What do you think about Pastor Terry Jones?

Terry Jones is the Florida Pastor that’s in the news, he wants to stage an anti-Islam protest on the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. My question is he doing this because he wants the PR or that this is how he honestly thinks and feels? Can this stunt change people’s views on Islam? I think it’s absurd and am glad to see the world community condem his plans. What do you think? How can we bridge this gap between faiths? How will you remember Septemeber 11th this year? – Please use the comment button to share your thoughts…

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Being a former Long Islander with friends who died in the attacks, its a very personal experience. That being said, I think his actions only act to build walls, and would seem to accomplish nothing positive.

the guy is insane. If he goes through with it he should be sent out of America.We wouldn’t allow our flag to be burned. Other religions wouldn’t stand for their Holy books or relics to be treated in this way. Deport hgim or send him to a life sentence in prison

I believe he is headed in the wrong direction. By burning their Koran,
he will only incure the wrath of the Muslim community. Pray for his

I agree that he is heading in the wrong direction & that this could bring about a response that could be undesirable at least & dangerous at worst. Pray that he truly brings this before the Lord & that his mind would be changed.

Though we have freedom of speech, I feel we also have freedom of choice and a pastor would have been educated in wise choices. He apparently has failed in the choice of burning the Koran or any other book of religion in order to make a statement that will bring on negative results for the ones he represents. This practise should have went out with the dark ages and any matter of intelligence should already know that.

buring the Koran does not do anything but pour gasoline on a fire already burning, a memorial with prayers and gratitude shows more stregnth. an eye for an eye makes everyone blind

You cannot be a Christian because you too are a hater. Burning books, especially religious books, is NEVER warranted. Mr Jones is a Christian either. Shame on both of you.

REALLY???? neo nazi perhaps??? Book burnings were one of the Nazi’s favorite pass times. Nothing like a mob of STUPID PEOPLE To move the world along in a peaceful direction.

This person, could cause a major dissaster.
I have a Grandson in law in Iraq, this act
could just get more of our Servicemen and women
killed. No christian would want our people harmed.

Please, Pastor Jones, repent. What you are doing is not going to help anyone. Christians are supposed to help. Please do not repeat the mistakes of the past when people took the name of Christ in vain and used it for violence. By gentle persuasion, and love unfeigned work God’s miracles in the world.

I never thought it wise to kick a sleeping dog. why bring this upon a Christian nation? we are to be like Him. Jesus said what manner of men ought ye to be, and He answered Himself, even as I am. a minister has a greater obligation to set an example of Christ like love, not hate.

It may be a surprise to some, but the United States was not founded as a Christian nation. The founding fathers were Deists. There’s a difference. Granted, Christianity is the dominant religion in the U.S. now, but it is incorrect to maintain that we are a Christian nation or that the founding fathers had the intent we should be.

Thank You! Folks might ‘get it’ if they would just read the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence: We see “Laws of Nature”, “Nature’s God”, “Creator”. Nowhere does it specify a particular religion: in point of fact, as a correction to the Articles of Confederation, the Bill of Rights *Does* specify that Congress *Shall Not* establish a religion. It is sad that those who attend to the pulpit have corrupted to their own ends so simple a message: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

You are greatly mistaken. Only one of the founding fathers was referred to as a diast but if you research it, they were ALL Christians. God bless us all.

Bree left out the important part from the Bill of Rights, Ammendment I:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

I don’t think Pastor Terry Jones is honoring any memory by burning the Koran. Not every Islam is a terrorist. There are good and bad people everywhere. For him to burn their ” bible” is wrong. You are condeming them all. Shame on him. Let stick to honoring the memory of those lost with honor and respect to everyone. Take the higher ground. Isn’t that what it is all about Pastor Terry Jones??? Let all pray for peace and honor thier memory

I believe the pastor is very misguided. I question his position as a pastor if he believes this is a Christian thing to do. I do not see anything “positve” in what he is proposing.

I wouldn’t burn the Christian Bible because of the Crusades. What gives him the right to judge other people and their religions. I think we all believe in the same God, but call Him by different names. If you don’t believe in a god that’s all right too. I’m not qualified to judge.

