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In Loving Memory

Frederick L. Piterak 1935 -2009

In Loving Memory

You will always be in our hearts, Bon Voyage my friend.


Please feel free to leave your thoughts, prayers and comments on this post and I will share them with the rest of the family. I appreciate your support, thank you, David

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How blessed you were to share the journey this time around with your loving family! May all the happy memories you captured on the video bring you the contentment of a life well lived. Sharon

An amazing memorial to your wonderful uncle. I have an amazing uncle also…Uncle Hugh. He is fantastic & I love him so much. Thanks for posting this video, it gives me something I can do when my uncle is no longer here.

My blessings go to you and your family! I wish there were more Uncle Fred’s out there! They make life a better place for sure!!!!

Love and prayers always,


Enjoyed the video of your uncle & families. This is a very nice tribute to him. Praying for God to comfort everyone who suffers his loss. ~debi in Loveland, CO

My 92 year old father died last week. With just a few exceptions, your tribute could have been about him. Seems like the world lost two of the greatest – and what a wonderful legacy we have.

I know your family and friends are missing you right now, but it sounds like you lived your life right-surrounded by loving friends and family. Your loved ones and community will remember you for all the goodness you brought into their lives and your kind heart.

Thank you for sharing all the wonderful things about your uncle. You helped me because my uncle was also just buried. I wish I could have attended the service and I was upset that I didn’t have the money to fly to Wyoming. I didn’t get to say goodbye. But your article cheered me up. I just wanted to say thank you.

Beautiful and touching tribute to a man who obviously was loved very much by his family and community. I am a subscriber to David Boufford’s newsletter and I wish to pay my respects to the family of Fred Piterak. My condolences.

Dear David and Family,

I am VERY sorry for your loss!! Your Uncle Fred seemed like a lovely person!! Your video clip was BEAUTIFUL, thank you for sharing!! Your uncle and I seemed to love a lot of the same things – God, family, friends, lasagna, golf, soccer, martinis, etc. Please know that you and your family are in my prayers!!

My heart goes out to you and your family. What a great love your Aunt and Uncle shared. She is in my prayers. May God watch over all of you until you meet again. Lovely tribute.

Dear David, I receive your wonderfully positive emails everyday however this one stole my heart…. It has certainly brought a few tears to my eyes. Fisrt because they look like my family too and most of all because of the love they shared and that you have for he and his family too. Thank you for sharing such sweetness, to sadly, a life gone by. Gratefully yours, Sherry

Know that there are many prayers going out in your behalf. Thank you for sharing such fond memories of your loved ones. For reminding us all to take more time with the ones we love and to do the best we can to make a difference in everything we do!

God bless!

Thinking of you, your family with love and caring. God promised that He would not leave us comfortless-He is holding your right hand.
Your uncle reminds me of my late husband who as a football coach and administrator in high school had so many friends. He was also a submariner in WWII and had friends there, though most have gone on their final voyage.
III JOhn 1:2
Doris Bailey

Thank you for sharing your Uncle Fred with us…everyone should have an Uncle Fred or an Aunt Emma to love and cherish and eulogize so eloqently.


I have an Uncle Fred also. Was touched by your video and the positive way in which your uncle touched many people. Hope you continue to stay with the “positive encouragements”! In our stress filled world, it’s a huge breath of fresh air!

Cheryl McKillop
Harvey, NB

We are very sorry for you loss, there is nothing greater than love in a family. May God be with this family is our prayer. A wonderful tribute. God Bless, Joan

This was a beautiful and touching tribute to your uncle. My beloved husband died a year ago. We were married 66 years, and it was a beautiful friendship and love that we had. Reading your tribute to your uncle I felt like I was reading a tribute to my husband. Thank you.

Dear David (and to your family member’s):

Thank you David for sharing such a personal testimony of God’s love and the tribute to your Uncle Fred. Know that you and your family are in my prayers.
May the Lord comfort you throughout the days and weeks to come.


