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OK, I’ll go first! I am committed to becoming a force for good on this planet! I willingly surrender my life to the service of my fellow travelers on this planet. I am committed to producing inspirational products, newsletters and services that will help encourage the world. I will share the good news about our ability to create, change, grow and learn new skills. I will produce networks of encouragement that encircle the globe like a giant hug. I will do whatever it takes to see this through, I will never quit, I will FINISH STRONG! –Mr. Positive! aka; David Boufford, Now tell me please what are you committed to in your life?

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My commitment in life ,for now,is that I have time enough to tell /write/mail those I love and those who mean the world to me,HOW much i love them……how grateful I am for being in my life.

And to show how much that really means to me,I make special made cards to them,on the front I make collages of pictures/words that has a special meaning for the person that will get this card.And than when I have laminated this card it will be a touchable memory when I am not here any more.(I have a couple of month left in this life)
That is a very satisfying feeling to show them and knowing that I have TOLD hem how much I love them…..
By doing so,I can prepare them as smoothly as I can for what is going to happen….all to soon….
You can’t really prepare lovedones for such a thing……but it will help them anyway!
Even though my life will be ended…..I won’t stop living!And totally dedicated to those who make my life inspite of all the hardship,livable and special.

My oldest son was killed and then I was diagnosed with a very serious tumor in the brain. After a 10 1/2 surgery and nearly 25% of my brain removed, I developed spinal meningitis and had a near death experience, where my son was with me. I was two months in critical care and it took nearly 13 more months to be able to walk, paint, and drive again. My husband left me and I wanted to totally give up, just go into my house and “go away!” But, my friends and family wouldn’t let me…..they cooked for me, walked with me, did yoga with me and read to me. Throughout all of this, I realized that without their love and prayers, I never would have made it! And, that’s why I am willing to give my love and prayers to those who so desperately need it! And, most of all, I am truly grateful and thankful to God for bringing me through a very desperate time in my life! Linda M. Brandt

Linda you are an amazing woman and the strength you’ve gained from your life experience will help heal many. You are truly an inspiration. Also, I just received your wonderful book “Henry’s Life As A Tulip Bulb or Developing an attitude of gratitude” – I think this book should be required reading for everyone, especially our children. You can pick it up on Amazon – THX, David

Dear Mr. Positive, last Friday I went to Walgreens for a Glucos test which I saw on Oprahs show that Thursday on diabetes. My level was really high, so yesterday i had an appointment with my doctor and was still high, today i’m going in for full blood work. The doctor wanted to put me on a med call Byetta, this would require me to take two shots per day the rest of my life. However I’m yet to be diagnosed being diabectic. I choose not to until we find out for sure which will be next Monday. My dad just died due to complication of diabetes the day before Christmas 2009. In saying all this to say I am commited to good health full force. I am commited to educating myself more then ever on diabetes, I am commited to working out 5-6 days a week, I am commited to Clean Eating, I am commited to a new way of life. Oh by the way did I mention I just turned 50 on Thursday Feb 4th? I am commited that this next chapter in my life is the beginning of a new book, a book of hope, courage and LIFE. I will FINISH STRONG.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts Dr. Positive

Thanks for sharing and happy 50th! There is a cure for diabetes that I have used when Mr. Doc claimed I had Type II Diabetes and would have to take medication for the rest of my life! Please look up Dr. Gabriel Cousens and examine his work for yourself, use your own intuition and see if it makes sense to you, it did for me. Also, I provided my Doc with a copy of his book after I told him I never filled my “perscription” and the test came back showing normal blood sugar! – Here’s a link to his website – and here’s a link to his book Please proceed carefully though and this is no substitute for medical advice of course. Be well…Finish Strong! –David

I believe it always trying to be positve. Sharing a positive attitude is very contagious with others you meet, stranger or friend. Smile a lot and use humor when appropriate, (which I can find is often) helps one to feel better and forget their problems even if just for a second or two. The laughter is good for the soul. That is what it is all about, people’s souls, lets help to make it a more positive world out there! Each little bit I can do makes me be able to sleep at night…sometimes I find myself even smiling in my sleep.

