Got Prayers?

In the stillness of the morning it came to me to ask this question today “Are your prayers being answered?” Please hit the “Leave A Comment” link and share your story here. You never know how much your story will affect another life.

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I keep a prayer journal. I enjoy going back through and reading the requests and checking off the answered prayers. Sometimes I forget I asked for something – then received it. You know what – God doesn’t forget!!!

Got prayers!!! You better believe!! Also got answers!!! I was traveling over the weekend by myself. Not being a solo traveler, I prayed…and prayed. And God was my Pilot all the 200 miles down and the 200 miles back. He was right there. All the way. It was an awesome, safe trip..Prayer??? Yes, lots of them and lots answered. God is my Pilot…everyday…

Usually I get up out of bed with the day ahead of me on my mind. I say my prayers when I’m in the shower as that is a time where I’m alone. I pray for serenity, courage and wisdom and for my family and friends to be blessed so they can be a blessing to others. Sometimes it’s hard to stay focused but I have to go back many times and start my day over and I do that with prayer.

Yes, my son was suffering from terrible migraines when he was just 4 years old. It affected every aspect of our lives. All medical tests were inconclusive and they wanted to start him on daily medication. I said no!
Shortly thereafter I had the good fortune of attending a religious function where a friend arrived uninvited. I asked what she was doing there and I was told that a special Rabbi was there and someone brought her along for a blessing as she was suffering from a brain tumor.
Well, I jumped on the bandwagon and grabbed one of my cousins and asked him to bring my son to this Rabbi…….and he did.
A few minutes later someone walked past me outside and said, “your son’s migraines will be gone….you’ll see”. I decided right then to believe.
And, we did see, 2 years later……..and all is well.

A few years ago my temporary job was coming to an end. i was driving into work, fretting and worrying. then I stopped and said “God, you are in control. I am handing this one over right now.” That afternoon I received a phone call for an interview that led to the wonderful job I now hold. Let go, let God.. easier said than done for me… but ultimately, it is the only way.

Thats almost like telling someone lets do this math problem but not saying if we are to add, subtract , devide, or multply. You see I was great to pray for or rather TELL God what needed to happen without asking Him what was best. Then when things didn’t go my way I would either look to blame or just complain instead of asking that His will be done and folling it up with my part. You see I have learned pray and act as if, then if I am asking for His will and looking for it I can find joy. Its in Him not my plans and sceams anyway

When my wife and I were first married, we discovered early on that we could not have children. After 13 years of trying many things and being bumped down on the long wait for traditional adoption. My wife so much wanted to adopt an infant. We were at Sunday mass one day, both praying for something. In the homily, the priest quoted Mother Theresa, who when talking about the children of Africa said, “When you take in any of these homeless children, you are taking in Christ.”
On the way out of Church, we saw a poster looking for families to adopt older children – It had to be a Sign. 2 1/2 months later, out first adopted child entered the house at 5 1/2 years old. our second one was 9 months when he moved in and our third one was an infant, only weeks old. yes, our prayers were answered.
We realize that we don’t always get exactly what we want, the way we think we should get it, but prayers do get answered.

Another example of prayers answered. My brother was in a very troubled relationship with a woman I knew would bring him nothing but sorrow. I knew better than to try to talk him out of the relationship though I was extremely concerned. I turned it over to God.. within one week, the woman ended the relationship and moved away. My relationship with my brother did not have to withstand the tension of my meddling but he moved forward and is now happily married to a wonderful woman.

Prayers….I am so grateful of the power of prayers……
I prayed infor the year 2010 that I would have the time to finish my goals that I had before my time would come when God will take me Home…
I have a little time left….but my prayers were answered:I can finish all the important stuff that my daughters and grandchildren will have the rest of their ligfes and remember me as the way I am today…
All tje scrapbooks…..poems I wrote…letters I managed to write to comfort loved ones….I will make it!
Even if I can’t do all the things I wanted to do…my prayers gave me more than I asked for!That gives me peace of mind…..when I leave my loved ones they will have me in my art work..and all the personal things they got from me.
I couldn’t be without my prayers….it is comforting to have my connection with God through prayers….I don’t ask for my self…..but for those who I will leave behind…too soon.

Not sure. But I do know that when I pray for a person, I feel kinder and more positive towards that person. When I pray for things, I ask myself if this is what God really wants me to have. I don’t know if my prayers are always answered but I do know that praying is always the answer for me.

I was diagnosed with very aggressive throat cancer ,the doctors stated it would immediately take over my whole system.Most people develop that have smoke or drank in which I have never participated in. I was at stage 4 cancer.

I immediately turned it over to the Lord,changed my diet instantly,started praying had prayer lines with friends all over the country,I knew the power of what prayer can and will do.

The Cancer took over the throat went thru Radiation and Chemo and did not have the effects of most people did not lose hair,was able to overcome and thru power of constant and continued prayer I am now Cancer Free. PRAISE GOD!!

yes i pray the one i remenber so well was when my wife of 35 years had a mastive heart a tack I found her that morning beside my bed I was lost never in all my years did i feel so alone I prayed to my God to take me also i didn,t want to live then one day while feeling sorry for myself some one knock at my door when I open the door a lady was standing there said she needed a place to stay and heard I had a room I might rent to her to make a long story short six months later we were married I know God sent her to me she was a angil sent from god to keep me happy once more

John: You are included in my prayers today. I have asked
the Good Lord to provide you with what you need.

God Bless You

thank you so much john, please include me in your prayers, my son need to find good job. And he lack trust and faith in God. Please pray for my children enlightenment. Thank you and God bless

I pray every day. I try to remember to thank God for His Blessings known and unknown. I think about the blessings bestowed on me that are unknown and this keeps me postive and happy. Praise God all through the day and night.

