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Your Forces and How To Use Them by Christian D Larson

Your Forces and How To Use Them by Christian D Larson, Pages 238-239

Everything has a tendency to grow in the subconscious. Whenever an impression or desire is placed in the subconscious, it has the tendency to become larger and therefore the bad becomes worse when it enters the subconscious, while the good becomes better.

We have the power, however, to exclude the bad from the subconscious and cause only the good to enter that immense field.

Whenever you say that you are tired and permit that feeling to sink into the subconscious, you will almost at once feel more tired. Whenever you feel sick and permit that feeling to enter the subconscious, you always feel worse. The same is true when you are weak, sad, disappointed or depressed.

If you let those feeling sink into your subconscious, they will become worse.

On the other hand, when we feel happy, strong, persistent and determined, and permit those feelings to enter the subconscious, we always feel better. It is therefore highly important that we positively refuse to give in to any undesirable feeling.

Whenever we give in to any feeling, it becomes subconscious, and if that feeling is bad, it becomes worse; but so long as we keep undesirable feelings on the outside, so to speak, we will hold them at bay, until nature can readjust itself or gather reserve force and thus put them out of the way altogether.

We should never give in to sickness, though that does not mean that we should continue to work as hard as usual when not feeling well, or cause mind and body to continue in their usual activities. When we find it necessary, we should give ourselves complete rest, but we should never give in to the feeling of sickness. The rest that may be taken will help the body to recuperate and when it does the threatening illness will disappear.

When you feel tired or depressed, do not admit it, but turn your attention at once to upon something that is extremely interesting-something that will completely turn your mind toward the pleasing, the more desirable or the ideal.

Persist in feeling the way you want to feel, and permit only wholesome feelings to enter the subconscious. Thus wholesome feelings will live and grow, and after awhile your power to feel good at all times will have become so strong that you can put any adverse feeling that may threaten at any time.

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