Terry Jones wrong….human attitudes like intolerance and self-righteousness must be exercised with caution….I am 91 years old, living in Bradenton FL…appreciate your commentaries……John Schaut

One word David: Estrogen ! ! ! Step away from the Estrogen and grow a pair. You’re not old enough to remember but for the last forty years Liberalism, set-assides, entitlements, give-aways and political correctness has so severely corroded this country that we’ve elected a President that has absolutely no experience in running or managing ANYTHING who is the shining example of anything goes in this country including his muslim adherence and acceptance. This Pastor is a microcosm of the rage that has been brewing in REAL Americans hearts for a very long time and his participation in burning the book of islam is the RIGHT thing to do. If you know ANYTHING about that so-called religion, it calls for the anhialation and destruction of infidels. That’s you David. You are the enemy of islam and you should use your forum to address this issue. Ah, but perhaps it’s a bit to sensitive or controversial and you might lose a few thousand sympathizing subscribers and how politically correct would that be now? Hummmmmm ! ! !

Michael, thanks for sharing your comments, I bet you didn’t think I had enough of a “pair” to post your letter! If this truly is what the “REAL” Americans are feeling then I ask Where are they? Why are they such a minority on this subject? Why are they so silent? Where’s your blog expressing your views? Your support for this ignorant action which just fans the fires of hate and intolerence is sad.

For Michael and the like minded

“This Pastor is a microcosm of the rage that has been brewing in REAL Americans hearts.” You poor guy. It takes a pair to understand what you just don’t get and never will. Americas men and women that are fighting abroad don’t agree with you at all, as i am one of them. At the same time it makes me sick that i am here so you can have your say as well. Reload your mind before you shoot your mouth off brother. It’s time for you people to grow up and quit being such easy targets for paranoia, radicalism as well as political agendas that are driving a wedge in our wonderful country that put us in this position in the first place.

My, my, you’re such an authority on this aren’t you, Michael.

Islam, like Christianity, has many expressions. If you read the Old Testament, you’ll see how violent the Hebrews were and how violent their view of God was. Most Jewish people no longer carry such a violent, vindictive view of their God. Throughout history every religion has had its violent factions–including Christianity. Do you want your religion to be characterized by those “Christians” who blow up abortion clinics? I don’t think that’s where Jesus was coming from.

These terrorists call themselves Muslims, but they only represent a fraction of the Muslim world today. Of course, because of their behavior, they get all the publicity.

Since 9/11 my Christian church has developed a loving relationship with the local Mosque that is characterized by shared meals, exchanges of information, a search for our common ground, and most assuredly an attitude of respect for one another.

My comment is for Micheal who thinks burning the koran is the right thing to do. What will that accomplish besides more hatred. This pastor does NOT speak for all of us Americans. Micheal I an an American muslim and i am a proud muslim. The way to avoid extreme in all religions is to really understand that we are ALL one people ,under one GOD.

Your obviously also a bit misguided… you have no idea what burns in may heart, but it certainly isn’t a desire to burn books ANY BOOK Information is power and may need to expand your information base a bit…

I have no idea what his thoughts are behind what he says he will do, but I don’t think it will change the minds of the terrorists about killing us. They will hate us no matter what. It is just sad that everything is in the mess that it is. My heart goes out to all victims and families who have lost loved ones because of the terrorists. My love and appreciation to our military and their families.

Two wrongs do not make it right! What about turn the other cheek? What would Christ do? Certainly NOT deface someone’s property….we learn and teach by example.

I believe GOD will handle the Pastor when his time is up. My opinion of him is that he is controlling and judging others. May he see his faults and pray for forgiveness. We must learn to LOVE one another if we believe in the act of PEACE.

The man is utterly insane and cannot be considered by anyone as a man of God.

He is a criminal who should be locked up for life, or after trial be executed

may he roast in hell eternally

I am a Roman Catholic who respects all religionds, not a bigotted swine like the socalled pastor

You might be catholic, but are YOU christian, following CHRIST, you turn the other cheek, often hard to do, you seem hateful also with your remarks. Prayer and Love can conquer Hate.

I heard it said best this morning on television, (paraphrasing)- This dis-honors everything that Christian people, (Jesus, Himself!) believe. What is wrong with this guy? And, don’t we have a guarantee to free religion?(one of the ideas that hold Americans together as a collective society) And, though I’m Christian and don’t observe the customs of Judaism, I do respect the differences. The same goes for Muslim costoms, Budhist customs, Hindu Customs and as a Protestant- Catholic customs. I am even fascinated and intriqued by them. I tolerate and even embrace our differences. I believe there is much we can learn from all of these traditions and to destroy the written testement that others find holy seems to me to be not only poor judgement, but also in-human! He needs to write down the obsenity he is spouting so that I can burn it. On second thought, I will just hope that I can be better than that.

