I went from being homeless to living at the beach!

Thankful for this job and this reminder…that I made it through being homeless!

Many years ago I helped frame and install all the glass in this building. The frame was one of the most complicated I ever worked on because there were so many angles in the face of the bldg.

I was actually living in my car when I got this job and it helped me work my way into a place and begin again, so I’ll always honor it! 

Hard to believe it’s been 30+ years since I’ve worked in construction. By far I enjoyed glass work the most, we had an amazing team and lots of fun while creating places for people to live, work and shop!

While this building is in Yorba Linda, California. I built way more back east in NH and MA but this building on Weir Canyon Rd and the 91 Fwy – will always be special to me.

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