About Mr. Positive!

For over 25 years, David Boufford, aka “Mr. Positive” has been on a mission to share his positive thoughts with the world.  

David Boufford is the creator and founder of MrPositive.com, a place of unconditional love, positive inspiration, motivation and resources to make your dreams come true.

David is expert at bringing thoughts into things and launching six, seven and even eight figure businesses but he’s most proud of his ability to guide and encourage others to go for their dreams and fulfill their soul’s mission here on Earth.

David has spent over 40,000 hours working with individuals, entrepreneurs and small business owners who want more from their life. His worked has positively touched over 500 million lives, at least one from every country on earth.

David coaches a very diverse group of clients; young athletes, artist, authors, coaches, experts, entrepreneurs, professional speakers and even a Grammy Award winning singer, on the best strategies for success in their lives and dreams.

What really makes him different is he’s not interested in only helping you make more money,  (he’s way more interested in what makes you come alive and feel good about your life), and it’s in the sharing of your unique gifts that usually results in more money and more everything good).

David seeks to make a powerful, permanent, positive impact on your life so you will then use your gifts and pay it forward in your life, for the benefit of your family, your community and everyone on this planet.

To explore what it’s like to work with David, he invites you
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David’s most passionate about the affect of his guidance and encouragement on people who shared.. “I got through my divorce with your help, I didn’t commit suicide that day I reached out and you were there, I am healing after the loss of my spouse or any number of life’s difficult situations” that is the “juice” that drives him to continue to help whoever, wherever, whenever he can.

To book a confidential strategy session click here.  

David is also an investor, author, publisher, business strategist and a Professional Encourager. However, he’s most proud of being a friend, mentor and Best Buddy to Cris, an autistic young man he’s known for
over 30 years. David currently resides in Southern, California