This act is in no way one that comes close to my understanding od the messages of Jesus of Nazareth. It will accomplish NOTHIng which could be possibly considered positive; it could bring about great harm for many, many people.
As for the Pastor’s motives, since I do not read minds I really can’t say what they ae. the act is misguided and VERY wrong, even un-Christ like. But his motives, I can’t say.

This man doesn’t have the intellectual or spiritual depth to be a practicing Pastor. His actions are destructive and counter productive and no where in any ones books can they be called Christian. He is setting himself and his church/followers for a potential backlash that would serve no one. His actions are much the same as the Crusaders of old and the Nazi’s. He needs to be publicly called out and ridiculed.


Mary, I can’t quite understand you definition of bravery, what courage is there in burning a book???? Of course the ‘brave’ Nazi’s burned a lot of them. You should read more books Mary and maybe broaden your perspective if your expand your reading selections.

He is flat out wrong!! Commemorating the deaths of so many innocents by burning ANY Holy Book makes you no better than them. People of all faiths died on 9/11 including Muslims. There are many things (doctrine) about my own faith (and others) that disturb me but I will not sink to that level EVER!! What’s more the possibility that his actions could possibly hurt soldiers is downright irresponsible, I wonder what would he tell the parents, siblings or spouses of a soldier who is killed subsequently as a possible result of his actions as if we need more misery. I believe that many of us on this planet are going to be very surprised on Judgement Day. The things we do in His Name since the beginning of time are truly appalling.

unfortunately too many of them preach hatred toward homosexuals,liberals,people who don;t believe the way they do, abortionists, etc,etc. In fact sometimes there seems to be more hate than love preached. Then the sad things is that it is cloaked in the statement that “we hate the sin, not the sinner”. well is seems the ‘sinner’ isn’t welcomed in their circle to show them an example of how loving people deal with things they don’t agree with

I pondered this proposal for a while. I can see where the idea comes from–in ancient times the kings of Israel tore down the altars and cut down the groves where people worshiped false gods. I saw this type of grove first hand in Papua New Guinea. The Christians there did not cut the trees down to eliminate the false worship. This would only have caused resentment and hardening of hearts. The groves and other symbols came down as the local people themselves had a change of heart. It was evidence of their salvation. In the same way, the disrespectful burning of the Quoran is not likely to change any muslim’s heart. The elimination of this “holy book” will come with committment to Jesus Christ one soul at a time.

I am ashamed that he calls himself a christian. Love is what Jesus preached. I don’t see any love in burning a holy book of any religion. There are crazies in every walk of life. the men who attacked the world trade center where just a few of them, not all muslims are terrorists. Not all Christians are Timothy McVeighs. Let us love one another and respect each other. We can take on the terrorists one at a time no matter what faith ( or no faith) they are from.
What better example is there than to turn the other cheek and show love. Live by example.

That preacher is ignorant all he is doing fire up the people of Islam they will not take this seriously and get back to us besides that we have young men and woman overseas they may will be punished for what that preacher is doing. leave it alone.

We should bid the Muslims to rise to our level, especially in our country, but it si hard to stay focused when our government makes so many concessions to them i.e exemption from penalties under te new health-care bill and why can the president entertain 150 muslims at the White House for Ramadan and not proclaim the World Day of Prayer for Christians and Jews? I thing the disparity in treatment adds fuel to the fire.

Pastor Terry Jones, brings another Jones to mind: Jim Jones. How quickly do people forget..
As a proud Atheist, what about my burning all the Bibbles and so-called Holy books I find offensive towards women and children and their most ridiculous rules and regulations..?
Jesus who was a Jew, just was opposed to these ridiculous rules like in the parable of The Cow fallen in the well on a Sabbath day where working was punishable with death…Hellooooooooooooo

The acts of 9/11 were committed by a few radical Muslins and did not reflect the true beliefs of the religion, Just as Terry Jones is a radical and does not represent the true belief of Christianity. No possible good can come from this.