Yes, thank the Lord he answers prayers. I started fasting and praying for the Lord to heal my body. I had several things wrong with me. I had worn hearing aids most of my life. I’m 62 years old. I had stomach problems, I suffered from depression, and I had a sever back problem. I could not walk very far. Well, the good Lord has healed all of that. I am walking more than I have in 15 years. I no longer wear hearing aids, no anti-depressants, no stomach pill. In fact I’m on very little medication and soon will be off all of it. Only my Jesus Christs’ stripes was this possible. I thank him so much, so very much. Through Prayer all things are possible. God is the only one that can change anything. I have also prayed for other people and through my faith in Jesus, they also have been healed by the Lord. Not me. I can do nothing, but believe and pray. The Bible says in James 4:2 You have not because you do not ask and in Isaiah 53:5 and by his stripes we are healed.

Prayer has been something I have struggled with for a long time. Like outr earthly parents, God sometiimes tells us no. Often people, and I was among them at one time, believed that God was the benevolent wish granter; that if you asked, you would cewrtainly get what you wanted. But that is not so. Often, God has simply said no because he knows me better than I know myself. He knows the difference between my needs and the so-called desires of my heart. I have found that the best thing for me to do is follow the precepts of Psalm 131, which instructs us to listen for God. I have appealed for months for God to send a buyer for our house, and it seems to have fallen on deaf ears. I have even appealed, “Come on, God, hook us up.” On the other hand, I have asked God many times for healing and direction and He is there with His gentle guiding spirit every time. There are too many stories to share on this, but I do know that God is always listening.

My Heavenly Father, as I enter this work place,
I bring Your presence with me.

I speak your peace, Your grace, Your mercy,
and Your perfect order into this office.

I acknowledge Your power over all that will be
spoken, thought, decided, and done within these walls.

Lord, I thank You for the gifts You have blessed me with.
I commit to using them responsibly in Your honor.

Give me a fresh supply of strength to do my job.
Anoint my projects, ideas and energy
so that even my smallest accomplishment may bring You glory.

Lord, when I am confused, guide me…when I am weary,
energize me…when I am burned out, infuse me with the light of the Holy Spirit.

May the work that I do and the way I do it
bring faith, joy, and a smile to all that I Come in contact with today.

And oh Lord, when I leave this place, give me traveling mercy.

Bless my Family and home to be in order as I left it.

Lord, I thank you for everything You’ve done, everything You’re doing,
and everything You’re going to do.

In the Name of Jesus I pray, with much love and

Thank you Debbi.. That is the most complete and direct paryer I have ever heard from a person in the work field.
May God Bless you Richly and Abundently. With your ok I would like to copy this prayer for a friend.

When I read your question “Are your prayers being answered?”, I paused and readily it came to me. Yes, my prayers are being answer because each time I pray I asked God to let his will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I realized, along time ago, I don’t know what I need. God is all knowing and he knows just what I need. My wants may not be what I need. I spend a lot of time thanking him for his blessings (life, health, wealth, etc.).

Sometime I think prayer is all I have and then I look around to realize I have more than I could ever ask for. Every time I think my life couldn’t get worse something bad will happen however every time I realize all of the great things that are in my life something good will happen. I am realizing that there is a direct correlation to how I am thinking. Positive thoughts and appreciation is helping me to get through tough times. I now give gratitude as I am praying and I feel more rewarded in my day.

Hi Brad,

You’ve stumbled upon a might secret here and that’s the vibration and thoughts that you are sending out. I believe God feels us more than hears us and when we are vibrating with all that is good, all that is God….he responds with the same energy. Like energy always attracts like energy. Thanks for sharing…

Yes, if I ask for a fish from my father in heaven he will not give me a stone. No matter what we pray for God willl answer our prayers but sometimes in the way we least expect. I guess praying to me is like a conversation with God. It helps him become involved in our lives and sometimes active by allowing himself to channel his power through us. But more often it just gives us the opportunity to clear ourselves of our worries and thoughts and be still and listen to his assuring voice filling us with hope, courage, patience or whatever spiritual sustainence we may need to live our lives in dignity, truth and love.

My prayers are constantly being answered with answers I may or may not like. You see, G-D will not answer you with what you want to hear, but what you NEED to hear. The answers are not always right in front of me. I have to search fro them in places I may not expect such as a particular circumstance, a place I ended up at or a book someone just gave me to read. It could also be on a billboard I am passing while driving around town. Sometimes I will have a revelation or or what I call an OHOOOO moment! Although I may feel my life is ready to fall off a cosmic cliff, I am beginning to see it as an adventure. Gee, what is going to happen next? There are times I feel I have fallen down the rabbit hole like Alice.

Yes. God has allowed me to be able to finally see an eye doctor(after needing it for almost a year and suffering a thyroid storm)) I had been praying and praying about this, since I am without health insurance and fulltime employment. I pray and thank God each and everY day for everything (good and bad). Thank you Mr. Positive!

On March 13th I evaded a deer crossing the road and met a tree head on.The drs in trama gave up after 23 pts of blood.My pastor visited and gave me the last rites.Five weeks later I awoke and I asked him to answer some questions for me. When he gave me the last rites did he place my hand in the hand of a blond nurse? ans. No I thenasked if he then placed my other hand in the hand of all those behind him. Ans no.You answer whose those hands were!Th

Yes, I pray but not nearly as much as I should, God is so Great and Good to us. He has answered many prayers for me and my family, not always the way we want but so good. I am so glad I can say He is my Saviour and friend.

My prayer is my refuge .As soon that I feel helpless it is a reflex I withdraw from the wold surrounding me and I pray,to releave my pains moral or physical,in a hopless situation, in war times Iprawed… All my prayers were answered…And they will always do! pray to the Lord …He always answer….

Prayer has meant so much in my life and in the lives of others I’ve come in contact with over the years. Prayer gives hope, both to those in need and to those praying for them. Without hope we are bereft of any thought for good in our future.

Prayer works – to heal, to comfort, and to console. We may not always get the answer we want, but often we do. God can give us longer life, a better quality of life, or take us home sooner than we expected, all according to His will.

Prayer is trust in God – trust that He will take care of our needs, in one way or another – and trust that whatever He decides will be best for all.