Thank you Mr. Positive,
You are surely a source of inspiration to all your readers and your entourage.
As a volunteer of many years in an military hospital and whithin my community, I had many commiments on the different positions which I held and am still holding on Boards of directors, the Foundation committes etc.
My goal is to serve the veterans and my community in the best possible ways which I can, meaning that could help to improve the quality of their lives. Sometimes a simple smile can bring comfort and is sufficient to have made someone’day but other times, it demands a great deal of efforts to acheive my goal especially when the responsabilities are heavier.
I am thankful that my christian faith helps me and guides me in my actions. God has given us different talents which are there to bear fruit. My goal is to recognise my limits and use my talents to help those whom I serve to enable them to grow in a profitable way.
A simple smile can go a long way!
Mychèle Amberg

I want to be known as a person who started a quest of helping people closest to home. I watch people in my congregation and others go on mission trips to far away places and although I admire where their hearts are taking the I look around where I live and see so much need for help. I as well have traveled to other parts of the world and have seen the need for help but in every area I go I also see an overage of abundance close by. I often wonder why people who do give are happy with just giving without seeing the results. I certainly am not speaking about everyone who gives but I do see it in a lot of cases.

I hope that after helping everyone in my sight I will be able to expand my reach.

Just a goal, hope, and desire.

Brad, I understand and have had the same thoughts about this matter. The best thing is our world is so wonderfully blessed with people who will help others both near and far. I worked on skid row in December and in January I helped out Haiti and I will continue to help wherever I can be of service. Please know that I support your efforts in addition to those who feel called to help in far away places too! THX, David.

God’s morning to You, David and to the world!! Thank You for asking what my committment to my life and myself is. To take my business TECH RESQ to the next level – financial growth loan! I have had the emergency brake on for the last year – with fear of committment and the unknowing future. Today, I am committed to complete ALL loan applications and release them to the deserving hands. My company (with the help of my husband Tulsa Fire Captain) sells rescue equipment and rescue training to fire departments and industrial emergency rescue teams in Oklahoma and surrounding states. My dream is to FINISH STRONG in 2010 with ‘special funds’ to offer free training to the smaller fire departments so that their budget can focus on newer, safer rescue equipment. I am committed to endless stronger faith and to trust the unknown. There, I have shared my God given dream with You and others, friends I have yet to meet!!! Thank You for your time, efforts, kindness and motivation that you give me and others. I thank God for your angelic talents!!!
Many Blessing to You – as You are one to me!

And so it is! Your commitment is beautiful, stay motivated, stay focused and Finish Strong! You are an example to everyone! I would also find ways to leverage the Internet technology to earn some cash (without loans) and spread your message far and wide. Our Firefighter heroes deserve the absolute best technology, equipment and training. I appreciate your kind words about my blessing you’re life, I feel the same way about you and everyone I meet through my website. My very best, David

I know you don’t know me and I only know you through your newsletter, but you have become my greatest inspiration in my weight loss journey. I was so impressed by your weight loss, so now when I weigh in, I think of you. I’ve struggled with my weight all my life, but after losing my Mother to a horrendous disease, I really packed on the pounds. I ignored all the “information” about the consequences of being so overweight. But I got sick a year ago, and I found out that I had a life-threatening disease. I HAD to lose weight. Having failed miserably at all diets, I created my own. I don’t count or measure anything or think about how much I have to lose. Instead of thinking of all the things I could NOT have, I make lists of all the possible things I CAN have. I learned weight loss is not about starvation or deprivation. It’s simply making healthier choices and eating smaller portions. As of today, I have lost 55 1/2 pounds! As a reply to how I plan to finish strong – my only resolution is just to work harder at my goals – school, work, weight loss, health issues, and putting some things in my past to rest. I don’t focus on ALL I have to do – I just focus one day at a time.

Thank you, Mr. Positive. Your website is definitely an inspiration 🙂

I am a grateful recovering alcoholic. One of the sayings we have is to “give back what has freely been given”. I am very blessed and grateful to be able to share my experience, strength and hope with others, especially newcomers.

Also, whenever I have a situation or a struggle, I share it and am guided by others’ experience, strength and hope to a positive solution 🙂

I cannot say enough about recovery and there are soooooo many different fellowships and programs other there for anything you may be struggling with.

Thank you again for your inspiration:)

Take care and G-d bless.

With love,


I am committed to becoming more compassionate and encouraging everyone I come in contact with to become more compassionate. Compassion has allowed me to be more understanding, more patients, and a better listener. I’ve found that being compassionate has kept me from being judgmental, jumping to conclusions, and has kept me from becoming angry on many occasions. PLEASE READ, SIGN, and SUPPORT The Charter for Compassion (the Worldwide Golden Rule).

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