Why bother writing anything because you said it was duplicative and I have nver been on here before, don;t waste my time, OK

I feel that 99% of Americans strongly disagree with this Pastor. Glad I am not one of his flock. Intolerance only builds more intolerance. We must stop this vicious cycle of trying to revenge perceived wrongs against us. Instead of hate based reaction, he should have offered his church for a 9-11 “Get to meet other cultures” Day! We ARE our brothers keeper-period!

According to Oregon Public Broadcasting on Tues 9/7, Jones’ town would not issue him a burning permit. The fire department and police will be standing by his lawn making sure he doesn’t burn ANYTHING.

I hope 10,000 people come to his church to stand by and watch in non-violent protest, and to support the town’s officials who will prevent this disgusting, selfish fool from starting WWIII.

Just because he calls himself a Christian, doesn’t mean he is one.

It is a sad day when anyone, let alone a professing Christian…and a pastor would take it upon himself to desecrate someone else’s holy scriptures. That is not living according to the very scriptures that he espouses to preach and live by!
I believe that this very act of burning these pages will open Pandora’s Box that will not be easily closed and many will suffer the consequences of this demented act. Hopefully, this man will come to his senses and forgive those that have hurt him…and others. “Vengeance is mine”, says his God.

This country was founded on “freedom of religion”
and we should respect each other if we expect our religion to be respected. That said, I think the pastor is socially wrong and creating problems his mind is too small to understand.

Frankly, I’m glad to see someone take a stand against islam! Too long America has bowed to the
muslim people because we do believe in freedom of religion. Their koran is all about a god who has
never existed. Their koran gives them the right to kill anyone who doesn’t embrace the muslim terrorist group. I don’t even consider them a religion. They are a terrorist group and nothing
religious about them! Every country they dominate is in slavery to their laws and ideas. May the true God of heaven never allow them to dominate America like they are planning to do! We need to wake up and stand our ground against them before it is too late!

It is sad that things like this are all over the news. The media is to blame for giving this person airtime.
Freedom of speech and religion should also be a balance of common sense and respect for others.
This is tabloid journalism at it’s worst further driving a wedge between us all. This person (I refuse to address as a pastor) may as well be an Islamic radical and /or Al-Qaeda member.
It is this kind of thinking and arterial motives that have ruined religion for most people in the first place.
It’s a fact many bibles, Korans and countless holy writing have been burned over the years but it wasn’t interesting enough for main stream media at the time. If he is a true patriot he would consider the lives he is putting at risk over seas and at home as he gives the radicals ammunition while both sides fuel the flames for pure and blatant idiocy. At the same time the media should be more responsible for what they put on the air as news.

I couldn’t agree more about the media so focussed on this guy – before this happened he had 30 followers on an average Sunday…now it’ll be interesting how he uses this and all the media attention to grow his ministry of hate and intolerance… I just feel he’s so totally out of snyc with the rest of the world on this….and it makes me sad that the world is still struggling with how to all live together…

There will come the day when all people of the world will have to unite for the necessity of survival as our idiocy, intolerance, greed and jealousy come hairs from destroying us all in the coming years. The world the way it is now and the things we do to each other are such a waste of resources and lives. It sickens me the blessings we are given and our great human potential that I hope to see and realize in my life time are being skewed by a few dark souls. This is all such a waste of energy.

I don’t think he should be doing this … if anything it should be a day of prayer …. God did not tell him to burn these books. I have a son in Afghanistan and I fear for his life every day … now he will add more pressure on our troops for retaliation … because that is the kind of people they are. He is so wrong in doing this. Dear God please continue to keep your arms of protection around our US troops and all those fighting this war on terrorism.

Terry Jones’ ignorance is dangerous. I thought maybe he was looking for attention but when he said that 9/11 was a “tragesty” I realized the guy is just plain stupid.
The Bible clearly states that God is the judge so I would suggest to Mr. Jones that he refrain from judgement of others.
Organized religion, grrrrr.

God will deal with this. T. Jones really thinks this will help and probably has been raised with a very strick fundamentalist background. It is our job to show tolerence for all religions and pray for others who cannot.

This so-called “pastor” is not acting like a Christian at all. His motivation appears to be one of revenge and his actions give the wrong message. He doesn’t appear capable of forgiveness and his explanation for why he is doing what he is doing is borne of anger.
Intention is important and his intention borders something approaching evil.