Prayer is surrender – giving over our needs to God and using that trust mentioned above to lean on, to give us strength during our weakest moments.

Prayer is praise – thanking God for blessings already received and looking expectantly for more from His bountiful goodness. Proclaiming our love for Him and asking for help in making our lives a daily tribute to Him by showing others the love and kindness taught by his Son.

Yes, my prayers are being answered. But not in the way that most people think that I should be asking for or expecting.

More than six years ago, a massive infection took over my 30 year old son’s body. The doctors were not concerned initially. They simply prescribed routine antibiotics; and, these medicines “knocked” the infection down the first and second time. Unfortunately, when the antibiotic resistant infection came back the third time it attacked my son’s brain. Jeremy was found in a coma and very near death by his brother in the home that they shared. In fact, at one point on the horrible day, the paramedics told us that they weren’t sure he would be alive when they reached the hospital.

He laid in a coma for 5 days. Again and again, we were told that he would surely die. And if he lived, he would be brain dead and that the effects of his diabetes would be horrendous (for they couldn’t seem to regulate his blood sugar levels so they fluctuated from over 500 to less than 40).

I felt helpless…so I prayed for strength to do what we must, to accept that the doctors were trying their best, and to know that God was with us through it all. I begged for guidance.

On day five, after a resident doctor has assured us that while they would perform the tests, it was clear that our son was brain dead, Jeremy spoke to us. While a nurse was assisting my husband and me to reposition him, he screamed quite clearly, “I want out of this bed!” Then he immediately slipped back into the coma.

That’s when the nurse told us that Jeremy had spoken to her during his sponge bath. She said that she was sure he said, “Stop that.” But when she reported this to the doctors, she was assured that it was only her imagination. Now she knew that she was correct because he had spoken again.

Later in the afternoon, when one of the chaplains came to visit, together we took Jeremy’s hands and began to recite the Lord’s Prayer. Half way through the prayer, Jeremy in a clear and calm voice recited the second half with us. Amazing! And then he slipped away from us again. And for about six more hours, he would regain conscious and then slip away — but he did recover from the coma.

As the weeks followed, we began to understand the extensive damage done to our son’s body by the infections and coma. My friends and family told me that they were praying for the miraculous return of Jeremy’s sight and the cure of his osteoporosis. I shared with them that my prayer was much simpler.
I prayed that Jeremy and our family would find a way to celebrate his life and that he would take a path that would be productive and happy. That he would remain his positive self and find purpose in his life.
And he has. His spirit is amazing and his ability to adjust has been an inspiration to watch.

When this crisis hit our family, I didn’t ask God, “ Why us?” I’m not sure if it was from the fear that we would not receive the miracle my friends were all praying for–or from the knowledge that we are no more worthy than others, so how could we ask for such a visible and honored blessing from God?
So even though some of my friends thought that I lacked the faith to ask for my son’s full recovery, I don’t believe that was the path that God was leading me down. I prayed that His will be done and that we all find a way to accept and follow. And I think that my husband, other son, daughter, and I have done just that – in unity with Jeremy and God. So while he now has one glass eye, another with 20-350 sight, braces for the osteoporosis that crippled his legs, and a walker to assist in his mobility, we have our miracle. The miracle of a family that came together to support one of its own and the spirit of believing in the amazing power of the human spirit to overcome tragedy when blessed by God.

So to my friends that feared I lacked the faith to ask for my prayers to be answered, I want them to know that my prayer for Jeremy’s and our family’s spiritual health was answered – far beyond my hopes and dreams.

Yes the stillness of the morning,with a gentle breese is an answer to my prayer today,as it is time to slowdown and feel the Love JESUS has to offer.Many prayers have been answered as I continue to walk the walk and Humble myself before our lord.I enjoy your Possitive email,and you are welcome to join my facebook Page.

I was raised by wonderful, caring Christian parents! I can’t ever remember a time we didn’t attend church. Even though our father traveled frequently, our mother was a charter member of a Christian Church. We used to take a cab to church because she didn’t drive.

As adults both my sister and I have stayed reverent in our faith involved with church. I have lived in CO and CA and loved the churches in both areas. God helped me return safely to the Midwest (after 9/11/01) and when this recession began in the Bay area in early spring 2008.

I keep a prayer journal filled with prayer requests. I have been unemployed this time since 4/30/2008 (previously 6/04 – 9/06). God truly blesses us with everything we need daily and with the love, support and friendship of our family and loved ones. I can’t imagine getting through a day without faith in God, prayer and supporting others in our daily struggles.

I sure believe in Prayer have been connected to Source since I was little and God has answered my Prayers so many many times . My son was killed in a MVA and it was devastating but I never once blamed God because I knew he had plans for my son it was a lesson for me to grow with and help all others who have lost a child . I am Stronger and have dug deeper and am learning new things every day . Blessings & Miracles in all your Moments of Now Much Love xXx

Without a doubt prayer works if we leave it to God’s will and not force our own will. I have had such experience of prayers being answered but sometimes I have to admit that my unanswered prayers are more of a blessing than anything else. That’s why I know that God’s way is best.

Got Prayer? Oh yes! I truly believe so! I try to make it a habit to read “The Secret” every day and with that I have learned how prayer, our energy and positive attitude helps us each and every day….the story about the gratitude rock, is my most habit I try to keep. I recently moved on my own, as a single mother of two wonderful boys……..about two weeks ago I had the money for rent, but then found myself in a pickle with needing this and then that….so I used most of it for this. Four days prior to having to pay rent, I was real worried how I could pay rent. My answered was answered with a check I was NOT at all expecting……BELIEVE and you sha’ll receive.

I like to call that “Living on God’s Payroll” when you trust with faith and know that if He’s taking care of even the little birds and insects he’ll always be there for us… Great story…

My son went to two doctors and they both said he
had to have a kidney transplant. So two weeks later he had to go back to see the results of his
blood work. The doctor was amazed and said no transplant was needed just to watch his blood
pressure, diebetees, and weight. My son said how
could this be, he said if you don’t believe in healing, you have to explain it. God healed him and we praise God for it. Now we are praying he
will be saved. Thank God for Christain doctors too!!

