Thanks for this wonderful resource of positive news. I’ve sent it on to many friends, and only wish that the general media would pick up on the fact that many people are sick of being sickened by their daily newscasts!!

Deb Angerman

Hello Mr. P.,

Just a note to let you know that I look forward to your e-newsletters and appreciate the time you put in to compiling all the food for thought. What a smorgasbord of ideas! Keep up the great work!

All the positive thoughts have helped me in the last two years. I lost my full-time job 23 months ago and have been working part-time at various jobs ever since. If it wasn’t for my family, I would probably be homeless by now.

Even through this difficult time at the age of 55, I still consider myself truly blessed for all that I do have. Let the good times roll.
Peace, Donna from Cincinnati

I get so much out of your daily quotes. There are times when it is exactly what I needed to hear and I think how did he know? All the best, Grace Thomas

I want to tell you how much I appreciate them and just how much they brighten my spirit.

I am positive by nature but personal positivity exists because of what the mind consumes and your messages offer a feast every day……thank you soooo much and please be assured that you are doing something good for a lot of folks out here.


I must tell you that your “daily word” is quite inspiring. I share a little bit of myself to about 20 women here at this hotel plus other hotels associated with us.

On top of the sharing, I end it with a positive note from you (I give you the credit – all the time!). The women look forward to it as it is a way to begin our day before 9am.

I share my ups and downs as a single, working mother with goals in mind and, this works.

So, thank you. You’ve been a great help in keeping women positive in their daily routines. I am glad there is someone out there with positive views on work, life, and love.

You’re so smart!
María Serrano
Executive Assistant to the Hotel Manager
The Roosevelt Hotel, NYC

I love what you are doing! I look forward each night to what your e mail has to say.

I forward it to all my friends and family that I think it will help that day! Thanks for making many people’s life happier!

Dear Dave,

I have enjoyed your Positive Thought for a few years now. The format is fine as far as I’m concerned. I just wish I could focus on the Positive and not get frustrated and depressed by all the negative news in the secular press. I’m afraid I’ll miss something if I don’t tune in to the news on TV, but it only serves to “pull me down”. Keep up the good work. Jean

I have to tell you that your positive news daily is a daily part of my Curves for Women exercise club.

I lean heavily upon you to keep me going and my ladies demand that positive edge that your quotes gives them on a daily basis. My goal is to have the most positive place to come exercise and it is working thanks to you. I can’t thank you enough!

Charly in Afton, Wy

Dear Dave,

I think what you are doing here is wonderful.

I forget how I come to be a subscriber, but I’m so glad I did. Attitude is everything and it’s a choice.

I still have my bad days, but I am happy to say there are more good ones than bad because I realize there’s good and bad in everything and you may as well focus on the good.

Please keep up the good work you are doing. Reading the quotes you’ve selected every day is a great way to start the day and your work is very much appreciated.

Stay positive!

What I like in your website is the quotation…especially the love relationship…I gain some insights when I read them.

You see, I love collecting quotations when I was still in high school and now that I am a grandma from time to time I send some to my grandchildren.

They are most helpful…speaking from the voice of experience. Take care and God bless! More Power to you My Friend!

Sincerely Yours,


Dave Boufford, Mr. Positive

Thanks so much for what are you doing, thanks for all your precious time and all the effort for giving to the world the opportunity to have a different day, and thanks for the support to make important decisions inspired by positive news or thoughts.

I’m pretty sure that your e-mails have changed and touched a huge number of people, and these people have changed several lives
Its just like a big positive chain!

Thank you very much!!!!


The Positive Thoughts and the story were great. I hope you don’t mind, but I do send from your e-mail, selected thoughts to family, friends and associates as appropriate.

Ray & Lorraine Dohnt
South Africa

Dear Dave,

You an inspiration to all of us. The first thing i do each morning I get to work is to read your “Positive News”.

It’s something good to look forward to, especially these days when the world is filled with such madness.

I really do appreciate what you do and is just saying, keep up the good work and we love you.

Have a super fabulous day!


Good Morning Dave!

I am so glad that you have your positive news daily and your positive news weekly, I always appreciate the quotes and the good news.

It’s so nice to see that someone in this vast world has the commitment to making it a
better place. Thank you for your valiant efforts and positivity.

Thank you for being positive! You help people.

Sincerely, Lisa Holmes

Dear Mr. Positive,

I feel good after reading the articles you send everyday, thanks. They light up my days and make my attitude more positive.

I will share positive articles with you if I receive any.

Regards, Louis

Hello Dave,

Thank you for your e-mail, I found your link very interesting. I think its important to place everyone on this planet’s attention on the positive things that happen in this world.
I think its amazing how you gather all this knowledge and optimism!

Best Regards,

Roopa Dhanjal
United Kingdom

Dear Mr Positive!

Thank you for providing this newsletter! It’s important to focus on the
postiive. Thoughts, words and actions create reality…as you know… so
thank you!

Have a wonderful day!

Mr Positive , Dave,

You are doing an absolutely fabulous job . I enjoy reading the snippets on Love , Leadership & Motivation daily

In the speed and momentum of our daily work , one hardly gets time to reflect upon values and the finer aspects of life . Your mails serve as a very good refresher and puts me on track . Thank you!!

With Best Regards
V . T. Raj
IBM Global Services India Pvt Ltd

Thanks for your inspiring e-mails and please keep up the good work but would you please note my new e-address:


Bas Galama
The Netherlands

I love the positive news stories from around the world, I think it’s a great addition to your newsletter. Keep them coming please!

Lisa L. