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Please share your story about a time when you helped someone or where helped by another.

Whenever I meet someone who asks for money, I tried to give unselfishly. One day I had gone to pick up my friend at the O’hara Airport in Chicago and I went outside to smoke a cigarette waiting for his plane to come in. All of a sudden a young man had approached me stating that his ATM card was not working and he needed $$$ to catch a cab.

Well, I was not sure if I was taken for granted but said to him,” Here is the money you need and the only thing I ask is that you help someone else out without any doubt.” The guy looked at me with teary eyes (o.k. I know men don’t cry) and he could not believe I was willing to give him money to help him out.

I reminded him that to pay forward one day as I have done today. Why did I do that? I just remembered how those special guardian angels had come out of nowhere to help me when I was in dire straights and well it felt good to help one of GOD’s kids.

That gesture was probably the true highlight of my friend’s visit in which I was looking so forward to seeing him and enjoying his company. The visit was good, but truly the real joy was that act of kindness. By Mary S., Great Lake, IL

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One night I was out to eat and a local resturant. It was late at night and I was one of the only customers in the dining room. I could over hear the waitress’ talkiing in the kitchen and I heard my waitress saying that her son’s medical bills took up her whole pay check and she didn’t know if she was going to have enough money to buy gas. She was a very good waitress and i usually leave a good tip but I just felt like I should leave more for her. And I’ve always heard that you never know if the people you are helping could be angels in disquise testing you. So I left the waitress a larger tip than usual and when she picked up the bill I told her to keep the change. She looked at me weird and said ” are you sure?” I said yes, you deserve it. She told me thank you several times and as she was walking back to the kitchen she was saying “thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus” It always makes you feel good about helping someone when they know who to really thank. Jesus.

For Lanie Crisp: It’s in Hebrews 13: 1-2:
Hebrews 13

1Keep on loving each other as brothers. 2Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.

I am a God-cop, and it’s up to me to investigate (listen) situations when they arise, and take action. Actions speak louder than words. I don’t preach in a church, and I live on a very, very small SSD income. I take care of the sheep in the streets.

I was outside O’Hare airport waiting for a plane. I heard a young man talking on his cell about how he was trying to get back to Indiana and needed bus fair. When he finished talking, I asked him what was going on. He told me he’d been sleeping in the airport for 2 nights and needed $20.00 dollars to get home. And his mother was trying to get the money from someone.

All I had was $20.00, and no $$$ in my account, it didn’t matter God always takes care of me. Besides, you can’t take it with you when you go. I told him to call his mom and tell her not to worry I would give him the $20.00. You should have seen his poor little tired face light up. I was glad I could help, and what a blessing he was to me.

A “distant business contact” was flying his plane on a “mercy trip” taking a “financially challenged” Mom and her daughter to New York hospital for medical procedures when his plane fell 10,000 feet from the air and was destroyed in the wooded Pennsylvania terrain below. He (owner and pilot) was so severely injured when he hit the trees that they could not operate on him for months as he stayed in the hospital. My wife, Tonie and I were away on business and immediately upon our return and hearing of this, we went to visit him daily in his recovery. This Christmas (and he is from another state and Jewish) Rolfe came to our office party and was telling everyone there about how special we were to him and we later found out that there were VERY few visitors who went to see him and why our “little part” played such an important impact on him. We are the ones who are Blessed by knowing him and his wife. What may not be important to you, can mean the “world” to others.

I went to lunch one day at a sandwich shop and a young boy came in and sat down at a corner table. As I ate my meal, and, being a “people watcher”, I noticed that this young man met no one, called no one, but also did not make an attempt to order a meal. As I sat there, I had felt led to supply him with a sandwich and a drink, but I just didn’t want to embarrase him or demean him in any way, so I went to the counter and ordered him a meal and paid for it then quickly left. The joy of doing this made a big difference in my day, and will long be remembered even if only to me. Also, the “sandwich artist” will also remember that someone cared enough to pay it forward.

I have always wanted a venue in which to share this story. I was touched by kindness that I will never forget:
About 30 years ago, I was driving back home (Cincinnati, OH) from a meeting in Louisville–late!
It was a little after midnight when I arrived at the door of the McDonald’s in Burlington, KY, to get something to keep me awake for the rest of the trip.
Locked! They had just closed.
As I walked away, a young woman (late teens?) opened the door and called to me. “It’s ok” I said, “I see that you are closed.” She would not hear it: “Come on in and let us help you!”
There were a group of young people in the motions of cleaning up; they really should be out of there and home in bed, I thought!
Anyway, I saw that there was still a hamburger on the warming rack, so I said that I would have that.
The next thing I knew, someone brought me a complimentary drink: “This is for you while you are waiting for your hamburger to be cooked.”
I protested that I just wanted the one that had been sitting there (so they could get rid of me, I thought). “Oh no, you’re not going to eat that old thing. We’re making you a fresh one.”
So I had little choice but to cooperate and accept their genuine, unsolicited kindness!
Later, I left that McDonald’s with my alertness restored and having experienced something very special. I never knew who those young people were, but they touched my heart deeply–there still exists there a very soft spot for McDonald’s!