Prayer, yes …lots and lots; there are days I ask God to forgive me for leaving so much for him to do! He never seems to tire and yes….He has answered more prayers and gotten me through more troubles times than I could ever begin to write down. Lately- I have needed him and his guidance very, very much…and he has lightened my heart and my mind – and before too much longer – the answer will come along. Be blessed and prayer will surely get you where you need to be….maybe not want to be…but need to be!

Yes. I was praying very hard for something to help us with our money issues. I’d been putting resumes out for a few weeks with no callbacks. Then a friend emailed me out of the blue, asking if I’d like to apply at a company I worked at a few years ago, so I did. But the posting closed & 3 weeks went by with no phone call, so I started to accept the fact that they might not want me back. So I started praying again. The next day I got a phone call for an interview with my old company. Tomorrow’s the day. Very nervous. WILL be praying! :O)

The power of prayer works! I also experienced it many times in my life. Here is my favourite prayer:
“Heavenly Father, may Thy love shine forever on the sanctuary of my devotion and may I be able to awaken Thy love in all hearts.” (By Paramahansa Yogananda) A life with God is one of joy, love, compassion and understanding!

Dear David Boufford,

It’s amazing to get ur email regularly though i m not in contact with u so often.

Yes, I have lots of questions and answers in me regarding my relationship with Jesus.

I worked for government for 3 and half years on contract, though usually they give it for one yr only. Considering myself a believer, I did not took bribe from anyone, other wise I could easily make about 20 times my actual salary every month.

Lots of petitions, complaints, allegations against me. Nobody could succeed. Finally, they charged me that I rapped a women. ..i lost my job. Since then, for the last 3 yrs I could not get any recognized job.

Because I was a believer, I thought/committed that I should not take bribe and be sincere to my God almighty. But, why should all this happen to me?

i got a wife and daughter, I need to look after their requirements. How can I meet this situation?

Still, God has arranged people to support me. I m getting job indirectly, to sustain my life.

But, I am really, really could not understand, why for a person like me who wanted and committed and practiced good things should suffer like this?. . . . with out recognition?

Where will this end?

Some time I feel, am I a fool to be like this? Slow minded person to understand the nukes of this worldly life?

Am I not smart to make money using the opportunities?

When God will really come and hold my hands?

When he will use me for his glory?

When I will feel that I am somebody and serve God’s purpose of me being in this world?

When will all my suffering will lost?

Should I regret for not being in line with the SMART people?

Or should I feel happy though I was dropped from the mainstream, God still feeds me?

I don’t want to fight with men.

So confusing.

Pray for me.
With love


I will keep you in my prayers my friend. I know that it seems like you’ve hit many hard blocks in your way but it’s your opportunity to turn those blocks into building blocks for your new life. What have you learned from all of this? and How can you use it to help others? Are two questions I would use as a starting point to growing from this and getting your new life started.

Dear Bro. David Boufford,

Greetings to you. Thanks for your lovely response. Yes, I understand that I should take those blocks for building blocks.

I understand God is taking me through certain path to His glory, and he takes care of my needs. I decided not to worry about tomorrow, but to abide in Him. God has been so mercyful to me throughout my life. I realize that God had been answering all my prayers even for things I have missed to ask. Such is His grace! I decided not to complain anymore. But, speak to him directly and inform my needs with faith to receive.

I share my love to you and every one in this blog.

Ezhil Pari

When I read your question, I thought about How are my prayers answered? I love it when God prepares me to pray for and seek what He wants for me. I really have to “talk to myself” sometimes when I really “want Good things” and God doesn’t provide them. He is The Only True Friend who will stand by me when everyone is busy, busy. I have to remember to Thank Him several times every day for His Gracious Love.

It is so encouraging and uplifting to read the prayer stories of others on this web page. Prayer is also a part of my life and an anchor with the Presence. I used to say long prayers, but found that as long as it was from the heart, that is all that really mattered. One of my favorite prayer affirmations is “God will see me through this.” I printed it in large letters and placed it on my dresser as a constant reminder of Who is in charge of my life.

Got Prayer?

My experience is that most people have prayer backward. They think of what they “want”, that is what they think they lack, and pray for what they lack. And the prayer is answered with more lack.

For example, they think they have health issues. They focus on the “issues” part instead of focus and feeling grateful for being alive!

“Lord, what a wonderful surprise! I woke up alive this morning! Wow! Thank you!!!”

For me, prayer is my expression, thought, focus on what I have, what I am grateful for.

An Attitude of Gratitude, or an Attitude of Lack. Whatever I pray ABOUT , focus ON, attach emotion TO I get.

I just like getting more of what I am grateful for than getting more of what I think I lack.

Of course, I know lots of people like experiencing lack and disappointment, and it certainly is not my job to take that away from them.

But because I am GRATEFUL, God spoils me, and I am GRATEFUL that She does.

Some of my prayers are answered… family is safe and heathly……this is my most ardent prayer.

Some of my prayers are not…..there are still alot of people that cannot seem to accept that God made us all in his eyes. There is still so much hate out there.

I don’t know if another of my prayers is answered everyday but I try and believe it is. That prayer is for God to protect a child from harm and abuse.

