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How To Think About YOU!

When you think of yourself do not think of that part of yourself that appears on the surface. That part is the smaller part and the lesser should not be pictured in mind. Think of your larger self, the immense subconscious self that is limitless both in power and possibility.

Believe in yourself but not simply in a part of yourself. Give constant recognition to all that is in you and in that all have full faith and confidence.

Give the bigger man on the inside full right of way. Believe thoroughly in your greater interior self. Know that you have something within you that is greater than any obstacle, circumstance or difficulty that you can possibly meet. Then in full faith in this greater something proceed with your work.

–Christian D. Larsen, Your Forces and How To Use Them, 1910

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Know Your Why


If you feel like life has you against the ropes, and keeps knocking you down then you MUST watch this short video!

I had no idea about the back story in this historic event in the world of sport and even if you don’t like boxing, there’s a powerful lesson in here for everyone.

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Rough Day? Remember this…


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Happy Fall

Hiking in the Fall

Happy Fall!

Here’s a couple pictures from my home state New Hampshire. Fall is my favorite time of year to visit the “Granite State” the air just smells so good and the colors…OMG!!!  I highly recommend adding a trip to experience it for yourself  and if you like seafood, it’s the best in the world ( in my opinion). – Click here for more information

My friend Dianne wrote this quote, it moved me and I think it’s a great one to ponder on this first day of fall…

“Every action or inaction is a choice to do or allow. Sometimes doing is the way to go and sometimes allowing is the way. In either case, don’t just let life happen to you, participate in your life consciously. The choice is up to you.” –Dianne M. Stewart Hamlin, ( Connect with Dianne by clicking here )

As we move in to the final 100 days of the year… What do you have to “do” and what do you need to “allow” in your life?

Think about it! Happy Fall!

Woods Fall Foliage

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Every positive thought is a silent prayer which will change your life.


Every positive thought is a silent prayer which will change your life.
Prayers are at the very least meditations. A positive thought is a silent
prayer; a negative thought — a silent curse.

A single thought can flood your body with emotional stress, or calming
relief. Your thoughts have tremendous power over your feelings and

When we feel powerless in a hostile world we can at least practice
quelling the enmity in our minds. Think deliberately. Think carefully.
Think purposefully. Think positively.

Pray for your own deliverance from your own vicious thoughts.

Ask for forgiveness — forgiving yourself for the terrible things you
have thought about yourself. Your positive thoughts are both the prayer,
and the answer to your prayer.

Each positive thought is your refuge and your sanctuary, where in that
thoughtful moment, you are safe. Begin now with loving thoughts and
allow these quiet prayers to transform your life.
—Bryant McGill

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Circle of Friends

circle-of-friendsCircle of Friends

The Indian legend says that at the end of the evening, friends would gather around the fire and share their hearts and speak of the good qualities of each other and remember times shared.

As the embers faded, their friendship was said to be sealed anew, bringing them closer together.

As you sit with the candle lit in the middle of your circle of friends, it will surround and embrace all who sit with you and bring good luck to those who stay together.

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Positive Thought for Today

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Encouragement Lives Here

No matter who you are, no matter what you are going through right now. Know that my mission in this world is to uplift, inspire and encourage YOU!

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Positive Thought – David Neagle

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Positive Thought for Today