn’t have been a dancer today, I wouldn’t be training for competition and I certainly wouldn’t with my dance-partner got 2nd place in a web-based video dance competition (mostly for fun, but still..) on a Swedish national couples-dance-music-competition broadcasted in Swedish TV.
The one thing not seeming to work on a dream-list is wanting love. I don’t really know why. Maybe it’s just hasn’t come yet. And ofcourse you can’t force it. I just hope…

Happy new year! And DREAM ON! //David

Well my goal for 2010 are to continue to grow in my faith. Develop my business to a $100000+ a year company. By doing so I will be able to help other family member and friend financially and spiritually. To work smarter so I can spend more quality time with my family. To partner with Christian minded associates with similar goals. To sell all the stuff I have gather over the years and live comfortable within my means. AMEN

My burning desire is to publish the novels I’ve written. (I have a collection of rejection slips from agents that I could wallpaper a room with, but I remain positive that it will happen one day. I’d like that day to occur in 2010.) I am currently writing the 8th novel in a series of 9. The tenth book is connected to the series in a unique way. I have two other novels in a totally different genre and a non-fiction book in outline. All I need is a break. I’m getting too old to wait much longer and I’d prefer to publish pre-mortem not post.

Happy 2010 to us all!

H. Jane B

My Wish (New Years Resolution) for 2010….

1. That I have a baby either natural or adoption. My life seem incomplete without them.

2. I want to push thru my fears and doubt about my home business and become debt free this year and when the baby comes I can be a stay at home mom.

3. I want to learn to let things go and really turst GOD with everything, spiritually, emotionally, personally, professionally. Eat healthier, exercise more and lose some weight.

God has blessed me with a wonderful husband and I want to be a better wife, friend, sister, daughter and aunt. I want to be able to help my family. I want to be better at encouraging them to better themselves and help break the family curse financially and the way we speak and think.

5. My ultimate dream is to be able to help others. I want to become so financially abundant that I can be like a secret santa. If some one needs a car I would love to be able to give them a car or whatever it is big or small. Also, I want to do something with single mothers or fathers that have no place to go. Help them get on their feet. I have a picture in my head and goes like this, if they have no place to go their will be apartments for them, at this place there will be people to help them find a job, help with the kids while they are at work, help them with their self esteme, self development and help them grow and be able to stand on their own two feet and to have success and abundance in their life.

I hope and pray that everyone reaches thier goals, dreams and visions for 2010. Keep the faith and don’t ever give up. God has a plan and a purpose for all of us.

Thanks for all the positive words over 2009.





What I intend to create in 2010:

Peace. Not having peace, or giving peace.

Simply BEING Peace.

Dave Bause

2010 is the year where I will be:

– Buying my first house. (A really nice one)

– Getting a new job, where I’ll be happier and have lots of fun at work.

– Getting married to my gorgeous finacee, and hopefully we will figure out a way to afford going on a honeymoon as well :o)

I wish you all a happy new year, and the very best of luck in making your dreams come true!

For 2010 I want to BE the change I want to see in this world. I want to see peace, love, compassion and giving. With that said I will practice this for 2010. I truly want to be an example.

Everyone would love more money. I only want enough to be comfortable so that my wonderful Husband can retire and enjoy the rest of his life; because he has given of himself to our family for years.

Thank you David for your wonderful newsletter I enjoy what I have learned from you.

Love, Charlotte

ps. I’m going to start practicing Cami Walkers’ 29 days to giving.

I loved Cami Walker’s story, the clip from the Today show was very touching. My goal is to take the challenge and give something of myself for the 29 days. Whether its a prayer, a compliment, a small gift of time and listening, a hug, or an actual gift, I will give to others. I have another goal, to learn how to love myself, to learn how to become a positive, productive person. I would like to learn how to please my husband, to be happy, healthy, and in love for as long as we have on this Earth. And last but certainly not least, to learn how to enhance my relationship with the Lord.

my goal for 2010 is to grow in meditation and self-awareness for to respond to people in need of help and compassion. I want also to become a positive thinker and develop within me TRUST of oneself given the power within.

Thanks David for your encouragement and the life-uplifting story of Cami.

My goal for the year is to join the attempt to inform the public about the accompanying frustration with MS and hopefully inspire a quest of therapy for the secondary progressive stage since most people now diagnosed with relapsing/remitting will likely join the rest of us. I also hope to keep a positive attitude.

I want to build my house this year and sell my condo quickly in order to start this process. I know with the law of attaction working all this will happen. I want more joy in my life and love to be constant. I want financial abundance along with perfect health. I want the world to start thinking with a positive outlook. I want peace at work with the owners.

Mr. Positive, I read your message daily, and so wish I could and would be able to live by each one of them. I have been down and out for 2.5 years now. My home was destroyed in Hurricane IKE, haven’t work,been unemployed since July 2008, have had broken relationships and just can’t seem to get a break. However, I have vowed to make 2010 a more positive, happy, and healthy year. Thank you for all your positive, upbeat messages, I save all of them in a folder. I am a 26 year educator and I will use them to give to teachers and student’ once employed again. I love to give them something motivational everyday! GOD BLESS YOU AND THANK YOU!

As a scout leader, my experiences with helping boys that did not have the same name as either parent and being up at 2 am consoling a scout that his parents had just divorced, increased family strength is my wish for the country and world. Since marriage is the model of Gods relationship on earth as Jesus is our husband and we are his bride, we need to hold in the highest regard families that remain strong and bring many children into this world to make it better. We do not know what a new life will bring to make our world more positive. Human Dignity is job one, a reoccurring theme throughout recorded history, reminds us that when we think we can “make a name for ourselves” God doesn’t give up on us and is always ready with unconditional love, but tries to send us messages to turn our hearts to repent (which means “open your mind”)

Thank you for helping us stay positive and I would like your media help to highlight families that are the true rock stars of our world, moving us forward in hope and unconditional love from choosing a spouse to natural “going home”.

dear mr. positive:
i have (four) wants from you,but pleas give me the best way to deal with this.
1:my parents dont talk to each other from last week.Since my mom is away,my dad keeps on telling bads about her.How can i stop them?
2:I want to have a PSP.its one of my hobbies to play with PSP all day.
3: i want my family + my puppy charlie to be happy.
and he 4th thing to move to a beutiful and big house next time.

i know you think thies wants are so easy to
deal with!

Hi Lindsey,
This idea just came to me, when one door closes, another opens.
Well something to think about anyway. Guess when the the other door opens, we have to decide just what to do to better ourselves.
I like to do service to help others. If i can think about helping someone then my depression leaves and I feel happy. This takes work of course and thoughts on how to help others.

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