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Scott Sargent: The Truth Will Set You Free!

Scott Sargeant: The Truth Will Set You Free


…for the last 18 years I’ve been living a lie, and I’ve been lying to you!

Some of you know that I had a tragic accident 18 years ago that left me paralyzed
from the neck down. What most of you don’t know is the truth that my ‘accident’
wasn’t an accident.

Please take 8 minutes to watch my TEDx talk to hear the truth of my story.

If you find it to be inspiring and valuable, please share it for others to
benefit from…

One reply on “Scott Sargent: The Truth Will Set You Free!”

Just found you. Inspiring. Wish you well. You basically told me that in the pool tonight at Miracle Spring. Remain strong!
Elisabeth, the 80 year old German traveler

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