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Please share your story about a time when you helped someone or where helped by another.

Whenever I meet someone who asks for money, I tried to give unselfishly. One day I had gone to pick up my friend at the O’hara Airport in Chicago and I went outside to smoke a cigarette waiting for his plane to come in. All of a sudden a young man had approached me stating that his ATM card was not working and he needed $$$ to catch a cab.

Well, I was not sure if I was taken for granted but said to him,” Here is the money you need and the only thing I ask is that you help someone else out without any doubt.” The guy looked at me with teary eyes (o.k. I know men don’t cry) and he could not believe I was willing to give him money to help him out.

I reminded him that to pay forward one day as I have done today. Why did I do that? I just remembered how those special guardian angels had come out of nowhere to help me when I was in dire straights and well it felt good to help one of GOD’s kids.

That gesture was probably the true highlight of my friend’s visit in which I was looking so forward to seeing him and enjoying his company. The visit was good, but truly the real joy was that act of kindness. By Mary S., Great Lake, IL

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