Peak Performance Coaching

Peak Performance Coaching and Mental Toughness Training

I help athletes, actors, entrepreneurs,¬†speakers and singers get in the zone and stay in the zone for their big performances. When you need to be at the top of your game, the skills you learn with peak performance coaching and mental toughness training will get you there! Training your mind can help you overcome the anxiety, fear, doubt and worry and help you laser focus your gifts and talents on the matter at hand so you perform at your fullest potential…ON DEMAND!

Regardless if you are playing a sport or in the boardroom, conditioning and training your mind to perform at your very best, on demand, is a priceless skill that will pay dividends in all areas of your life. Peak Performance Coaching is the secret weapon of the top achievers in the world today…isn’t it time your get trained?

Here’s a recent video from a satisfied client sharing how I helped his son dominate his sport, do better in school and at home with his sisters.


What you receive:

1) In your first session we will identify your areas of opportunity, intentions and goals for your coaching program.

2) 12 One-on-One, 1 hour coaching sessions delivered over 3 or 6 months.

3) Live customized guided Visualizations tailored to your specific intentions and goals that are recorded for you.

4) Personalized “Daily Viz” recording to use in between meetings.

5) Mr. Positive’s “Positive Thoughts Daily” motivational newsletter (inspiration in only 60 seconds a day)

6) Coaching “On-Demand” for times when you need to get mentally ready for big events, performances, meetings, etc.
< One (1) – 15 minute session per month, additional sessions available for a fee >

7) Your Questions Answered: Private Email access for quick questions in between scheduled calls.

8) Mr. Positive’s 10 Tips for Staying Positive one sheet, easy practices to improve your mental state.

9) Personalized Self-Talk Scripts to support your specific desires, goals, outcomes.

100% Money Back Guarantee:

If you complete the entire 12 session program and are not 100% satisfied then I will refund your entire tuition. All ask is that in fairness you show up for each coaching session, complete your assignments and use the tools I provide during your coaching program.

Get started for FREE! Nothing Down, No Payments, No Interest for Six Months, *O.A.C.

Investment: $1800

This peak performance coaching program requires an $1800.00 investment and can be financed for six months, with no payments or interest O.A.C. ( On Approved Credit ). All payments are processed by PayPal and are 100% Secure. Watch this video if you wish to use the Free Financing





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