Business Coaching Statistics And Effectiveness

Business Coaching Statistics And Effectiveness

Business Coaching is the ultimate short cut to reaching your goals. Research has proven demonstrated a 570% return on initial investment in coaching. The study went on to report that executives who received coaching reported the following benefits as tangible business impacts  (% = frequency impact reported):

* Productivity (53%)
* Quality (48%)
* Organizational strength (48%)
* Customer service (39%)
* Reduced customer complaints (34%)
* Company Retention of Executives who received coaching (32%)
* Cost Reductions (23%)
* Bottom Line Profitability (22%)
* Top Line Revenue (14%)
* Reduced turnover (12%)

The executives who received coaching also reported intangible business impact benefits through improved:

* Relationships with direct reports (77%)
* Relationships with immediate supervisors (71%)
* Teamwork (67%)
* Relationships With Peers (63%)
* Job Satisfaction (61%)
* Reduced Conflict (52%)
* Increased Organizational Commitment (44%)
* Relationships With Clients (37%)

*Study conducted by McGovern, Lindemann, Vergara, Murphy, Barker and Warrenfeltz with Manchester, Inc.

Coaching is:

A relationship where a coach supports, collaborates with and facilitates client learning by helping a client to identify and achieve future goals through assessment, discovery, reflection, goal-setting and strategic action.

I offer positive performance coaching for actors, athletes, authors, entrepreneurs, coaches, singers and speakers (and any one else who wants more from their life).

Here’s what you can expect when working with me as your
Professional Encourager/Peak Performance Coach.

My coaching is grounded in the best practices and principles of sports psychology. These tools have been developed for performance at the highest levels and they have been tested and proven by Elite Olympic and professional athletes. I combine these proven principles with love, kindness and encouragement!

What I do is help you align your intentions, goals and vision with your soul, mind and body. During each session you will learn a new peak performance strategy and receive a customized guided visualization to empower your intentions, manifest your goals and live your vision.

After the first session, which is typically 45-60 mins long, future sessions are scheduled for 40-60 mins. based on your schedule. I offer three Coaching Options packages below, Daily, Weekly and Intensive. I look forward to discussing your specific situation and being your professional encourager and coach.

One of the greatest testimonials I have ever received – it’s a long one but so worth reading!

amy-nickHi David,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you have done for Nick. The opportunity to work with you has been PRICELESS.

Since you have been working with Nick I have experienced memorable moments that I will have with me forever.

I have seen Nick grow into a confident, responsible leader as well as a competent athlete. He achieved every goal he set out for himself and watching him doing that has brought me tremendous joy.

There really is no greater gift for a parent than to see pride and joy in the eyes of their child. < Nick earned a College Scholarship while he set 4 personal best this year, qualified for State in two events finishing in the top 10 for both making it to the podium! All of this after struggling so much in his Junior year. >¬† Continue Reading…

Coaching – I offer three levels of
coaching to choose from…

Level 1: Weekly Coaching – “Getting In The Zone”

Level 2: Daily Coaching – “Stepping Up To Your Dreams”

Level 3: In Person Intensive Coaching – “I Am Ready!”

NEW – No Payments, No Interest Now Available (*OAC)



If you are not happy then I am not happy. If after 30 days you are not fully satisfied, you may cancel and receive a refund for any unused coaching time.



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