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Happy Fall

Hiking in the Fall

Happy Fall!

Here’s a couple pictures from my home state New Hampshire. Fall is my favorite time of year to visit the “Granite State” the air just smells so good and the colors…OMG!!!¬† I highly recommend adding a trip to experience it for yourself¬† and if you like seafood, it’s the best in the world ( in my opinion). – Click here for more information

My friend Dianne wrote this quote, it moved me and I think it’s a great one to ponder on this first day of fall…

“Every action or inaction is a choice to do or allow. Sometimes doing is the way to go and sometimes allowing is the way. In either case, don’t just let life happen to you, participate in your life consciously. The choice is up to you.” –Dianne M. Stewart Hamlin, ( Connect with Dianne by clicking here )

As we move in to the final 100 days of the year… What do you have to “do” and what do you need to “allow” in your life?

Think about it! Happy Fall!

Woods Fall Foliage

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