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hungrySo I was on my way to meditate at the beach this morning after my workout…but the fog rolled in and it was totally covered so I decided to stop for breakfast.

While eating the thought came to me to buy some food for the homeless lady I saw at the bus stop on my way by…it was just a thought I left without buying her anything.

And then as I am driving away I see man holding a sign “I’m very hungry” – at first I want to just keep driving but then I just simply asked him what he wanted his request was so simple a breakfast sandwich and a soda from the nearby Burger King.

I hit the drive-thru, fulfilled his order and Doug was very happy and appreciative and I’m feeling pretty good too!

Then I am driving home and I see the same homeless woman sitting at the bus stop that I saw before and I just felt I couldn’t skip her and I made a U-turn, pulled up at the same drive-thru and ordered her a breakfast sandwich and a coffee.

The woman at the drive-thru said “See you in 10 minutes?”  with a smile. I just smiled back and said it was for my friend. Then I went to deliver breakfast to my sister at the bus stop.

When I dropped it off…just seeing her smile as she drank the warm coffee after sleeping out all night warmed my heart….

Now I share this not for you to say “oh look at what a wonderful thing “David did”  – I share this to ask you to look into your heart the next time you see another human who is hungry and if you can offer them a meal, a word, your smile…You’ll find you receive way more than you give!


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Encouragement Lives Here

No matter who you are, no matter what you are going through right now. Know that my mission in this world is to uplift, inspire and encourage YOU!

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Proof a Positive Attitude Is Worth Striving For….


I, YOUR NAME HERE, from this day forward, hereby commit to creating
and maintaining a positive winning attitude in everything that I do.

Today and everyday from now on, I promise to do my best to change
all negative thoughts into positive ones, immediately.

I vow to neither start, nor end any day with negative thoughts.
I further agree to the following on a daily basis:

1. Prepare everyday for the opportunities I know will come.

2. Commit to improving and developing myself, mentally, physically
and spiritually.

3. Manage my time wisely through the use of written goals.

4. Avoid negative thinkers and dream stealers. To define my own life
and not let it be defined by others.

5. Determine to make today better than yesterday for myself
and everyone I meet.

6. Be enthusiastic and be persistent toward what I want for my life.

7. Focus on things that make me happy, not things that depress me.

8. Invest in myself, whether it be in the area of personal development,
exercise, or relaxation.

9. I will encourage someone today!

10. Forgive, release and let go of anything that no longer serves me.

11. Take time everyday, to be thankful for all that I have.

12. Say I love you to my family.

13. Journal my daily adventures in life.

14. Spend time in the silence.

15. Breath in deep and enjoy each moment!

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