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One of the greatest testimonials I have ever received – it’s a long one but so worth reading!

amy-nickHi David,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all that you have done for Nick. The opportunity to work with you has been PRICELESS.

Since you have been working with Nick I have experienced memorable moments that I will have with me forever.

I have seen Nick grow into a confident, responsible leader as well as a competent athlete. He achieved every goal he set out for himself and watching him doing that has brought me tremendous joy.

There really is no greater gift for a parent than to see pride and joy in the eyes of their child. < Nick earned a College Scholarship while he set 4 personal best this year, qualified for State in two events finishing in the top 10 for both making it to the podium! All of this after struggling so much in his Junior year. >  Continue Reading…

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I have to tell you that I NEEDED this today and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! –Ms. JeTaun

Hello Mr. David, Since I started getting mails from you , I feel better and motivated. I have been bullied and feeling sad for long time, When ever I have the relevant positive thoughts for me, I feel better. Thank you very much and God bless you. –Mo Mo

With so many negative people in the world I am happy to join you and your followers to spreading the “positive” feelings to all. –Nancy

Thank you for every Mr.Positive email I have received. Sharing positive messages has helped to enlighten, open my mind and heart. I look forward to these emails as though they were from a dear friend and they are. I am grateful to everyone responsible for composing and delivering these emails. It brightens my day, a day which spills into and touches so many other lives. Love and appreciation, Susan

Me and my family and friends wish you more Power as you continue to inspire people worldwide with your encouraging tidbits of wise counsel… I am from the Philippines and I have done my own bit of work by spreading your Positive Thoughts to my friends and colleagues. – Tony C.

Thank you for all the messages. I have been struggling with anxiety & depression again since Oct 09 and these help me remember I will be ok again. But I can tell you this hallway is long and hard. God Bless you, Doreen M.

Thank you for allowing me to sign up to receive you most wonderful encouraging words. I need to think positive about some things I want to do in my life that will benefit me and my family. I think I am sometime afraid to step out on faith as they say. Your words I read yesterday were so uplifting. If I can get that kind of support I know I can concur whatever I set out to do. Keep the motivation coming. –Virginia

Mr. Positive,Thanks for your e-mail today. It was very appropriate for this time, as I`m recently laid off from my job as a Bindery operator. This has been the 3rd time in the last 13 months that I`ve had to go through this. At 52 years old , I`m becoming more and more aware it may just be time to look for a new line of work ,and I sure could use all the encouragement that I could get. and today`s story really hits home. Thanks again , David F.

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