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You – a guest on national TV shows?

Just imagine what could happen to your book, product, service or cause if you
appeared as a guest on a national TV show like Good Morning America, Today Show,
CNN or Fox News.

In mere minutes you’d be able to reach millions of people with your message –
and here’s the best part — without having to pay a dime for the airtime!

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Even better, you’d be catapulted to a whole new level of credibility as an
expert in your field. After all, people figure if Good Morning America chose to
put you on their program, you must be good!

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• How TV producers decide which potential guests to put on the air.

• How Jennifer turned her idea for a new handbag into a $10 million dollar
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• Who to contact at the top shows and how to get their attention.

• What kinds of topics radio and TV producers find most appealing.

• How Kevin got booked on Fox News Channel and generated over six-figures of

• A way to avoid being overly-nervous about being on the air.

• The 3 big secrets to getting booked on national TV.

• What to say and do so you’re asked back and become a repeat guest.

• How Lauri got booked on The View and Good Morning America.

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Who knows … perhaps very soon I’ll sit down to watch TV one morning and
you’ll be there live in my living room!

David Boufford, aka; Mr. Positive!
Your Professional Encourager

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