My wife is a giver. She makes everyone around her smile.
I wrote this story about her in December.

There is a Santa – He Married Her

One of the duties of her job was to go to the post office every day and pick up the
company mail. As November rolled into December, she noticed a Salvation Army Santa
standing on the corner. Each day she saved her coins and dropped them in his bucket.
He’d smile, wish her a Merry Christmas, and continue to ring his bell.

The second week of December came with a cold front. At night the temperature
dropped below zero Fahrenheit and the daytime temperatures barely made it to fourteen.
Santa stood in the frigid winds and continued to ring his bell.

“You must be freezing.” She said to him, as she dropped her coins in his bucket.

“I’m so cold!” He shivered. “I can’t feel the bell in my hands. And my feet? I
don’t know if they’re there anymore.”

The next day, she dropped her coins in the bucket and handed him several
chemical hand and foot warmers. “Try these.” She smiled at Santa. “We had them in
our car in case of and emergency. I think a Santa freezing is an emergency. Don’t you?”

Santa took her offering. “God bless you, Ma’am. I cannot thank you enough.”

A week later, a new Santa stood ringing the bell. “What happened to the other
Santa?” She asked.

“He paused his ringing to inform her, “I’m sorry to say, he’s very sick today.”

She dropped her coins in the bucket and walked away with a heavy heart. Her
hand and foot warmers were not enough to prevent Santa from getting sick. She prayed
for his health.

Later that day, a co-worker came into her office in tears. “I don’t know what
I’m going to do.”

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“It’s my ex-husband.” Her co-worker wiped a tear from her eye and continued. “I
don’t have any money to buy my boys anything for Christmas. I called my ex-husband
last night and asked if he was sending money for them. He told me that these were tough
times. The boys will have suck it up. I’m not sending money. They’ll get over it.” She
began to cry harder. “I don’t know what to do. They’re teenagers and will understand, but
it breaks my heart that they won’t have anything this year.”

The lady hugged her co-worker. “I’m sure everything will work out. It’s
Christmas. Believe in miracles.”

That evening, she sat with her husband and told him about her co-worker’s
situation. “Hun, I know we don’t have much to help, but I’d like to get her a gift card
from Walmart or something. Maybe fifty or a hundred dollars. We’ll just get ourselves
less this year. Last year we couldn’t afford to buy anything for ourselves and still had a
wonderful Christmas. It’s the giving that counts.”

She paused and looked at her husband. “I feel bad for those boys,” she continued.
“I want to send it to her anonymously. She’ll never know where it came from. It will
make her so happy.”

Her husband saw the look in her eyes, and knew she wanted his blessing, but
also that she was going to do it anyway. “Hun?”


He smiled. “Give her the hundred. She needs it more than we do.”

She reached up and held him. Warmth spread through his body. A glow like
none other. He held her and realized there really is a Santa Clause; he’d married her.

Michael T. Smith

Note: That woman is Ginny, my wonderful, loving and caring bride.

I have an evening cashier job at a local Wal-mart. One night, a couple came through my line buying a sandwich a drink and a sleeping bag, totaling about 10.00. Unfortunately, they didn’t have quite enough money to pay for everything. I told them not to worry about it and thanked them for coming in.

During my shift, I kept seeing them throughout the store. I couldn’t get them out of my mind. I knew deep down this couple was struggling and most likely walking through the store to keep warm as long as they could.

When my shift was over, and I was headed for home, I saw them walking through the parking lot with their sleeping bag. I knew at that moment, I needed to help in some way.

I went to the bank and pulled money out of my savings account. I knew they needed it more than I. I drove back to the store hoping they were still there. I drove around the parking lot and they were no where to be found. I felt that I had missed an opportunity to help someone that truly needed a miracle in their life.

I was saying a little prayer for God to watch over them and apologized for missing a chance to help when they came walking around the side of the building. An answer to my prayers!

I drove up to them, rolled down my window and handed them the money. Tears rolled down their faces as I told them that I was inspired to give them this money and I knew they needed it more than I.

I don’t know what they actually did with the money, and honestly, it doesn’t matter. I know I did what I could and felt good about that. For some reason, God brought them into my life for one brief moment…a moment that I will always treasure and definitely remember.

