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Scott Stratten Keep Going Until We Stop

Scott Stratten Keep Going Until We Stop, Tedx Oakville, Ca


Scott Stratten was the first person to contact me when I set up my website some 16 years ago. Since then we’ve collaborated on several inspirational movies and while we’ve both moved on from our movie days, we remain friends to this day.

In this video he shares some of his toughest moments, and the most important lesson he learned and an idea worth sharing!

Please be kind and pass this along – you never know who you will inspire!

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A real wake up call to us all. We do get caught up in the grind, the “I got to”, and the need for more.

Everyone should watch this video and hear the message. Life is short. Take a breath. Look at those you love and just enjoy them. Give them the gift of you. In turn you will receive the gift of them and their love.

Be bold and stop for a while.

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