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Dave the raw food trucker, interviewed by Markus Rothkranz


Inspirational video of a truck driver who had cancer, diabetes, weighed 430 lbs, had a heart attack, and healed himself with a raw vegan diet.

A heartwarming tale for anyone who’s lost hope. There are no excuses. If a truck driver can do it, so can you!

In 2008, Dave was literally at the “brink of death.”

Dave’s weight topped 430 pounds; His kidney’s were leaking proteins into his blood system, his blood pressure was skyrocketing, he had stage 1 colon cancer, digestive problems eating 4 packs of rolaids a day and taking zantac every day, struggling with diabetes.

As he will tell you, Dave said he was getting ready to “check out.” He felt his health situation was hopeless, that he had lived his life, and that it was only a matter of a year or two before he would die.

Then, an amazing thing happened. Dave met David and Youdit Whiting, a young couple who were interested in taking truck driving lessons from Dave. He took them on as his pupils, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Dave & Youdit told Dave about the healing powers of Raw, Organic Vegan foods…How could anybody possibly get healed thru food…A teacher would have told me, a doctor would be telling this to people our Government would be shouting it from the roof top’s if this were so.

David and Youdit gently shared information about their raw food lifestyle with Dave. At first, Dave was highly sceptical, and even assumed Dave and Youdit were “whacked”. He couldn’t believe there was a diet that could help him overcome his health problems. In his mind, that was an impossibility.

This was very intriguing to Dave, for he had a particularly large appetite and didn’t know if there was any possible solution to his severe weight problem. Years earlier he had given up.

Slowly but surely, David and Youdit helped Dave transform his diet from truck stop steakhouse fare to the gradual inclusion of more and more raw foods.

Dave introduced more and more fresh raw foods to his diet. He started adding large amounts of fresh-pressed, raw green juices to his diet, and began to regularly stop at raw food restaurants along his truck route.

Dave also began to follow Dr. Gabriel’s Cousens’ book, ‘”There is a Cure for Diabetes” and Dave began to recover from his diabetic condition.

Amazing and wonderful things started to happen more and more. Incredibly, Dave began to recover from his “terminal” health problems. He started to lose weight. His skin improved. His energy levels began to increase dramatically.

Dave was starting to get his life back.

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