Prayer is incorperated into every day of my life. God tells us to pray continually. All my prayers are answered. Sometimes God saids yes sometimes no sometimes waite. The first pray
god will answer is “God be mercyfull to me a sinner. Come into my heart Lord Jesus and save me from my sin”. Untill we put our faith in Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sin and believe on Him. God does not hear or answer any prayer from an unbeliever. Jesus said ” I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the father but be me”

I want to share this with you, because it’s powerful, and a reminder that the Lord is with us always, and at all times. 5 years ago my Mother passed away, and it was a very sad, and stressful time for the whole family. She passed on a Friday, then on Saturday, my 2 brothers, and I made arrangements for her funeral. The next day was Mother’s Day, and also the Birthday of my Grandson. I went to his Birthday party, and had a wonderful time with my Daughters, and Grandson. He had just turned 11, and we had just finished a game of Horse, with the Basketball. I was sitting with my daughters, and we were talking about the death of my Mother, their Grandmother, when I had a cardiac arrest. I went down, and none of my family knew CPR. They made a call to 911, and they were being instructed on how to apply CPR, when a volunteer fireman appeared. He had heard over his scanner about the situation, and came to help my family. The ambulance didn’t arrive for 15 minutes, and by the time they revived me, I was already in a coma, and my major organs were shutting down. The Doctor had informed my family that the chances of my survival were very slim, and if I did, I might not be able to have a normal life, because of the lack of blood flow to my heart, and brain. I was in a coma for 3 days, and my poor family not only had to deal with the loss of my Mother, but also with the likelihood of losing me also. I had studied my Bible for over 20 years, and while I was in the coma, I petitioned to the Lord to allow me to go back, because I had unfinished business, and works to do. When the Lord spoke to me, the sound of his voice was amazing, and still to this day, it’s hard for me to describe, but it totally engulfed me with a fullness of Love that I’ve never experienced before! The Words that he spoke to me were, “Tim, if you want to go back, you know what you need to do” Immediately, I started quoting Faith scriptures….. Greater is he that’s in me, than he that is in the World…..Through his stripes I’m healed. A miracle happened. I came out of the coma, and all of my major organs started working again! Praise God! It was truly a miracle, and a testament that the Lord will answer your prayers. It was 3 grueling days for my family, and it just seemed like seconds to me. If I can share one thing that I’ve found important in prayer, it would be to Praise and Glorify the Lord, thank him for the Blessings that you already have, and for the request of your prayers, as if you’ve already received them. Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. May God Bless You!

The prayer that sustains me & all people I come in contact with….

The light of God surrounds me,
The love of God enfolds me,
The power of God protects me,
The presence of God watches over me,
Wherever I am, God is…..

In 1983, my father had Kidney Bypass surgery (much like heart bypass, only involving the kidney(s)). Post surgery, he still required dialysis and found he really didn’t tolerate it very well, as it made him sick/nauseous, caused him to be confused and it was twice/week. After a month or so, he requested it to stop…

We had a family meeting with him and discussed the outcome as described by his doctor… certain death after a week or less as fluids would accumulate in his body and he would literally drown in his own fluids.

After the discussion with him about it, he still insisted his desire to discontinue it, full well knowing the certain outcome. He stressed that his quality of life would not exist and he didn’t want to simply exist and survive versus true living.

As painful as my (and my families) dilemma was, I supported my father’s wishes and lobbied for him on his behalf, eventually convincing my 4 brothers and sisters to honor his wish.

Well, the dialysis was discontinued… 3 days, then 4, then a week went by and to our amazement and disbelief, his kidneys began to function on their own and he slowly began returning to his normal ‘self’ and life…

As a result, he lived a pretty good life for another 6 years until he passed on from other medical reasons.

Bottom line, I am absolutely convinced that the entire ‘experience’ my father and family went through was a learning experience and the direct result of prayer, bordering on a miracle.

I still deeply miss my father, even now, after his passing 21 years ago. That tremendous, life changing experience I had undergone is as vivid in my mind today as it was in 1983.

God is REAL, is POWERFUL and works through each one of us as we travel our journey through this life and into the next.

Got Some Good?

seven years ago in my early 20’s I was diagnosed with a neuro degenerative condition. which has created many challenges. when I lost the ability to walk, I asked God Why? He replied ” I will help you to cope. When I was no longer able to breathe on my own for more then a few hrs and needed a ventilator, again God said to me … Dont worryI will help you to cope. The years have gone by, the challenges have continued to grow, but God has always been there to answer my prayers,to give me the strength to cope ,the courage to face each obstacle, the peacefulness each day brings- I no longer stress about the little things. I am blessed with supportive family and friends. I am thankful I have funding for carers so that I can continue to live in the community and not full time care. So YES GOD always answers my prayers.

Remember to always believe,

Never give up; when things look bleak.

Today may be hard, but don’t be afraid,

Tomorrow is always a brand new day.

An Instrument of Peace

Make me an instrument of thy peace
Where there is hatred, let me sow love
Where there is doubt, faith
Where there is despair, hope
Where there is darkness, light
Where there is sadness, joy.
Grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console
To be understood as to understand
To be loved as to love
For it is in giving that we receive
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned
It is in dying that we are born to eternal life. 
– The Prayer of Saint Francis
Saint Francis of Assisi

This beautiful prayer has always inspired me since the first time I heard it as a song. It gives me powerful insight, makes me reflect upon my ways, and reminds me that LOVE is the ONLY WAY. Sincere heartfelt prayers DOES WORK MIRACLES!!! God is ALWAYS listening, silently. May Our Loving God bless you, always.

I find at times we ask and I usually get one of a few answers.Yes The Great Spirit answers me at times I am shown a different way to accomplish my desired task.Needs seem to be met wants can be but I believe require more time spent with our master.So when I am out of wack I spend time with The Great One and I get better and the answer comes . Now if I accept it is all mine….

In the last couple months of 2009 I found and watch 2 lumps in my right breast. I thought they were just calcium deposits like the deposits that were removed in the past -no cancer! But this time the feeling I had just wouldn’t go away.

I was due for mamogram in Jan. but it was the last of March 2010 before they got me in. I told the woman doing the mamogram where the spots were – she marked them and extra xrays were made then I was sent for ultrasound. The spots were just where I said they were – I had breast cancer! I wish I could say that I didn’t cry “why me God?” but I did! I had never missed selfcheck or mamogram since I was in my late teens (cancer ran in family).
On April 4th I turned 60 years old and my lumpectomy was done the 18th. Also 4 lymph nodes were removed. No cancer in lymph nodes and the doctor had removed an extra layer around the cancer – there was no cancer in the extra layer!
I told the surgeon that I had put everyone that would be in that operating room in God’s hands. That He would guide their hands and bless their work. The surgeon said God is the great physican and with his help I will do the rest. The guy who put me to sleep and the surgeon’s nurse had said they were praying for me. My church family and my husband were surprised that I told them I felt such a peace going through those swinging doors!

