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Roger Anthony, CEO Space – Founder Crocodiles International In Loving Memory


Roger Anthony was a brilliant man who turned tragedy into triumph and made the world a better place. His lessons will live on in the tens of thousands he taught and the loves of his life his beloved wife and children.

Watch this video of him teaching at CEO Space – he had such an amazing ability to teach and his technology is a gift to us all.

Here’s my favorite quote from Roger – “It’s one thing to teach a principle and another to live it, but the greatest by far is to so thoroughly BE it that your very presence does the teaching”. –Roger Anthony

– -I’m so “XCITED” brother – until we meet again!

2 replies on “Roger Anthony, CEO Space – Founder Crocodiles International In Loving Memory”

David, Unfortunately, this is the first I’ve ever heard of Roger Anthony. The video in the blog post shows me he was a great leader and a great human being. I went to his website to see how I could learn more of his teachings, but there do not seem to be any books or courses by Roger Anthony that I can take. Is that correct?

I want to say, again, I was so impressed with his video. I truly wished I had had the opportunity to meet him when he was alive.

I can see he will be greatly missed by all that knew him.

My condolences.


Jupiter Jim

Jim there’s a new book and program that incorporates Roger’s key teachings called “Be A Beast” – you can learn more about it here -> (Sorry it took me so long to reply. I hope this answer finds you well. Stay Positive! –David

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