I completely disagree with his actions. What he is doing is not in line with Christian belief. The “eye for an eye” is an old testament belief that became obsolite when Jesus arrived. There is enough hatred etc and enough hurt that is still existing with 9/11 but this is not the way to handle that.

I enjoy your posts, as they have been positive and encouraging – until this one. How can we know what PASTOR Terry Jones’ motivations are, and why would you cast suspicion on them – particularly on a site that is to be positive and encouraging? I don’t like havng a mosque so close – but it’s not up to me…if the mosque’s leadership insists, then their civil liberties are to be respected…of course, if their funding is suspect, if they cannot find laborers to do the work, if they encounter disapproval at every turn because of their actions that do not engender goodwill, the membership will have to deal with those aspects of building there. IF the mosque’s mission is to bring a view and practice of Islam that does not infringe on OUR religions rights, then I encourage their building – but I still feel that as a point of neighborliness and out of respect for those whose lives were disrupted because of 9/11 – they should find another site. However, WE do not have the right to insist, as it is public property.

Bree, I’m glad you have enjoyed my past post and it sounds like you are a fan of this “Pastor” and his viewpoint which is fine by me.
I am not. I think he’s dangerous, ignorant and I think he’s in it for the free publicity that he’s getting. I shared this story because 9/11 affected all of us so deeply and my motivation was to find out how others will be remembering this day in a positive way.

“However, WE do not have the right to insist, as it is *not* public property” was what I intended. Thought I’d correct that. David, we live in a Republic. We do not live by Mob Rule. Please read my original post more closely – My post was saying that this (the building of the mosque, so close to Ground Zero) is not our business if this is not public property. We are Supposed to be governed by laws, not by the whims of others, not by mob rule (although, under the current administration, I’m tempted to break out the torches and pitchforks). I *also* intimated that the Muslim community is not winning over any fans and if they are intent on taking this course, there will be repercussions in public opinion. About the Reverend: I am Not a fan of this person – I do not agree with how he is choosing to show his displeasure and disagreement, but it IS his right to voice that disagreement. If others choose to follow, that is also Their business. I don’t much care for either the KKK or the Black Panther party (to show 2 widely opposed groups, as an example) – but they have the Right to say what is on their mind. I do not support intolerance, but if the Reverend chooses to burn books on his PRIVATE property, as much as I disagree, only local law and existing codes should be used to make sure that it is a Safe burning. Here’s a novel thought: What if no one showed up? What if it was Ignored? What if it was treated as the flotsam it is? Here, take out the trash and don’t give it another thought.

The people who ran the planes into the Twin Towers were fanatics, not Muslims. They used the name of a religion, but that is not what the Muslim religion is about. This man in Florida is a fanatic, not a Christian. Revenge, anger and judgement are not what the Christian religion is about. As a Christian I pray for him, and I pray that if he gets away with this that the rest of the world will not take vengence on us as a country.

Caroline puts it well – I am perplexed that someone claiming to be a Christian seems to be following an Old Testament code of an eye for an eye. I thought Jesus came to teach us and show us how to forgive and trust God.

I can not agree in anyway with what Pastor Terry Jones intends to do.
The only way to Peace is LOVE, and so I’m sending my Love vibrations around the world without no exceptions ! Let’s stop thinking in separation, we are all ONE !!!
God bless the world ! xxxx

Anyone who would burn a book will untimely burn people.Burning a book is an act of terror that begets more acts of terror,and affirms the perception of the jihad to the uninformed. a mosque in the proximity of the 911 is constitutionally correct as it would be to put in place a Shinto shrine at Pearl Harbor.I would suggest to check your side mirrors, beliefs may be closer than they appear causing us to become blind to the obvious. The mosque should be built in the Bronx next to the zoo.see you on the radio

I think this action would be hugely misguided. It would not serve any purpose other than to incite violence against us. We all acknowledge fanatics who use their religion to justify harming and killings others are to all be condemned. The sad thing is that religion is based on faith, not facts….so hard to reason with these folks….including the pastor, who is waiting for his God to tell him not to do this…Sad!!

I hope that the many beautiful Muslim people in the world will not judge Christianity by one stupid act by a “Christian”. I also hope that the many beautiful Christians,( and others) will not think that the horrific act of 9/11 represents Islam. Unfortunately hate is alive and well.May cooler heads prevail.

