Business Coaching

Business Coaching

I help entrepreneurs like you start a new business,  and grow their existing businesses. In addition to the proven real-world results I have witnessed first hand research has shown that the ROI ( Return On Investment) for business coaching is almost $7 to $1!

That’s right for every dollar invested in business coaching you can expect a return as high as seven dollars ( in my experience and the experience of most of my clients the ROI is much, much higher). Plus, there are many more benefits like; less stress, increased productivity, better relationships with peers and staff, retention gains, increased top line revenue and bottom line profits.

Now I could go on and on about business coaching and my skills as a business coach but I thought I would let my clients hare their experiences directly with you!


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“In the past 5 years — in the worst economy in history — the business strategies I teach help my clients gross over $100 million dollars in revenue.”

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  I know, but it’s true.  You see, the real reason that you or any other business owner isn’t maximizing their profit potential has nothing to do with the economy, it has nothing to do with finding good people, or being in the right place at the right time.

Success is first and inside job, it has EVERYTHING to do with your MINDSET, and applying the right STRATEGIES to drive you and your business forward.

NOTE: This is NOT a get rich quick plan, there’s no magic pill. Success takes courage, strategy and the four letter word the day dreamers all hate WORK!

Let’s connect schedule a no-cost strategy session today. – click here to get on my schedule.

“David created a new business model for us which has resulted in millions of dollars in business for Simple Truths and has positioned us as the most successful direct to consumer publisher on the internet.”Dan Green,Executive Vice President, Simple Truths LLC., Naperville, IL
“Working with David helped us grow Nature’s Select Pet Food from one location to 55 in 30 states.  Our sales have gone from $250,000 to $10,000,000 per year. His vision along with his foundational marketing tools and strategies continue to fuel our growth.” Paul & Diana Cavanaugh, Nature’s Select Pet Food, Placentia, CA

Million dollar results?  Could this possibly be true?  The answer is YES!  The million dollar results that the owners of Simple Truths and Nature’s Select Pet Food enjoy are real, just as they are for many of my clients and they can be yours, too.

The results that the owners of the businesses on this page enjoy are real. Now every situation, every business, every entrepreneur is different and unique – so there are no guarantees but I want you to start by asking yourself “How can I create millions from my business?” it all starts with the right questions, the desire and the willingness to “Find A Way” – I have the tools, skills and proven resources to help you create your desire and it all starts in your head!

My name is David R. Boufford and I have a 25-year history for helping people become successful.  As an author, business strategist, mental performance coach and America’s Original Professional Encourager, I have been honored to partner with hundreds of clients who wanted to grow or start a successful business. I have logged over 24,000 hours consulting and coaching time helping people just like you make their dreams come true.

One of the Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make

The real reason most business owners aren’t seeing the results they deserve is simple.  9 out of 10 business owners don’t realize the power, synergy and partnership potential of working directly with a coach!  But don’t just take my word for it.  Jack Canfield, in his highly acclaimed book, “Success Principles”, lists “Hire a Personal Coach” as Success Principle 45.  (Hey, if it’s good enough for Jack , shouldn’t it be good enough for you?)

“After fruitless outcomes from other coaches, consultants, and mentors David quickly set me on a clear path to success. In 12 months business is up 150% and we are currently adding new locations.  Want success…Get David!”

–Michael Desrochers
painPRO Therapeutics Inc., Vancouver, BC Canada


Are you ready to co-create million dollar results?

Do you want to grow your business by working with a proven business strategist who can take you from where you are to where you want to be in a way that is both supportive and gets results?

If so, I am offering an exclusive opportunity to work one-on-one with me.

My offer to you is very simple.

I will gift you a 20 minute coaching session to explore how I might serve you.  Let’s connect schedule a no-cost strategy session today. – click here to get on my schedule

NOTE: Session times are limited.  If you want a session, make sure you take the time right now and complete your survey (it will take you less than nine minutes to complete). Please select the survey above that best fits your needs.

“In 10 minutes, David helped me remove a roadblock to a project that was stalled for over a year. His ability to see things unconventionally and with crystal clarity is a great asset to me and my business. Work with him and he will impact your business in a significant way!”

Mitch Axelrod, CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer), Author, Speaker, Trainer
The NEW Game of Business, San Diego, CA

Although we haven’t met, I know this much about you — someone thought enough of you to connect us; they thought that maybe I am the guy who can help you get from where you are right now in your life to where you want to be.

You’re receiving this message from me because someone who has had direct experience working with me took the time to connect us.

I look forward to our time together.

To your continued success,



P.S. All my client testimonials are real, you can call, email and talk to my references.

P.P.S. If not you…then who? Who do you know that can use a business boost, a life change or some encouragement in their life right now? (I greatly appreciate any and all referrals).

DISCLAIMER: Million Dollar Results are NOT GUARANTEED! In fact my only guarantee is this if you are willing to follow through and do the work, I will be your guide, your coach, your mentor. I will hold you accountable, share my resources, my contacts, best practices, breakthrough strategies and encourage you every step of the way!

Be warned though this is NOT a get rich quick plan, there’s no magic pill. Success takes courage, strategy and the four letter word the day dreamers all hate WORK!


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