I am now over halfway through my chemo – I hve good days and days that the nausea is horrible! But the doctor says I am doing really well.

I don’t remember where the thoughts came from but I begin to ask God how can this experience help me to grow closer to You and be a blessing to him?

I know when I go through the cancer center doors He’s with me – and every chemo day I have talked to someone that he has put next to me. I pray for them and tell them if they don’t know it God is just a breath away – just a simple prayer – God I put this in your hands, I ask for your peace, mercy and strength during this time in my life. I thank you that you are in control of my life now and always.

I’m not sure when my chemo will be finished but the doctor says I will have 5-7 weeks of radiation too.

I know God knows more than the doctor does. He will be there for me.

I know there has been several times during this experience that I have looked back at times and seen one set of foot prints. Those where the times I know He was carrying me!

I’m learning more each day to lean on Him & not on my feelings. Remember whose child I am.

Til then the song “one day at a time sweet Jesus….”

I have been a Born Again Christian for the past 42 years, forty of them being in the Ministry, and I find that prayer is something that a Christian reallly can’t live without. Our country is in the condition we find it in today for a lack of sincere prayer, and only sincere prayer can bring it back to where it should be. (II Chronicles 7:14)

What a wonderful thing to be able to read so
many wonderful things about prayer. In the
turmoil of the world and the rising anti-Christian
sentiment, we know that no matter what happens in the world, God is with us. Praise the Lord!!
God answers so many of my prayers and is with me always. One day when I was reading my Bible, the thought came to me–God is faithful in all seasons of life. God Bless You All

I believe that God always has an answer
to our prayers…….. however, His timing and
His way is perfect, good and always best
for me.
Sometimes I feel like I have been waiting
so long for an answer, particularly when praying for my kids. However, I have learned
to let go and trust God that his timing is always best.
Prayer always brings me peace and
I am blessed to have God as my friend and
am so thankful for His love.

Prayers are really wonderful. We get connected with God and God with us. My sister and I had a hard time meeting the one who was supposed to sign a contract on the rent of the house. There were always reasons for not being able to meet. Then one night, I accidentally met him and I told him about the contract and agreement we made. At first he tried to evade the issue but after a short while, he agreed to sign the contract and abide by the agreement we made. My sister and I were very much relieved by this. God has His ways of answering prayers. We thanked Him for this great favor He gave us.

God answers all prayers. What ever your need maybe ,tell God ,trust in him and He will surely give you your hearts desire.
I was out of work for about 1 year.Life was challenging with a family to take care of.I kept praying to God on my specific need and even salary that I wanted. Believe me I got a good job with the desired Salary and,in the location I wanted.
God in the holy book tells us that which Father would give his son a stone if he asked for bread?
If we human beings cant behave that way ,how about HIM?

He surely answers all prayers.

All glory goes to GOD.

I pray every day. I try to remember to thank God for His Blessings known and unknown. I think about the blessings bestowed on me that are unknown and this keeps me postive and happy. Praise God all through the day and night. Half way through the prayer, Jeremy in a clear and calm voice recited the second half with us. Amazing! And then he slipped away from us again. And for about six more hours, he would regain conscious and then slip away — but he did recover


God answers all prayers! Many of us do not realize it or know where to look to find his answer.
A good example happened recently with my youngest brother. He had to take a former family member to court in order to collect on a debt that was over 7 years old. My brother appeared to have all the docummentation he needed to have the Judges decision go his way. I prayed that God would give the Judge the knowledge, wisdom, and insights needed to make the right decision for both parties. Upon hearing both sides, the Judge stated that my brother won the case and the former family member only had to pay a small portion of what was owed. So in essence, both parties won! Although it did not have the outcome both parties wanted, they were able to walk away somewhat satisfied and have closure on the situation. I knew right away that my prayers for the situation had been answered and had a good comfort level knowing that we have a wise, loving, and all knowing God that is just in everything. To see and understand how God answers prayers, all we need to do is look for them and be patient.


I believe no matter what my circumstance at any given moment.I am there in that situation because it is God’s will. Maybe I am supposed to learn something, give something, take something or just experience the event. God’s answers all of my prayers but sometimes he says NO, and sometimes he says NOT NOW. I trust that I will have whatever I need in God’s eyes and I trust he makes far better decisions than I.

I have recently joined a womans group that is studing Beth Moore, Loving Well. I realize that even though I do not feel love at home, or with my grown children, I do have the greates Love ever known. the love of Christ. WOW now to explore this love more fully through the Bible and my chruch family.

We are LOVED, an unconditional LOVE. Hold on to this true fact.

I believe we have been created as beings who are supposed to pray. Just the action of prayer, often has a positive affect on us. When we pray and work out what we are asking for and we really believe someone or something is listening, we find miracles.

When we join with others (“Whenever two or more gather in My Name…”), it is even more miraculous. I really believe God has made us with abilities where, when we pray, we sometimes find our own solutions.

And then there is how we pray, as many have said, “If it is Your will.” I used to fly every week for years. When we took off or landed, I would pray that if anything happened to me, Your will, not mine, please look after my family. This was kind of a trust that was so uplifting. I did not need to pray for myself. It was understood that I accepted his will and it was uplifting to feel that way.

I know it’s easier said than done for many people but I believe at the core of prayer is just offering ourselves up with a trust that God will take care of us and of course, thanking him for all we have and all we will have. We cannot forget Gratitude.