How can this pastor call himself a “Man of God”
I am a christian and I am angry and personally offended by his intent. He does not honor anyone or anything by planning this act. It is an act of
pure self centered ignorance aimed a media attention. If the media chose to completely ignore him and refuse to film or publish any of this perhaps he would realize fools should not profit
by being outrageous, but the media just encourages the conflict and makes him famous.
I hope he gets arrested and thrown in jail until he has read the entire Koran.

its easy to say no but don’t you guys remember you are all infidels sentence to death even if you say peace to them. like it or not your going to be killed by this Muslim jihad the only way to salvation by joining them and follow the sharia law.remember to burn or not to burn your a dead American infidels.

… whilst I would not do it: ( burn a Koran ) or do not condone it – u can see why he is – WE ARE ANGRY !!! – they are building a ‘mega-mosque’ next to the site of the twin towers – how funny they: ( Muslims ) are so offended by the burning of the Koran – but they can so easily honour kill their own daughters / wives / sisters in the name of Islam – how easy to mutilate their women by female circumcision, how easy to kill 3000 innocent souls: ( 9/11 ) all in the name of Islam = WE ARE FED UP – not to mention the Islamization of Europe – by breeding themselves into power: ( & therefore a sharia continent ) – how clever – so easy to cut a hand off for stealing, stone a women for adultery – a code of ethics designed 1300 yrs ago – simply does not work today = clearly … & why do Muslims flee their own countries to better their lives in western affluent Christian democracies – because it gives them freedom, opportunity & safety to thrive & live a full life … their own countries are failed states, or oppressive regimes with no human rights or corrupt by a eons old patriarchy that is fearful of relinquishing power … their societies ARE SCREWED-UP: ( for want of a better word ) … & where do they come to escape tyranny – US & YOU – then want to change it from within to resemble what the have fled from – WE ARE ANGRY & HAVE A RIGHT TO BE …

This is utterly madness! Actions like this only lead to escalating violence. Although the perpetrators of this cowardly acts were Muslims, that doesn’t make all Muslims terrorists. Terrorists come for all religions, nationalities, ethnicity, etc. The focus should be on terrorists, not the religion to which they belong. Acts of terrorism are acts of barbarism…I hope we don’t dignify them by attaching God’s name to it. The problem is when leaders of religious groups encourage and condone such acts, and profess it’s God that’s telling them to do these things. This has been going on for millinea…people using their position and influence to persecute others of a different belief or ideology. Haven’t we had enough. I remember what Jesus said about the children, “If anyone causes any of these to go astray, it would be better if he’d tie a stone to his neck and throw himself in the sea.”

Mr Jones can’t be a CHRISTIAN, did he ever read the NEW TESTAMENT? Did he learn from history NAZIS burning SYNAGOGUES? I have had Saudi Students for quite awhile, when 9/11 happened one called me from Saudi crying in disbelieve. I always respected their believe and they mine, I have crosses in my house and also a prayer rug. Do you forget that Alla, for Muslems,the god ofthe Jews and our God for Chritians is the same God Abraham prayed to. Now how often have RELIGIONS misused GOD for their own AGENDA. What is Mr. Jones’ AGENDA? Our brave soldiers over there Don’t have enough trouble, Mr Jones. I wish you could see how insane this is. So we only can pray for you, and our GOD is awsome, He can change your mind somehow. If I could have a say building the Mosque, I’d like a Mosque, Jewish Synagogue and Chritian Church side by side On that spot, to show the world our respect for all Religions, fitting for a NATION UNDER GOD WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.

I think the Pastor needs to have a deeper understanding of the Holy Bible and the Teachings of Jesus Christ. I am a Muslim but fully understand that Christianity was certainly not built on HATRED. It is not only bowing down to God but also a cosideration for feelings of fellow Human beings.
Does the Pastor realize that his action may go un noticed by the Extremists who prohibit the use of TV or Internet. On the other hand millions of other Muslims will be hurt, who themselves have been victims to this radical Islam and are being killed. A sincere and heartfelt prayer for the victims of 9/11 would be much more in order and it would have been opportune for him to get Muslims in HIS prayers to join the congregation……After all don’t we pray to the same God of Abraham,Isaac, Moses and Christ??

Lord have mercy on humankind especially when those who profess to be agents of good are taking it upon it themselves to tear the world apart. Very foolish taken by someone who has an influence on some 30 people’s lives. Should he go ahead with this, let him be put to jail,period.