About six years ago awaiting heart surgery and leaving the hospital after some pre-tests, I started searching for my car. Nothing looked familiar and after wandering around for endless time my seventy-some body was exhausted and I was about to collapse when an older car and an angelic voice said, “Can I help you: Are you looking for your car?” Long story shortened, she finally helped me to find my car which was parked by a different hospital entrance. I will be grateful to that kind person forever. A week ago, my daughter took me to lunch and then to mall to do some shopping for herself. Tired and happy to be climbing back into her car, my eyes spotted this older lady wandering around looking lost. I prompted my daughter to ask her if she needed some help. She replied that she couldn’t locate her car. I knew instantly what she was feeling and knew that this was a chance to pay it forward. We drove her around for quite awhile until her car was spotted by a different entrance. She was so grateful and I was so happy to be able to return a kindness once shown me.

Dear Dave,it’s so true that if you only give some of your time to another person by listening is really giving back!

Yesterday I had a checkup at the hospital of the tumor I have at the root of my tongue.It’s growing…
But while I was waiting it would be my turn,a fragile old lady,in stress,was roled beside me.She was not really with us… her own frightning world.
When I laid my hand on her arm,she started to talk… a waterfall… first I couldn’t understand whát she was talking about…..but while I hold her small wrinkled hand,she became calmer……and I could understand what she was talking about…..from a time I wasn’t born yet!(I was born 15 februari 1950)…..

She was talking about her childhood…..and people had all the time in the world to talk to each other!
Her husband had died…….so even her only son…..
She was 89!

It felt s good to see that my hand calmed her…..and that she felt better because she was alowed to talk about her grief…….and that she felt so alone.
I couldn’t help her practically…..but for the moment it was good enough.
Thanks to the comfort I gave for a moment ,it was easier for the doctor to help her.
(My turn was after her!)

I wasn’t even upset that the tumor was growing…I knew that it would like that.But those ca 20 minutes I gave to this very nice lady gave me more than all the medicine I have to take!
That what you give,how small it seemsyou will get back in multi good feelings!

I still feel good about yesterday’s meeting!

It’s time for me to make some supper…….
The News Letter gave a really good sets of tools to give/get Health Benefits of Kindness!

With love & hugs,your friend S@scha

I’m not Dave, but I was touched by your compassion for the elderly. Most of the time, all they want is someone to listen to them. Especially when they’re older, they need the attention, touch is healing, and remember, Jesus touched a lot of people to heal them.

It was a cold and cloudy February day when I arrived in Chicago after a week of chaperoning high school students on a choir trip to Florida. The days began early and ended late. Some of the kids were challenging the adults every day and more so at night. I was exhausted and literally out of words and spending money by the time I landed at O’Hare airport and waited to catch the limo for the rest of the journey. Then I saw him. He looked like a shabby Santa, although his bags contained old newspapers not gifts to dispense. He dozed in the warmth of the waiting area and gave me an opportunity to study him. His clothes were ragged and he was dirty. It was only when I came close to him that I smelled him. It was bad. I had $20 to my name, so I asked a cashier to break it into two bills. Then I approached him. I didn’t want to startle him, so I was quiet when I addressed him. “Sir?” No response. “SIR?” louder this time. When he didn’t stir, I touched him gently on his sleeve. His eyes flew open, he looked frightened and he raised his arms in a defensive posture. I smiled and handed him the $10. I said, “Bless you.” He accepted the bill with the gentlest touch and not a word passed his lips. I walked back to where my friend was watching and saw she was crying. I started crying then, too. He could have been Jesus posing as a homeless man. I felt my heart lift the moment I checked my wallet for cash. But I never felt richer than when I gave it away.

Every year at Christmas my children and I would choose some angels off of an angel tree and buy gifts for needy children. It was an anonymous act of charity so we never knew who received the gifts. I worked for many years as a mental health therapist and I often provided in-home crisis counseling for teens and their families. One year at Christmas I was working with a family who had several children including a sixteen year old girl. The family was very poor and quite likely was not going to have much of a Christmas. I asked the girl how she felt about that and I was very surprised by her answer. She told me that she really doesn’t mind because she had a wonderful Christmas the year that she was fourteen and that is what she remembers at Christmas. I asked her what made it so wonderful and she replied that some people her family did not know brought them Christmas. They brought a turkey meal and presents for everyone. Her eyes shined so brightly as she described her favorite present. It was called a Caboodle, which is a carry all for makeup that has all kinds of pockets and places in which to place things. She told me that there was a small gift in every pocket and that she had so much fun opening each one. She described the small gifts in detail, the hand lotion, the earrings, the small mirror and so on. I listened to her story and my heart was so full. She had received so much joy from a complete stranger that two years later, it still filled her. It humbled me. Of all the thousands of children in my county, I was privileged to be her counselor. Of all the thousands of children in the county, she was the girl who had received a gift that I had sent out two years before never expecting to know who received it. I am sure my eyes were shining brightly, too, with unshed tears just waiting at the surface. I only spent twenty dollars or so but that gift enriched her life so much. My life was enriched by the gift of her story. It was priceless. Shirley Airhart

