CViz for Peak Performance

c-viz-300Are you BAD at visualizing what you really, really want?

Honestly I struggled with this for years! I had the hardest time visualizing because I didn’t understand the true purpose behind this powerful tool.

I always thought that if I didn’t see everything perfectly it would not work for me. I really struggled trying to “see” my goals and dreams….

Then when I learned that “visualizing” wasn’t really about what you see…Yes let that one sink in… Visualizing isn’t about how well you see anything!

You are not after the “perfect picture” when you visualize you are really going for the feeling that you create when you imagine what you really, really want.

So don’t worry whether or not you see it clearly in your minds eye, it’s really all about the feeling anyway. Whether you are visualizing material things that you want like a new car, home or if you want to perform better in athletics, on-stage or in your career it’s all the same – you create the feeling by first experiencing it in your mind.

Here’s what I have for you, first this is NOT some “off the shelf” generic visualization product that you download and use. Your CViz is customized for you and your specific aspirations, dreams and goals and we co-created it in real time over the phone.

And you will get a copy of your CViz to download and use as often as you like too!

Here’s what this CViz customized visualization will do for you!

1. You will feel totally relaxed.

2. You will feel clear, confident and unstoppable.

3. You will feel more connected to your dreams and goals.

4. You will feel more appreciation for your life and loved ones

And you will receive a copy of your CViz session to use over and over.

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