Aloha Lissa

OK!!! Aloha Lissa!!!

Here’s what happened last night…thank you beloved community!



You can still help send our beloved friend Lissa on her dream trip to Hawaii for some well deserved R&R!

Here’s the back story; this God idea that came to our Agape member David Boufford, whom some of you may know. David had a conversation with our beloved Lissa in the Sanctuary and she expressed that she was “tired” and need¬† a real vacation.

So David asked “Lissa if you could go anywhere in the world right now and money was no problem, where would you go?” She replied, “I have been all over the world but my dream is to go to Hawaii!”

Later as David was sitting in the sanctuary he decided that he would find a way to make this happen for Dr. Lissa and he followed through and launched on August 2, to raise the funds to send Lissa on her dream trip!






David Boufford, 714.931.2068


YES! We Can Also Accept Cash and Checks!

Rev. Greta and/or Jody Kono will collect your donation, please place it in an envelope and write “Aloha Lissa” on the envelope.¬† (Any checks can be made out directly to Lissa Sprinkles)

Please remember this is “TOP SECRET” – please don’t tell Lissa!
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Click here to donate online via PayPal!



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