i am a doctor practicing in a suburb of amritsar punjab,INDIA.two years back i had a young girl as a patient whom i diagnosed as having pulmonary tuberculosis and treated her in the best possible way i could.She was alright in six months ,thanked me and went away.I had no contact with her after that.In october,2009,my son was to go to vancouver film school vancouver,canada for his postgraduation.There is no hostel in vfs and we had arranged for his yemporary stay in brahmakumarii’s centrae in vancouver but suddenly sister Kiran who was incharge of the centre had to come to INDIA on some emrgency visit ,so i had nobody at all to look to for helping my son out there in alien land.Suddenly that same girl appeared in my clinic with her brother for treatment.And while taking history it came out that her father had gone to vancouver as a preacher of SIKH RELIGION.I contacted him there and he immediatly took all responsibility of taking care of my son.When my son landed in canada,her father not only recieved him at the airport,but also kept him with himself till my son got an accomodation there.
I cannot just forget his act of kindness,and the way he paid back my good deeds done years back.
God realy is always encouraging us .

I don’t have a lot of money, but sometimes when I go through the fast food drivethrough, I’ll ask the person at the window how much the person behind me’s order is. If I have enough money, I’ll pay for it. It must be fun for the worker to explain that someone already paid for the order. And it makes me anonymous. Sometimes I get away before the person behind me finds out, but occasionally I get a honk and a wave as I drive away. It always makes me feel great.

I was wondering when and where I was going to share this story that not only helped someone else but certainly opened my eyes as well. A couple of weeks before this Christmas past I was re-reading “The Secret” and was at the part where the excersise was to “ask for something small” to start with. I don’t know how many of you who are reading this now have read “The Secret” but for those of you who have you will know the part I am referring to. I asked for “Ten Dollars” as a small beginning. Now I already believe in the “power of attraction” and “we are what we think.” Anyway I asked for ten dollars.
My dog (Rande) needed to go outside and away we went believing that I would receive, find or come by ten dollars at some point during the day. I mean I positively “BELIEVED” that this would happen. We went on our usual walk but noticed a bit of grass over on the back side of our rec centre. We don’t always have a white Christmas up here in Southern Alberta. We decided (or I decided) to check out how much of our snow had melted.
Long story short lying on the grass was a wallet. In the wallet were a half dozen Credit Cards, a Student Id Card, a Citizenship Card and “one hundred and eighty dollars” in cash all twenties. I was breathless and so fill with ( ). You know I still to this day I can’t come up with the words to describe my inner feelings at the time or now even for that matter. Now I knew that I would have to return the wallet the cards and the money but still. Going out with “ten dollars” on my mind and finding “one hundred and eighty”.
It was a young University student who had lost his wallet and his Christmas shopping money. He was so amazed that not only was he getting back his credit cards and his money but that I didn’t want anything in return. You see I had already recieved my gift.
Many happy returns to you David. Thank you for all you do for us. Keep it positive.

I did something for someone today that even surprised me. I stopped for a few groceries after driving a friend to the airport. In front of me was a short handicapped lady with a walker, who was
having great difficulty putting her groceries in the bags. Even though I herniated 2 discs in my neck and am wearing an arm brace, I helped fill about 7 bags and loaded them into a cart and helped her push it outside. I asked where she was parked, but she didn’t have a car and no money left for a taxi. So she asked me if I could drive her home. I loaded the car with her groceries and walker. As we drove, she noticed my name on my handicap sticker “Pam”. She told me her name was Pam also. As it turned out, she lived in the same building where my sister lives. She thanked me profusely, but I just told her I think everyone should do as least one good deed a day!
Apparently my sister helps this woman to buy her cigarettes for her when she can’t get out herself.
Small world isn’t it? Even though her groceries were very heavy, it felt really good to be able to help her. There was a man at the store who gave me a very strange look when I offered to help this woman. He could have offered but didn’t. He will never know the joy that I knew from being able to help someone in need. Very, very, sad, indeed! I thank God for the ability to do what I can, when I can, with the gifts God has given me!

I have been blessed my whole life. I’m not rich nor poor moneywise but more than all of my needs have been provided for and worked for. There was a lady at church who did a lot to help out with the church operations and never was paid a dime. One day her car broke down and she continued to do many things for the church catching the bus because she didn’t have money for another car. At the same time, I changed jobs at got a company car. There was no question in my mind as to what I was “supposed” to do. I probably could have sold our car for about $3500. but without hesitation, I gave it too her. The car was a luxury ride with power everything and leather seats. She felt very blessed, but I believe I was blessed even more for having that very opportunity!

