Vivian’s story

Hello David,

I wanted to share my story of how I came across your website and newsletter with your positive quotes and affirmations.

I was going through rough times, facing issues from the past as a child. It was rough but through your e-mails which I looked forward to reading each morning I was able to change my way of thinking and be more positive.

I reached out to a lot of people and resources. I never ever imagined how when you put positive thoughts into practice it helps change the whole way one looks at life, themselves and so forth.

I just wanted to say thank you and keep touching people’s lives across the world through cyber technology.

And I am now helping those who are at the same place I was a few years back.

Loving life, appreciating my life and living it to the fullest, even through the rough times. Have a great day! Vivian (via Facebook)

DAVID’s NOTE: Vivian, I am so grateful for you and happy to hear that my newsletter helped you but I am ridiculously excited that you are now paying it forward and helping others now…WAY TO GO!!!

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