Coaching Services

Coaching Services

Tell me what you want and I will help you get it! I offer both business coaching and peak performance coaching. My clients are mostly entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers and athletes. (I have also coached people from all walks of life and professions).

Here’s what you can expect when working with me as your
Business Coach/Peak Performance Coach.

With over 25 years of sales, marketing and business development experience I know what to do to help you focus on the right priorities, tactics and strategies that will accelerate your business growth. There’s only three ways to grow your business ( and every thing you do leads to one of these three).

1. Getting more customers.
2. Getting your customers to purchase more products and services.
3. Getting your customers to buy more frequently from you.

All while honestly serving their needs and providing
a high quality product or service.

My peak performance coaching is grounded in the best practices and principles of sports psychology. These tools have been developed for performance at the highest levels and they have been tested and proven by Elite Olympic and professional athletes. I combine these proven principles with love, kindness and encouragement to make you unstoppable!

What I do is help you align your intentions, goals and vision with your soul, mind and body. During each session you will learn a new peak performance strategy and receive a customized guided visualization to empower your intentions, manifest your goals and live your vision.

After the first session, which is typically 45-60 mins long, future sessions are scheduled for 40-60 mins. based on your schedule. I look forward to discussing your specific situation and being your business and peak performance coach.

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Click here for peak performance coaching.

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