I recall when I was still working at the bank and my staff and I were so into Random Acts of Kindness. We would surprise each other with the smallest kindness, like a cup of coffee from somewhere special when we came back from lunch, a soft drink or a flower from the corner store. Kindness comes with such small gestures, often, but can make such a difference in the mood of the day for someone oreven change their entire outlook.
Being a caregiver all my life, for family members as well as neighbors, friends, fellow workers, one almost has to go out and find those to care for once that part of life has passed you by. They are out there though, just waiting for someone with the grace of giving to happen upon them. Bless you , David!

We had a blizzard Christmas Eve. Company was coming for Christmas dinner and I had to shovel a path through the drifts so they could enter thru the garage. After finishing Christmas Dinner, the family left to drive back home. As I was taking out the garbage, I noticed two eyes staring at me in the dark garage. I turned on the lights and saw the thin black kitten. She’d been eating turkey out of the trash, she was so cold and hungry. I named her “Christmas.” I recalled I’d seen her once before, in my neighbor’s garage around Thanksgiving. I closed all the doors, brought her a bowl of cat food, a bowl of water and made her a bed out of towels in the heated garage. With sub-zero and snow in the forecast, I kept her inside. She purred loudly and was very friendly. I contacted a no-kill shelter for adopiton help and agreed to pay for her exam and shots. A Realtor in my building annouced she needed a “mouser” for their new country home. She brought her daughter over to meet “Christmas.” The daughter bonded instantly and renamed her “Dot.” I understand she caught a mouse her first night, played witht it and let it go. Stepping in to rescue the defenseless kitten gave me such a charge! I was honored that I could share my blessings with one of God’s flock. One of my 4 adopted cats upstairs was once rescued by a Super Bowl Champion from the 1970 Kansas City Chiefs. That Super Bowl Champion’s name is Fred Arbanas! Thank you, Fred Arbanas for stopping to rescue a kitten. I got my chance this Christmas to Pay it Forward! God Bless you and those who see the virtue in helping others!

Mr. & Mrs. Fred Arbanas

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Arbanas,

On this Tuesday before the Thanksgiving holiday, I stopped for a moment to consider all the things I’m thankful for. I enjoy my work. I love my wife; I’ve been married for 16 years; we own a home in Kansas City North; we have many great neighbors and friends. My wife Diane works for the Federal Reserve Bank. We have health insurance. My best friend and I both are Realtors in Kansas City. Russ rocks! His wife is great, too. We’re cruising on the Caribbean Princess in January! It’s all good!

Even better… I’m most thankful for your generous act of kindness about 6 years ago when you found the two kittens in a box near a road in Lee’s Summit. You may not remember this incident, however it changed our lives forever. I’ve often thought of writing you to share my appreciation, and share photos of one of the grown up kittens. When I recently discovered a copy of the police report in our “adoption papers,” I decided now it’s time.

I honor you for your kindness and integrity. People are remembered for many things. I recall you were an outstanding Super Bowl Champion as a Kansas City Chief, and presently a Jackson County Legislator. Who you are to me and who I’ll always remember you being is the extraordinary man that took a moment to rescue two kittens from a tragic situation.

We were given a copy of the enclosed police report that indicates your extraordinary act of kindness in rescuing those two kittens. Soon after, we adopted Charlie, one of the two kittens. He was so small and friendly that my wife instantly chose him as our next family member. His brother apparently had already been adopted.

We now have 3 cats, all adopted, and they are all very special to us. The most special is Charlie, a large orange & white male tabby, who loves everyone, greets everyone at the door, and purrs so loud you can hear him purring over the phone. Enclosed please find a handful of photos of Charlie. He’s the WARMEST, happiest, most friendly cat we’ve ever had. He loves to be petted, brushed, and attended to. In return he shares his warmth and loving personality with us.

We are forever grateful you stopped to help. Your kindness will be regenerated over and over. It’s the little things we do that turn out to mean so much. Happy Holidays!

Pete & Diane XXXX And Charlie, Piglet and Maggie

I hate giving out charity in the streets.Most specially to little children in the middle of the roads begging for money, which is a common site here in our rurban place. They’d knock on your car windows until the traffic signal turns green. Mixed feelings of worry and irritation overcome me.

I keep a little “pantry” in the car for my children in case they get hungry and it’ll be inconvenient for us to stop and grab a bite.I always make sure that its always full.

But here’s the thing, every time I’d be caught up on a red signal, its as if all the street children knew exactly which car has the “mobile Pantry.” It’s as if “someone’s” pointing them to me ! Even if I don’t frequently pass that road! Amazing !

What would I do? …I find myself, rolling down my window a bit, quickly handing over biscuits/cookies and even candies to every little hand I see !

