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For over 25 years, David Boufford, aka “Mr. Positive” has been on a mission to share his positive thoughts with the world.  He is the creator and founder of, a place of unconditional love, positive inspiration, encouragement, motivation and resources to help your dreams come true.

David is expert at bringing thoughts into things and turning dreams into dollars, launching six, seven and even eight figure businesses with his coaching clients but he’s most proud of his ability to guide and encourage others to find the good in every situation.

He has spent over 40,000 hours working with individuals, entrepreneurs and small business owners who want more from their business and life. His worked has positively touched over 500 million lives on this planet, at least one from every country on earth has seen or read his work.

David coaches a very diverse group of clients; young athletes, artist, authors, coaches, experts, entrepreneurs, professional speakers and even a Grammy Award winning singer, on the best mindset strategies for success in both their business endeavors and their personal lives.

What really makes him different is he’s not interested in only helping you make more money,  he wants your entire life to be the best it can be. He understands that for entrepreneurs and small business leaders, there’s little separation between your business and personal life.

He seeks to make a powerful, permanent, positive impact on your life so you will then use your gifts and be a beneficial presence on the planet and pay it forward, for the benefit of your family, your community and everyone alive on this planet. 

David’s most passionate about the affect of his guidance and encouragement on people who later shared.. “I got through my divorce with your help, I didn’t commit suicide that day I reached out and you were there, I am healing after the loss of my spouse or any number of life’s difficult situations” that is what really drives him to continue to help whoever, wherever, whenever he can.

David is also an mindset expert, business strategist but his favorite title is “Professional Encourager” which he self selected to describe his unique way of walking through the world and helping. However, he’s most proud of being a friend, mentor and Best Buddy to Cris, an autistic young man he’s known for over 30 years. He currently resides in Belmont Shore, California

Way back in 1997 when he founded his first website the “Positive News Network” and launched two online newsletters to bring something positive to people around the world. Today these newsletters are now 25 years old and most every week we still get emails from people who are being helped by the positive and inspiring quotes, stories and videos he shares.

David say’s “It’s been my great joy to make friends with people around the world and its led to so amazing opportunities and growth for me both personally and professionally. What most people don’t know is during this time I’ve been client #1 for this service.

I’ve struggled many times, through many very difficult challenges including addiction, anxiety, depression, obesity and suicidal ideation. At times I’ve been homeless and helpless but managed somehow to keep pressing forward on this mission to encourage people in a world that seems to be filled with constant negative news. I am a survivor who is learning to thrive through helping, serving and loving people when they need it most.

Why share all of this with you?

So you know I am a real guy, who has been through a bunch of life’s worst moments and survived. I want anyone who is struggling to know it’s okay, whatever it is, I understand how painful life can be at times. I’m here to encourage you to keep going. I am here to listen, and support you. Through all my struggles I’ve learned how to find the good even in the most difficult of times. And I can help you find your way back. In addition to my online newsletters, I offer products and coaching services that have made a difference in my life and many others.

Reach out and connect.


Mr. Positive!” Boufford
Your Professional Encourager™

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