May you and all Fred’s family be comforted at this time. It sure seems like he had a wonderful life–faith like the Polish have must have contributed to his happiness.
Thanks for sharing 🙂
I’ll remember you all in my prayers.
Moncton NB Canada

Just looking at this picture makes me be grateful to the Lord that many men of his moral starure exist: he looks at the same time humble and honest, decided to do what his heart dictates after prayer; strong hands that know how to work, how to relax, how to give…

God bless his family and thanks for the privilege of sharing

Hi David –

You have touched so many lives and I’m sure your uncle has been a great facilitator of your ability to do just that. What a powerful legacy. I join with you in the celebration of a life well lived.

Blessings to you my friend.


Thank you for sharing your memories of your Uncle Fred.I too was fortunate to have an Uncle Fred who was a Knight and also devoted to the same valuable things which make a life outstanding.May God bless our uncles and thanks for the inspiration.

My prayers go out to you and your family. What a beautiful tribute to your uncle. What a beautiful loving family how I wish all were like this and I will share this with others that they may find the beauty peace and love in their relationships. Thank you for sharing, I know he is with God now in the most wonderful place but still looks over you. God Bless you and your family.

Thanks for sharing this with all of us. Really makes you think how short life really is. I will remember you all in my prayers.

this is really a video that gives me chills
quite a man, husband , dad and friend
theres alot of good men out there that never get the credit , they deserve, seems he made millions happy and thats what it is all about

Our favorite, one and only, Uncle Joe left the planet last Saturday evening. Your video could have been about him and his family. He was retired Air Force and loved his country, as did your uncle. They were a part of the greatest generation – I don’t think we’ll see their strength of character again.

Yours was a heart warming tribute.
I have had on three ocassions been asked to deliver a eulogy – at the passing away relatives close to me. Hopefully there will not be another! If there is I am going to treasure your words, and use some of them if it is ok by you.

i so regret the lose of your beloved Uncle. Thank you for allowing me to see the precious slides. They can truly tell me how very loved he is and was. you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Madeha

I’m just a viewer of your ‘Mr. Positive’ website. You produced a lovely tribute to your uncle. He must’ve been a wonderful man. I’m sure would be very pleased with your work. Thank you for sharing. God bless and comfort you and your family.

This was very inspirational. What a wonderful tribute to your Uncle. He appears in his pictures to be a very loving and happy person. Everyone should be so blessed as to live such a good life as he did. He will live on in his family’s wonderful memories of him.

My prayers are with you – sharing and touching peoples lives has carried on through your Uncle to you – God Speed –

as this is the anniversary of my brother’s death
i am saddenned to learn of your uncle fred’s
passing away. my thoughts and
go out to you and your family.

My deepest sympathies to Fred’s family and friends, and my sincere thanks for such a sensitive and moving tribute to Fred’s life. Souls like his never truly leave this world, as those whose life he has touched will carry him, in their hearts and minds, until they meet again. May his soul rest in peace and rise in glory.

What a wonderful and loving tribute to your Uncle! Thank you for sharing this special person with us. May the wonderful memories of Uncle Fred help to lessen the heartache of his passing. God Bless you and your family.

Such a wonderful tribute to a man who was obviously well loved and respected. All my prayers go to his family and friends. God bless one and all!

Wow! What a legacy you’re uncle has been to everyone!!!! When I viewed this I thought of the Dash!!!!!!!!. What a wonderful person you are to have produced this for all to see!!!!!!!! Sicerely Marybeth

Having lost a wife and later my only son, I know the pains of grief. I also learned to comfort of a hug, even if they are no words to express what the other person wants to communicate.

To all the family and fiends I extend my condolences.

Just as soon as I greet the ones I have loved and lost, I look forward to meeting Uncle Fred too on the other side.


David I’m sorry to hear about your family’s loss.May God wrap you all in His mercy and grace. This is truly a warm, heart felt tribute.