Still irritated? Yes, a bit, I would say….but am more overwhelmed with an unexplainable, very light feeling as I roll up my windows and step on the gas. Glancing at my now empty “pantry,” I would remind myself to re-fill it again when I reach home….then I can’t help smiling!

Each morning on my way to way to work I go to the drive thru of my favorite Starbucks. One morning as I was waiting in line a woman in front of me almost hit me. I silently cussed her out but tried to not look upset as I saw her sheepishly look at me in her rear view mirror. She seemed to be taking a long time when she got up to the window for her order. Finally she pulled away and when I pulled out my money the young woman at the woman told me, my order had been paid for by the car that had been in front of me. I couldn’t help but smile and it made what seemed like a not so great day a whole lot better. Now once a week I pay for the order of the car behind me. By the time they get up to the window I am well down the road. I hope it makes them as happy as it did me and that perhaps they will do the same in return for someone else

In 2005 was a very good year for me in Real Estate. I was making so much money I couldn’t beleive it. I had paid cash for a Mercedes, I brought a Lincoln Navigator. Every month I was going on vacation. To top it off I had brought a 6br/4.5bth house in a gated community for just My son and I. I was finally living the dream I had always wanted to live and at a young age. I was on top of the world. I had some friends in Miami and I was down their visiting and I met a family in a rough part of town, I knew that the parents were on drugs and the kids were not in a healthy situation. So I did something that a lot my friend’s didn’t approve of and I asked the mom and dad. That If I gave them a place to stay and tried to help them get on their feet, if they would be ready in the morning I would pick them up and take them and their 6 girls home with me to live, because they were livivng with the mom’s; mother in a one bedroom apartment because her apartment got flooded out by Hurricane Wilma. And the mom had just had her 6th daughter. My heart broke for those kids, so I told my friend that I thought GOD would strike me down if I didn’t open up my home to this family. Needless to say him and I are no longer friends. His concern was that the mom and dad didn’t want anything out of life and they were on drugs. But I couldn’t leave those kids. The kids and I got so close I wish I could have adopted them, but in the end they went back to Miami, the mom lost the kids and they had to go into a foster home. I was heart broken. But I know that GOD put me in the kids lives event just for a moment for a reason and I would not change it for the world.

Mother Theresa said, “There are no great things, just small things done with great love.” I do a lot of little things and they bring me great joy. Sometimes I know how the recipient feels, sometimes I do not. Really, it doesn’t matter, because if someone cares, that is what matters. And I love to care.

One Easter, I bought a lot of plastic eggs. I wrote affirmations on lots of little strips of paper, and then filled the eggs with coins, candy and the affirmations. A friend and I hid them all over the city: In hospital corners, on bus stops, benches, store entrances, wherever we could imagine. I think we hid about three hundred. It was so fun! Now it is a tradition, and each time we get such a kick out of it.

I have also bought a lot of little pins, like hearts, stars, and “I Make a Difference”. I wrote little messages for each pin, each in its own little plastic bag, and I carry some in my purse each time I go out. When someone touches my heart, goes “above and beyond,” shows kindness to someone, or for whatever reason I think of, I give them a pin. It is always fun! People are so surprised and it is a privilege to let them know that they make the world a better place.

Also, we get coupons on our email for a restaurant. My husband always prints extras for me, and I get a real kick out of giving the extras to people in line to eat. It is so fun to tell them, “Today’s your lucky day,” or “The world is a friendly place,” or whatever I think of. People are pleasantly surprised, and I get another kick!

I also make little pillowcases with satin hearts sewed on them, and I have bought a bunch of little pillows to go with them. I give these “Sweet Dreams Pillows” away as I can. The pillowcases are made out of sheets, so they are not expensive, as we don’t have a lot of money. But we are rich in enthusiasm and love for others. We are each so fortunate to be where we are, alive for one thing! So I choose to live every moment in joy and gratitude! Even with pain, it could always be worse. There are always others whose hearts are not so joyful, who are hungry of body, spirit and soul. It is so fun, when you care about others and can let them know they matter to the world! To me, that is what makes life truly worth living. Sometimes, I am so joyful I can hardly stay in my own skin! Now that’s ridiculous! But fun!

I loved reading everyone’s entry. The goodheartedness in action is inspiring, touching, uplifting and certainly shows how wonderful generosity of spirit can be! Thanks to each person who cared to share!

First I would like to say that I lost my job 3/2009 and have wanted very much to start my own business in real estate investing, it is very slow and am in fact about to loose my home.