Jesus sat his disciples down and taught them a parable to show them that man should always pray and never give up.
Luke 18

I have to move by Sept.30/2010. I didnot have a place to go to.My girlfriend gave me a key chain and on it it had expect a miricle.I have been standing on this for over a month now.My daughter was looking on line for a house for rent .there was one & she phoned about it .the man said that he was going to put it in the paper to day .but he didn’ we went to look at the house .The lanlord looked at the application & he asked who is Verna.I said I was He said you worked for PAOC.& I said yes.He said well isent that somthing I am a Missionary from PAOC.Then I said PRAISE THE LORD He has answered my prayerGOD IS SO GOOD The next day he called and said that the house was ours for Rent.He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.THANK YOU LORD.

I try to pray everyday and i also encourage my kids to pray. We have to be thankful every single day of our lives for God. For even when we slip along the way (i do at times) he never leaves our sides. Just recently i was having serious trouble with my vehicle, i kept saying my prayers never giving up, would you believe that someone came home and assisted me for free. That was amazing as i asked my father above for the mechanic to be reasonable, as my finances are not to great at this time. We must all remember that he is the begining and the end of all of us. Without him i think we are empty shells.

There are so many times i called on God and he answered me but at times if things don’t go the way i want i know it is his will and way not mine.

Give thanks my brothers and sisters

Yes my prayer are always being answered, although they may be different than I asked for or came thru in ways that I never dreamed of. I have seen times of food left on my doorstep when there was none in the house. My child healed when they told me her heart they didnt believe was formed right, then when they found out it had holes in it and told me she would need surgery, after prayer and anointing of oil, no surgery was needed. Also as a manic-depressive, (which truely is a medical problem) I have peace and have not been in the hospital for going on 14 years. I have been able to finish my schooling for medical billing and even work as a temp. at the VA in Ann Arbor, Mi for the Chief of Staff. I have seen my Lord comfort my whole family and my mother as she suffered from brain cancer and then went to be with the Lord. I also have a daughter who’s father was murdered and seen the hand of the Lord comfort us and help me raise her and her sisters. God is awsome. and there are times that what I want is not needed and he knows best. But the blessings of prayer is one thing I know is real. Praise Jesus I have a comforter, healer, provider. What more do I need.

I just last week lost my baby sister to a abusive husband who murdered her. Then found out in the news paper he stabbed her 20 times, called the police and gave himself up. Then, again in the paper he killed her on their 10th wedding anniversary. After all this I can say ” I don;t hate him and I have been praying for him and his family”. The God I serve is ABLE !!!!

I retired in 1986 and since, have found myself
being a caregiver a good bit of my life and have
been amazed at how God has answered my
prayers to keep going and doing. God defnitely
has a purpose for our life and if we love, trust,
and obey Him, He will see us through our hard-
ships. He is a great GOD.

Hello Mr.David,
Here is what we read at the beginning of each prayer…
In The Name of Allah

All praise belongs to Allah, the lord of the universe
The most merciful, the most kind
Master of the day of judgment
You alone we worship, to you alone we pray for help
Guide us along the right path
The path of those whom you favoured
Not of those who deserve your anger or went astray

Al-fateha chapter – The Holly Qura’an

You never know when your prayers will have answer. Some year ago, may be 9 years ago, I was in USA, Texas, in jail, by Marshall case, with a charge in conspiracy for introduce drug, only God know it was a trap of the devil, also I was no guilty, because I never hurt no one State no one person, but the only way to me to find the Lord.

So Being in jail, when some day, a doctor call me to say: Sayira you have cancerous cells an we are working to help you. I was so sad in those days almost no talking but I was still praying on knee, doing fasting, crying out and waiting. Seven months later after some tests the doctor call me again to say “It is very important what I need to tell you got a miracle you are cured and you haven’t cancerous cells. Today I got another son and for the glory and honor of the Lord I am in service of the church, in my country Panamá Republic.

It is very much inspiring to read all the responses. I could feel God walks through the pages as I keep on reading all the responses. Glory be to God.

Ezhil Pari

No one struggles with their faith as much or more than I do. I grew up with no certainty or stability in life. I have gone through two wives and three kids. In 2003 I had my third brush with death when I got run over on my motorbike. Then my wife divorced me and I find myself alone. The last three years I have spent wandering the country trying to find a job and home that will sustain me. Through it all for some reason God seems to keep me going. And not just surviving but thriving. Even though I can’t keep a job I have money. Even though I haven’t had a stable relationship since my divorce I have love and sex. Even though I don’t have a home of my own I continue to live in comfort. Life is a puzzle that I just keep praying about. I find my star each evening, take my hat off and bow my head. Life without end, Amen.

I could not stop drinking. It had gone on for twenty years after one very classy looking drink caught my eye in a restaurant. I was about 35 years old. The goblet on the other table glistened with a rim of salt with a slive of lime wedged onto it. (I love limes!). So I ordered “the same as they’re having. The years which followed included the emotional abandonment of my family, twice losing my drivers license, my wife’s divorce from me, two times in jail, a stranulated hernia and, finally, a re-hab in Auburn, Maine. Before all of this I had been a missionary in El Salvador and a Pastor or several small evangelical churches here in Maine. On the final night of my re-hab experience, when all of my room-mates were asleep I stood in the dark, looking up, and excused dismissed God from my life “forever” and told Him that I was simply not the right material, that I had stopped believing in His existence, and that “if He did exist, then I was going to sleep, and lets see if you really are who they say you are by granting me the luxury of never waking into conciousness again.” The next morning, upon awakening (of course you know that by now), the world and the universe and everything in it seemed to have completely transformed itself into a friendly and beckoning place. Even though I had dismissed God from my life, He had never stopped loving me, and by His mercy and grace, and allowing everything that happened to me happen, I suddenly knew that I was worth it all to Him. Today, most of my family adores me (it’s been over five years now). I’m writing this from a desk at the University of Maine where I’m enrolled (at 59) in classes in order to obtain cerification and licensing in alcohol and substance counseling, and these are the happiest days of my life. And “I never saw Him coming” one contemporary Christian singer tells. I like what Dante said: “In the middle of the journey of my life, I found myself in a dark wood, for I had lost the right path. Eventually, I would find the right path again, but in a most unlikely place”. All (my emphasis, ALL) of life is a “coming-home”. It takes what it takes. Robin Williams in “Patch Adams” said that. I never knew that life could be so good, even for anybody! I have discovered what is real: honesty, integrity, benevolence, kindness, charity and a self-esteem that is bewildering. I am so happy that this opportunity was granted to me by “Mr.Positive” so that I could share my joys. Anyone, anywhere who reads this may use any of it at all, or all of it, with anyone. I don’t think I saw anything about “not sharing my info with anyone”, but it doesn’t matter to me. Anything about me that matters to anyone “out there” is welcome to it! Blessings, Kenny LaRose,P.O.Box 219 Unity, Maine 04988.