This pastor who wants to burn the Koran will be doing exactly what G-d doesn’t want him to do–that is stir up trouble. G-d is about peace. Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life/Light. It is G-d’s place to judge not ours. He didn’t judge when He was here 2,000 years ago and we are supposed to follow His example. We need to be gathering in His people unto Him, not causing rage and strife. Please pray afor that pastor not to cause a international holocaust incident. He needs to back down an re-think what the costs around the world for everyone would be.

This pastor has a wrong title,it should be withdrawn from his name for the crazy idea he has..the hate campaign is no strategy at all!!
I don’t understand how his personal property claim allows him to conduct himself in a painful way to other believers..why even cover him in the media as if he has got a worthwhile offer to any public??!

This guy is clearly nuts isn’t he? Or do I sense a hidden agenda here?
So much hate is being directed at muslims and other religions yet none at the true terrorists : world governments. It’s time to wake up people.

This act of burning the Quran wont hurt or offend us Muslims in any way. It will not achieve anything. It just goes to show how senseless and idiotic this ‘pastor’ Terry Jones is. Every religion will have a few bad people in it, it does not mean all of us, and it should not mean the religion. Burn every copy of the Quran, millions of muslims have it in their hearts memorized with love and respect.

Resist not evil, and by so doing, make it real. It was not created, so it is merely a perception of my own judgment, appearing so that I can recognize the image of my own thought and feeling, and reach higher for a loving and joyful feeling. That feeling then becomes what attracts loving Thoughts to me. So do those thoughts go forth to witness to the feeling I am choosing. It is insane to choose lesser feelings, because they attract lesser thoughts which appear as lesser images. Thus was my whole intent merely to limit myself to littleness, and separate myself from Love and Joy. I am responsible for what I see, because perception is caused by the feeling I choose. I let go of any and every thought of what I do not want. I focus and cherish and hold only the thoughts of what I do desire. This is the unlimited power of positive thinking and the feeling of already having and being and possessing the love and joy that I do desire. Jones is irrelavant because he is not the symbol of what I do desire to feel, think, and see. I could choose world peace, joy and love instead of thinking about Jones.

I am still trying to figure out why this man is being called Pastor. His actions are not that of a person that preaches the Word of God.
He is just Terry with a mental health issue. At least that is the public persona he puts out there.

I hope people don’t believe what happened in the 9/11 represents Islam. And i hope the Muslims won’t believe all Christians are people such as this pastor. We should just be patient, and I personally believe no holy book should be treated with disrespect. But people have different opinions and that’s that. What good would it do by burning the Quran? I’m sure God will be strong enough to handle the unbelievers in the Hereafter. But the wars happening today, impossible. It saddens me. But correct me if i’m wrong, they were planning on building a mosque near ground zero? now thats crazy!

Terry Jones religious views are very biased, fanatical and based on terrible dogmatic-religious-centrism that has no place in the free democratic civil society of US. They’re negatively judgmental towards a system of belief “Islam” that differs only slightly from his version of Christianity, I believe as a muslim that the pastor’s task is 2 reconcile, make good and not to coerce, stir trouble and teach people to harass. 1 still should deem Pastor Terry Jones’s cynical views as smug and shameless.


I am not sure why this man planned on “burning the Toran!” But we must remember that sooner or later the effects of 911 & the Present War & the lost of many American Lives will put a Bitter Sweet Taste of Hate & Fear in hearts of the American people!
Are we suppose to just swallow the Pains of War? Can we not re-act to seeing images of American Soldiers being Blown Away by bombs day end & day out with out some kind of response against these Rebells of hate using a Holy Book too create a so called Holy War? How long can we just sit by & not feel? Look at how many young men’s lives were losted in the Vietnam War, thousands upon thousands!
For every re-action, there will be a reponse of some sort. Do we hold hands and make love to our present Enemies who Wish To Destroy our Nation at any given time? Does anyone Really Realize How much We are Hated by these ignorant people who are basically not educated, they mistreat women & kids, they use young boys for war, & tie bombs to them & send them out to slaughter who ever including theirselves. Sorry but we have bigger problems to dwell on, like how much time do we have left before These Radicals Nuke Our Country??? It’s only by the Grace of God we haven’t Been Destroyed as of Yet!!!

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