But aside from that, what I have done to help others is: in July of 2009 a friend lost everything home, family, job and asked if he could stay at my home, I explained that the only thing I could give him was shelter and maybe food. We both worked odd jobs to pay bills, and I prayed to God he would get a job. You see he had a hard time dealing with rejection and when he did not get hired here or there all I kept saying was “God will find the right job for you, just pray and wait on the lord, and be positive”. In December 2009 he finally got the right job for him,,, supervisor for a cemetary, they gave him a house to live in, no rent, doesn’t pay utilities, and gets a good salary.

Then that same December my sister again lost everything, and I offered her shelter and food. She left at the first of February, and you know that felt so good to be able to help others. And I believe that in some way that is what I am suppose to do. Help others. You see i never want anyone to go through the pain of not being able to be a productive person in society, of not having anyone to turn to, I do not want people to live the way I have to live at this moment. And if I can help,, I will no matter what. It’s not fair in this country that people have to live in (without).

I have put all of my expectations in God’s hands. And now I find that every little bit of reinforcement that I can receive from positive minded people is refreshing. Thank you for this opportunity to be apart of this webcast with “Mr. Positive.”

Having become injured at work in 2008 – and after 2 knee surgeries – the company let me go – and life has definitely been difficult for my wife and I since then. My wife’s health has been poor for the past 16 years as well.

I try to remind myself often of all the blessings I HAVE been given – 3 healthy good grown children – the beautiful clouds in the sky, the beauty all around us provided by “Mother Nature” (GOD)…. the beauty and wonderment of every snowflake (although I must say we’ve gotten ENOUGH this year – LOL) – the beautiful multitude of colors in flowers thruout the world & their fragrances, etc. SO MUCH to be thankful for!!!
To be able to see, smell, hear, etc. But most of all – to be able to “FEEL” – not with your fingertips – but in your heart!!!

I was blessed with an opportunity once while working. A woman approached me looking for an ATM machine because she took the wrong pocketbook to work that morning – and had no money for gas to get home. I had gotten a $20 tip from a customer that day – so I gave her the $20 and my business card with my address on it.
The $20 was not going to “break me” if I never got it back.

A week later I got a HUGE card in the mail with a note saying I had restored her faith in mankind – the $20 plus 5 lottery tickets (no winners of course – LOL).

What a good feeling – SHE restored… or at least helped increase MY faith in our fellow human beings as well!

David, my wife of 49yrs is such a giving angle with a smile and kind word for anyone she meets. After my Mom passed with cancer, Barbara had taken care of her for nine months. My Dad came to live with us the last year of his life and she and I took care of him until GOD took him home at age 75. In 1990 Her Father came down with cancer of the throat and was in and out of hospital for a year. Barbara took care of him and moved in with her Mom and Dad for a year until he passed. Her Mom then came to live with us for the next 9 years and once again Barbara took care of her Mom with love and kindness even though she did’t know who was taken care of her. Mom passed away 2008. Barbara is such a joy to me,I know God has a special crown for such a beautiful person. We are both servants of Jesus Christ. Do something kind for someone is the the way to find HAPPINESS in this world. God bless you David. Barb and I have three children and 5 grandkids. WE both turn 70 this year,but we are in good health and active in our church(First Wesleyan) ware we have attended since 1978.

Of course it’s not how old you are…It’s How you are old. I am really approaching my 89th year birthday in June. My Swedish heritage has blessed me by still being a blue-eyed blond with very few wrinkles.If that sounds like I’m bragging, I am. It’s pleasant to have younger people notice me. Here’s the way I try to communicate with those I meet who are not smiling and seem unhappy. My proving ground is at a mega grocery store. As I shop the aisles, I watch for the person coming toward me. If they happen to look at me, I give them the most genuine smile and say, “Hello” It has been most rewarding when they smile back and we both continue on our way. Then there are the times when a shopper will stop and greet me. “Where have we met?” We take time to have a conversation. One conversation was with a Chinese woman with her husband, child-like, grasping the shopping cart. We began our conversation about a certain cut of meat. I asked how she prepared hers. She timidly acknowledged me and in her broken English told me. I thanked her and leaned closer to her and almost whispered, “Your husband looks so nice today”. He did. Then I dared to tell her. “You are doing such a good job. I know. I took care of my invalid husband for several years. Then I told her, “my name’s Alice.” She replied, “I Frances.” As I moved on to do the rest of my shopping we both smiled at each other and I said, “Goodbye, Frances”. She countered with “Thank you, Alice”. I no longer felt tired. I like to think she felt a little more encouraged to carry on. We older folk can take time to create “a moment” for someone. I have had some wonderful experiences! I challenge anyone reading this to join me in your own way to help more people feel noticed among so many strangers. In closing I want to tell you that I am known as a Humorist. I still “give” a presentation, Laughter Is My Medicine, comedy routine for Health Organizations, widow groups, Rotary, Church groups,etc. Of course I am asked how much I charge. It pleases me to say, “No CHARGE, I get a charge out doing it.

