The Tree Outside My Window

I was inspired to write this a while ago – maybe almost a year and I figured since I’ve recently moved, that I better do it now or forget it. So here we go, hope you like it.

The Tree Outside My Window…

There’s been a tree outside my window that pretty much looks like millions of other trees of its kind on the planet. At first glance, it’s quite ordinary. Just a tree.

One day I was staring at it for a while and that’s when it hit me!

Starting at the base and working my way up, I could see how the tree would grow in a specific direction that would place it out of balance, and if it kept growing this way it could eventually fall over and die…but the tree, you see, self-corrected as it grew, always keeping in balance by stretching back towards the light of the sun…

I had this realization that helped me…I hope it may help you or someone you love.

I related to how when I find myself out of balance from time to time that there’s really only one solution “Leave It To God” and be just like the tree; you just have to trust everything will work out.

Even when we feel like we are out-of-balance or on the wrong path, if we stay focused on the light, on love, on all the good the world has to offer, like the tree you will self-correct as you grow…

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