My son-in-law died a week ago in a tragic fire in his home. He was 49 y.o. He and my daughter have 2 children 8 and 15. They were witnesses to the whole thing! They lost everything. The community has been such a blessing to them and people keep coming forth.
The funeral was last Saturday. It was a beautiful tribute to him. He was a great father and husband. Also an Air Force man.
Be blessed and thanks for sharing.

I would like to say that was a Great tribute to a Great Man! My thoughts and prayers are with you and Uncle Fred’s family. God Bless my Brother!!

What a great tribute to your uncle. When you look at snapshots of a person’s life, you realize how short life really is and how important it is to make the most of it and surround ourselves with family and friends and loved ones. I only hope the “snapshots” of my life will be as full of fun, purpose and love as your uncle Fred’s. I can tell he live a full and blessed life. You are lucky to have been able to learn from people like him in your life. Thanks for sharing this and all the positive thoughts you send us all daily. God bless you and your family.

Thank you for sharing your uncle with us and my sincere sympathy for your family and Fred’s.
Thank you for the Uncle Freds of rhe

What a wonderful video. How fortunate you all were to have Fred in your lives. I’m so sorry for your loss. May God give you comfort and peace in the days ahead. Always remember the joy Fred brought to you.

My condolences to you and all who loved and admired your Uncle Fred.

It’s my belief, as it is yours, that he’s now in a better place and is at peace.

May you find comfort in all of the good memories of him.

Dear David, I enjoyed the tribute to your uncle very much. Sorry for your loss, as someone else said , everyone needs an uncle Fred. I receive your emails and enjoy them very much-I sometimes use the quotes in the church bulletin. I hope you don’t mind, I always give credit for the quote. May you feel the compassion and love of a caring and faithful Heavenly Father who knows your every need and will continue to sustain you through this time of deepest sorrow. My prayers are with you.


David, what a beautiful tribute to this special man. What a wonderful family, beautiful children and grandchildren.

I hope he’s having the time of his life, enjoying all of his rewards. We are born to die, what a beautiful path he led.

I am sorry for your lose, but happy for the time you had with the family. It’s such a special time.


I am so sorry for your lost. May Fred rest in eternal peace. He is gone from his family but he lives with almighty God.

my prayers go out to you and your family. Uncle Fred sounded like the kind of man who lived a life that was pleasing to God. and I thank God for your praise reports and encouragment daily. This is how the world becomes a better place one positive life at a time.

God bless you an your family during this time of loss. Your positive inspirations are a daily blessing in my life. Thank-you for sharing your family’s treasure and the reminder of the preciousness of time.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts of your respected
uncle and I pray you and the family are blessed with peace, joy and happiness of the celebration of a great man.

I last week lost my dad to a heart attack and stroke so I can feel the loss your family is going through but celebrate his wonderful life.

Kind regards,

Thank you for this great testimony. you will be missed by many and greatly remembered by many.
You shared a lot with your family and your uncle is encouraged.
You made it and we do hop ewe can learn from you.
Elizabeth Musimbi

Thank you for this great testimony. you will be missed by many and greatly remembered by many.
You shared a lot with your family and your uncle is encouraged.
You made it and we do hop we can learn from you.
Elizabeth Musimbi

Even one life lost is a tragedy. But to lose a person who is so well admired and respected in the community seems to be worse. Not only on the family but on the friends they leave behind.

May you find solace in knowing how he was appreciated. God Bless you & family.

How wonderful to have had just a presence. I just recently lost my beloved mother. These special people are such a part of who we are that we will carry them in our hearts all of our days. Thanks for this lovely tribute to your Uncle.

Thank you for sharing such a positive tribute to your uncle! May we all have such a “positive” dash in our lives! Blessings to all of you!

Very nice, Dave. A lovely tribute and a wonderful memory, and T-I-M-E was a good message too. My thoughts, prayers and sympathies to you and your Uncle’s family.


Thank you for sharing your Uncle Fred and family with us in this wonderful tribute. I recieve your uplifting messages at the start of each day and can see this refection of life is a gift not only to your uncle, your family but also to all of us who are touched by the grace of others in our lives. Your uncle was a blessing to all those he touched and by sharing we can all be touched by the spirit of this wonderful person.