Of course it’s not how old you are…It’s How you are old. I am really approaching my 89th year birthday in June. My Swedish heritage has blessed me by still being a blue-eyed blond with very few wrinkles.If that sounds like I’m bragging, I am. It’s pleasant to have younger people notice me. Here’s the way I try to communicate with those I meet who are not smiling and seem unhappy. My proving ground is at a mega grocery store. As I shop the aisles, I watch for the person coming toward me. If they happen to look at me, I give them the most genuine smile and say, “Hello” It has been most rewarding when they smile back and we both continue on our way. Then there are the times when a shopper will stop and greet me. “Where have we met?” We take time to have a conversation. One conversation was with a Chinese woman with her husband, child-like, grasping the shopping cart. We began our conversation about a certain cut of meat. I asked how she prepared hers. She timidly acknowledged me and in her broken English told me. I thanked her and leaned closer to her and almost whispered, “Your husband looks so nice today”. He did. Then I dared to tell her. “You are doing such a good job. I know. I took care of my invalid husband for several years. Then I told her, “my name’s Alice.” She replied, “I Frances.” As I moved on to do the rest of my shopping we both smiled at each other and I said, “Goodbye, Frances”. She countered with “Thank you, Alice”. I no longer felt tired. I like to think she felt a little more encouraged to carry on. We older folk can take time to create “a moment” for someone. I have had some wonderful experiences! I challenge anyone reading this to join me in your own way to help more people feel noticed among so many strangers. In closing I want to tell you that I am known as a Humorist. I still “give” a presentation, Laughter Is My Medicine, comedy routine for Health Organizations, widow groups, Rotary, Church groups,etc. Of course I am asked how much I charge. It pleases me to say, “No CHARGE, I get a charge out doing it. You’re never too old to do what you can.

Three years ago I went back home in Kosovo (a part of former Yougoslavia) for the first time after
nine years in USA.
My brother was killed and masacred during the war, left three little kids and changed my life forever.
Thousands of other people were killed, raped and masacred amongst them 3 brothers I knew.
I went home with mixed emotions, didn’t know what to expect and how to face the truth.
My family was doing great financially which makes life easier when I asked for the brothers they told me that 2 of the wives have grown up kids now but the youngest one with three little girls is struggling.
Volunteers built a 2 bedroom home for them (after everything was burnt down)
My heart told me that I have to go and visit them no matter do I have time or money.
After 2 days we draw by at her home, without notifying her at all, when we knocked on the door this brave woman opened up the door and welcomed us.
I had to introduce myself to her, after nine years and all the things she was going through she didn’t remember me.
Her three young girls came back from school (after an hour walk in the rain), greeted us with smile and respect, their home was quickly built and was falling apart.
The mom told us the girls are afraid sometimes that the roof is going to fall apart but we are fine really, we have all the love and care from so many people, the girls are very good at school, it’s all that matters to me.
She insisted to keep us for a lunch, after a while I left happy that I had the chance to visit them and sad that I didn’t have more money to give.
My stay over there was less than three weeks but I had one more mision in my mind
My high school and collage friend was mentally ill for a few years (I heard about here while in USA), I just needed to see her
Found her home in a far village, she was in bed
her family told me she is not doing good lately, don’t be surprised if she doesn’t recognize you.
I gave her the wormest hug trying to hold on to my tears, she was weak from staying in bed for a while but she jumped out of joy saying my name several times. She was quite at times, but we had a nice conversation like in old times.
Gave her a small gift and thanked god many times for giving me the chance to do that.
I think our purpose here is to, love, care and give, it doesn’t matter is it a smile, money,a book or anything else as long as it makes us feel better

The story on the gift of cab fare at the airport really touched me and it remined me of a young Ghanian medical student I met while studying in Budapest, Hungary in 1983. He told me then that when his studies were finished he would be going back home to give back to his country. Recently while online I came across a blog, “Where stars still shine” and there was an article on Dr Frank Addo, back in Ghana, where he had opened a free Women clinic to help the poor in a small village in Prampram. A promised kept.

One time I was pulling out of Wendy’s restaurant when this young man came towards me – I thought oh, no, someone wanting money! He came up to me and said he needed gas money to get to another town about 10 miles away – he was actually holding a gas can. He said he was going to his dad’s house and ran out of gas and he had no one to call. He said he had been trying to get someone to help him all day. He asked for a dollar, but I gave him ten dollars and he was really shocked! He kept saying “are you serious? how can I pay you back?” I told him it’s just a token of Jesus’ love for him and asked him if he’s a Christian – he said yes but he needs to go back to church. I said well go back to church! I was really stunned at how grateful he was for that ten dollars – he was hoping I would just give him a dollar or two!

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