I read most of your stories and I believe that you believe in god.
and that is the best thing. because of my past exprienced, I have always believed in god and always trusted him and tried my best to please him by praying and doing good things in my life like helping others, respect my parents, restrain myself from bad things, and so on.
What I want to say is believing in god and trusting him are the most important thing because when you trust and believe you will feel his blessing in your life and that what I felt when I belived and trusted him.

pray, believe , and trust him even if your prayers was not answered, you should always believe , love , and trust the God.

A friend a while back asked me to pray for her Grand Son Josh who was suffering from seizures. For a long time he could not get a job because of not knowing when a seizure would happen. He really was living a tough life. His grandmother asked if I would pray for him. I started asking God to remove the seizures from him and he has been with out having seizures now for a couple months. He has a job and is learning to live as the rest of us do. Praise the Lord. YES God does answer prayer.

My prayers are definitely answered. Why am I so confident. Simply because I am alive, healthy and able to communicate without any problem. Many people are less fortunate than me but there are still grateful. He has given me all that I need and not all that I want. He has blessed me with tranquility of the mind, patient and understanding wife and three wonderful pretty girls. Oh YES, my prayers are answered.

About 18 months ago, my mothers physical health started to deteriorate so bad, that it caused her to go into delirium and had to be hospitalized for that.

She stayed in the hospital for about 6 weeks, not knowing no one in the family nor did she know she was hardly in the world.

Unfortunately, the family had to place her in a nursing facility. This was, (or at least it appeared to be the long haul to her dying) an true eye opener to me.

She didn’t hardly make any sense to anyone for several months. During those painful months, she got sicker until she went septic. I truly though (along with the healthcare providers) that she was going to die.

It took lots of strong antibiotics, IV fluids and lots of prayers to make her well. However, this was just the beginning!

The physical, speech and occupational therapy departments went to working with her to get her back on track. It took them several months however….she is 100% better now than she was.

She will never be the same again and I have accepted that. However, at least now, she can walk, feed herself, go to the bathroom and she recognizes me and other people and things.

I am just thankful that God answered all those people who were saying prayers for her!

A Lesson In Trust

This morning as I stare out the window while washing dishes I asked myself: “Lord, why can’t I put you and your promises to the test? Is it because my faith is weak and I’m afraid you will fail me?” John 15:7-8 said,” If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.”

Over a week ago my son accidentally left his rent-to-own clarinet and as it is classified as unexplained disappearance/abandonment, we needed to pay $1,204.83 in cash, or $1,630 in installment. It’s almost as much as a whole year’s cost of internet, cable tv, and home phone combined. Knowing it is in God’s power to find it, I prayed and asked for prayers, relaxed, and waited.

In my blog post “When God Seems Distant:“Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani?” I wrote, “I refuse to challenge God’s power by asking him the return of the clarinet as a sign of his love and the truth of his promises.” Nine days has passed and still no sign of the clarinet despite the $200 cash reward and the massive effort of finding it. Didn’t God hear my prayers? Last night I decided to get Joshua a new clarinet.

I felt guilty for even considering putting God’s word to the test and yet I thirst for answers. So I searched my soul and my soul responded, “Lord, it’s because I trust in you completely. I see the world through limited vision but you know everything so I leave it all to you. I do not expect you to answer all my prayers but I expect you to do what is best for me.”

Less than an hour later Joshua called to tell me someone returned his clarinet. Another answered prayer. (And I did not even need to muscle God into fulfilling my wishes!) God is so good. He is faithful to those who put their trust in him completely.

copied from a post I wrote in September 2010

A Lesson In Trust

This morning as I stare out the window while washing dishes I asked myself: “Lord, why can’t I put you and your promises to the test? Is it because my faith is weak and I’m afraid you will fail me?” John 15:7-8 said,” If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you.”

Over a week ago my son accidentally left his rent-to-own clarinet and as it is classified as unexplained disappearance/abandonment, we needed to pay $1,204.83 in cash, or $1,630 in installment. It’s almost as much as a whole year’s cost of internet, cable tv, and home phone combined. Knowing it is in God’s power to find it, I prayed and asked for prayers, relaxed, and waited.

In my blog post “When God Seems Distant:“Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachthani?” I wrote, “I refuse to challenge God’s power by asking him the return of the clarinet as a sign of his love and the truth of his promises.” Nine days has passed and still no sign of the clarinet despite the $200 cash reward and the massive effort of finding it. Didn’t God hear my prayers? Last night I decided to get Joshua a new clarinet.

I felt guilty for even considering putting God’s word to the test and yet I thirst for answers. So I searched my soul and my soul responded, “Lord, it’s because I trust in you completely. I see the world through limited vision but you know everything so I leave it all to you. I do not expect you to answer all my prayers but I expect you to do what is best for me.”

Less than an hour later Joshua called to tell me someone returned his clarinet. Another answered prayer. (And I did not even need to muscle God into fulfilling my wishes!) God is so good. He is faithful to those who put their trust in him completely.

I had really low self-esteem for the loooooongest time, and one day, a friend of mine gave me the idea to pray about it and ask God to allow me to see and love myself as he and my friends/family did. I kept this prayer in my heart and offered it twice a day for a couple months. Now I can say I have a wonderful self-esteem and I love who I am! Thanks God! xoxox

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