My prayers to you and your entire family.

The video was wonderful. Thank you for sharing something so positive. I recently lost my husband of 36 years and I believe he is in another place and has transformed this physical life. He has appeared to me a couple of times in dreams letting me know he is no longer confused or in pain. He was a little older than your uncle but had ill health and Alzheimer’s the last five years. He was a wonderful man and it was a blessing to see the number of people wanting to pay last respects. Your uncle sounds as wonderful; heaven must really be rejoicing.

What an uplifting tribute you put together for your very special Uncle Fred. I could feel and see the love he had for his family. He was a very fortunate man to have been blessed so completely by a loving family and many friends. He will be sorely missed by them, but what a legacy he left behind. His was truly a life well lived. God Bless…..and thanks for sharing your Uncle Fred’s beautiful life.

This is a lovely thing to do. It shows respect, honour and love for a special person in your life.
Thank you for sharing this and I am sure this video will keep his presence close for all his family.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute to your Uncle Fred. I was touched by the love and joy that I felt while watching your video. To love and enjoy family, friends, and to live one’s life to the fullest is the best outcome one can possibly imagine. God bless your uncle.

It was great to see. I am old enough to remember those ‘good old days’ of family and the good times.So sorry for your loss-if he knew Jesus as Savior – it will certainly be heavens gain…Margaret

“Remember those who rule over you,who have spoken the Word of God to you,whose faith follow,considering the outcome of their conduct”
Heb 13:7.

Thank you for sharing this! Your uncle gave a lot to others and like it has been said, at the end the only things that truly matter in life are family, faith, and the relationships built through out the years.

May God bless and comfort you and your family.

Dr. Deborah Hill

What a wonderful tribute. Thank you for sharing his life. He truly was a blessing to all of you. I think of all the rich blessings & memories he has left behind as a legacy that you can carry forward in you lives. Interesting he lived in Yorba Linda. I lived in Yorba Linda up until three years ago, I may have seen him in a local market. I have Catholic friends who are active in Knights of Colombus They may have known him through Knights functions.
May he rest in eternal peace until you meet him in heaven.
God Bless all of you.

What a blessed family you are to have such a blessed gift given to you from God. I have learned that there are some family members who truly are the cornerstones of the family. Your uncle seems to be one of them.
God bless you and I am sure he is enjoying his new journey on his new vacation spot with God, family & friends. I know he will be busy at work keeping all of you company, comforted & centered.
My prayers to your Uncle & his family & friends.
Diana :o)

What a precious video, of a very special person. He was loved by many, and even tho’ he has gone to rest, his memory will live on in those who loved him most. Thankyou for sharing this special message with us, so close to your heart. May our Heavenly Father continue to hold you close to His loving Heart and give you comfort during this difficult time. God Bless, and thankyou again for the messages you send out that touch so many hearts each and every day. Ellen

I’m sorry for your loss. What a beautiful testimony of a life well lived sharing God’s love with others. Be comforted.

I am sorry for your loss, May your family be blessed and touched by God during this time of sorrow.



Condolence to David and the family of your uncle!

I was really touched by your sharing and openness to let us know your family’s grief and also expression of love and gratitude to your beloved uncle. Thank you for allowing us to know a bit of your uncle’s blessing “HIS PERSON” to your entire clan. May He rest in perfect peace and joy with his CREATOR.

my blessings and all prayers are for the loveliest uncle Fred. i think God must have needed these kind of beautiful and lovely flowers in garden, that’s why He has invited uncle Fred near him. uncle Fred has kept all the persons happy throughout his life they are in shock that how a person like him can go away by leaving them but this is the the bitterest truth of the life that flowers always get fade by spreading their smell in the whole world.
Mr. positive i also apologize for not sending u feedback. i was busy in my work but today when i checked my e-mails i found about the death of your uncle. so at last i pray to God ”MAY THE DEPARTED SOUL REST IN PEACE”

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