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29 Gifts – How a month of giving can change your life by Cami Walker

I was fortunate enough to meet Cami this past Sunday. I thought her true story of healing was amazing and bordered on miraculous! What do you think? Watch this short video and please comment below.

Also, to connect with Cami visit her website and if you’re up for it join the 29 Days of Giving Challenge (there’s no charge to join and who knows what effect it will have on your life!) Thanks and Happy Twenty Ten! –David

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Excellent. I love this video. Totally backs up what I’ve been saying. I’ve got a new book coming out on 15th Feb in the UK called, ‘Why Kindness is Good for You’.
There is a strong link between inflammation and MS. Kindness reduces inflammation in the body (reductions in IL-6, TNF) so through her daily gift-giving she will have reduced the substances which would have accelerated the MS. Good on you Cami.!!

I thought it was excellent. I believe that being positive and even more so, is replacing the thought patterns With those positive thoughts.

This touched me to the very core of my soul! My husband has just undergone major surgery and is on SS. I lost my job and have no income as of now.

Things look dismal on the surface but looking deeper, I still have my home, car, wonderful husband a great family of friends. The only thing I don’t have is money to meet our expenses, but I believe things are about to change there. The universe has heard me and is working its miracles.

I love the thought of giving and serving others. Although I do give when i can, I am going to make a concerted effort to consciously give for 29 days with no expectation of payback, and see what happens!

Thank you so much for sharing this. If everyone practiced doing this, our world would rapidly change in ways we cannot even imagine!

Awesome story…the power of giving is HUGE!!! This is a gift from God…when we unselfishly give from our heart, God gives a present back to us. Cami Walker’s story is a great example of this miracle gift from God. I, personally, have been learning more about this “gift” of giving over the past few years…and the best thing, the awesome feeling you recieve when you give gets better every single time! God Bless Cami and her “giving” journey!

Outstanding – great – stupendous is what comes
to my mind after seeing this video. It also re-
affirms my own belief on helping others. Also
wouldn’t it be wonderful if this caught on and went
around the world. Just think of the possibilities
that would happen. Mind boggling, right!!!!

Cami your wonderful. God bless you and I wish you the very best of health. I will be praying for you (this prayer will be my first act of 29 days of giving). I am anxious to start this journey.
Love You,



Once again you have hit another home run with this video of Cami Walker. People sometimes ask what can they, one person, do? We are all unique and the possibilities are endless. Follow our hearts comes to mind. Being quiet enough to listen to what our heart says to us during our day. Maybe just a nice smile or a friendly “hello” would be the thing to do. It could be a little more. Maybe like Cami we should stop thinking about ourselves for a minute and look around us. Help someone load their car in a parking lot. Or take their cart back into the store when we are on our way in or just make a habit to always bring a cart in with us as we enter a store. Just stop and look around or ask if we can help in some way in our travels. It may lead to something bigger or we may just discover a new habit we enjoy doing.

David –

Thanks for this powerful story and . . .

“Allow me to be a blessing to you and allow yourself to be a blessing to others.” — John Coonley



It’s so sad that as a Christian community we haven’t done a better job of sharing some of the powerful “God” concepts that have been around for centuries like, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35), and “He who gives to the poor will lack nothing, but he who closes his eyes to them receives many curses.” (Proverbs 28:27) I think quite often that the “curse” of not giving is to a large degree the natural cycle that begins with a selfish inward focus… it’s ALL downhill from there!

It’s refreshing to see these eternal truths rediscovered in new ways. We all need these reminders and we ALL need to remember (and learn from) the ultimate “Giver of all good gifts…”

James 1:16-18 (Contemporary English Version)
Don’t be fooled, my dear friends. Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father who created all the lights in the heavens. He is always the same and never makes dark shadows by changing.

A great source for alternative healing methods like Cami’s that is very God-centric and has helped members of my family is Valeo Health & Wellness Center in Minneapolis, MN. I’m thankful for their openness and willingness to seek and find alternate ways to treat some of those “messy” diseases like cancer, MS, mental illness, etc. with solutions that incorporate the physical, emotional, and spiritual. Some amazing stories are there too, at

Handed my husband a cup of coffee….well it’s a start…will consciously make an effort to give for the next 29 days…and you never know infinity and beyond…..

beautiful, we need to focus sometimes in our life not only at ourself, but also others, people next to you, your neighbouhood, give them smile and greetings, your life will be better instantly.
Why o we always focus on ourselves, always asking for more & more. Be generous, gratitude towards what we have and appreciate what we were given. Our universe is full of abundance, so are we. Lving in abundance yet we are complaining of not having. Be nice to ourselves is a good start for better tommorrow.

It was amazing and an inspiring truth of being healed within. Thanks for sharing with me your uplifting story. I believed positive disposition matters.

Thank you for bringing this video to the attention of some of us who missed the original airing. It is so nice to see and hear of those who choose to do good. Giving does help. It is the way of the Lord. Who could give more than He did? Thanks again.

Thanks David, great video.
When my son-in-law died in his burning home people started to donate clothes to his family. My 15 y.o. grand daughter and her friends started going thru them and anything that they can’t use, she is re-donating to others. Passing on her blessings. We are so proud of her.

Giving is definitely a healer, i give often and has been blessed in so many ways. Cami may God Grace and Mercy follow you all the days of your life.

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