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opened-gift-box-presentI awoke with an idea, a gift for a friend who currently has a health challenge. I was moved to create a script and a recording to support her health and wholeness. I want to share it with anyone who needs some support in the area of health and well being.  There’s no strings attached just a gift from me to you. ( I would appreciate your comments, Facebook likes, suggestions and feedback.) Also, please feel free to pass it along to anyone who may need it!

The things we say to ourselves are literally programing our bodies and creating our life…( which the mystics and teachers across the ages have taught, now there is scientific proof, so we know this works) these words, this recording are formulated to support your health, wholeness and well being. Try it for the next 7 days and see how you feel!

Download the audio by clicking here

Download the instructions and script here

Download instructions:

PC:  Right mouse click and choose “Save Link As” and select the folder where you wish to store the file.

MAC:  CTRL Click and choose “Save As” and save the file to your iTunes Library.


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