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Clyde Terry, Emerging Leaders Academy

In California where the cost to keep a criminal behind bars is between $47,000 – $94,000 per year and 70% of offenders return to jail within 1 year of being released. One man created a program that is changing lives for the better.


There are positive solutions to our challenges and positive people out there working hard to make them happen Clyde Terry is building a world that works for everyone!

Clyde lives a life of service and leadership. After 10 years in the Marine Corps, he went on to serve as an LA County Sheriff for 25 years. He has worked most of his career in two of LA’s toughest communities Compton and Watts.

While serving as a Sheriff he noticed that he was arresting the same people year after year and knew there had to be a better way. The solution he developed is a program called the Emerging Leaders Academy (ELA) that is turning around and saving lives.

The Emerging Leaders Academy provides tools for self empowerment through guidance, mentoring and training.  ELA is a path to opportunities, providing participants with essential career developmental skills for traditional employment, entrepreneurship training and a therapeutic writing workshop, all being alternatives to criminal behavior and violence thereby empowering participants to take a new direction in life.

IT WORKS!  90% of the Emerging Leaders Academy graduates do not re-offend! Let that sink in.  9 out of 10 of the graduates go forward in life and become positive contributors to their families, communities and country.

To learn more about ELA visit them online:

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Roger Anthony, CEO Space – Founder Crocodiles International In Loving Memory


Roger Anthony was a brilliant man who turned tragedy into triumph and made the world a better place. His lessons will live on in the tens of thousands he taught and the loves of his life his beloved wife and children.

Watch this video of him teaching at CEO Space – he had such an amazing ability to teach and his technology is a gift to us all.

Here’s my favorite quote from Roger – “It’s one thing to teach a principle and another to live it, but the greatest by far is to so thoroughly BE it that your very presence does the teaching”. –Roger Anthony

– -I’m so “XCITED” brother – until we meet again!

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Clark Little, Photography

Photographer Clark Little is able to capture some incredible shots on camera as he dives head on into some of the largest waves on Earth.  What I love about this video is how he explains his journey from the discovery of his path to the full out expression of his passion.


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Robert Channing paints a masterpiece in under 2 minutes on NBC’s America’s Got Talent!

My former client Robert Channing will be on NBC’s America’s Got Talent on Tues. 6/3/14 ( check your local listings ) – please join me in cheering him on! Here’s as a sample you can watch now as he paints a masterpiece in under 2 minutes…truly amazing!


Using his fingertips, palms and multiple brushes, Robert paints portraits of famous people on a five foot by six foot canvas in just a matter of minutes. His creations are choreographed to booming music that will powerfully stimulate all your senses.

Robert’s Imagination Into Art™ is described as taking his audience through a journey of amazement, suspense, cheers, motivation and surprise. His ability to captivate his audience and share the experience of paint, glitter, color, music, mind-reading , hypnosis and ACTION is a way to bring people into the amazing world of art, inspiration and positive creativity.

You can learn more here: ->


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Rich German’s #1 income-generating strategy JVIC


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From Rich German:

My #1 income-generating strategy

This strategy is a SIMPLE strategy that I have used to sell MILLIONS of dollars worth of coaching programs and to build a massive email list over the past five years.

Last year I used it, and it alone, to create a whole new company where we went from $0 to a MILLION in income in just a matter of months.

So what is this secret? What’s the strategy??

Drum roll please…. Joint Ventures!

Yes, joint ventures are BY FAR my #1 marketing strategy…And I’m hosting a FREE webinar where my partner and I will show you exactly how you too can tap into the power of JV’s:

“Instant Clients Formula: The Fastest Way to Get More Clients, Sell More Products,  And Build a Massive List of Hot Prospects”

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Positive Business

You – a guest on national TV shows?

Just imagine what could happen to your book, product, service or cause if you
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In mere minutes you’d be able to reach millions of people with your message –
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Even better, you’d be catapulted to a whole new level of credibility as an
expert in your field. After all, people figure if Good Morning America chose to
put you on their program, you must be good!

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• Get the free training video now because here’s just some of what you’ll

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• How Lauri got booked on The View and Good Morning America.

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Who knows … perhaps very soon I’ll sit down to watch TV one morning and
you’ll be there live in my living room!

David Boufford, aka; Mr. Positive!
Your Professional Encourager

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Viral Video System

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Super Hero YOU! (join us)


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Later this month, I am honored to join 300 influencers in
entertainment, technology, transformation and business
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If you’ve ever wanted to be able to think, remember, read,
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Positive Business

Women Entrepreneurs HQ – For Women Only…(and very smart men)

Women Entrepreneurs HQ for Women Entrepreneurs, Women Business Owners and Women who want to start or grow their business!

My friend and client Krizia has just launched a powerful new business community for women entrepreneurs that is designed to provide practical expert business advice, strategy and resources to help women grow their businesses.

She’s now offering you the chance to learn from the BEST of the BEST and start applying some powerful strategies that will have a positive impact on your business.

Krizia is offering three complimentary video lessons with three VERY successful women entrepreneurs to get you started now!
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I know it’s rare for me to write you on the weekend but this just couldn’t wait another minute! Ladies this is really for those of you who are in business or desire to start a business. (Guys there’s no law that says you cannot join the ladies in this program and I think you would be very smart to do sobut everything within it is geared for our better half!)

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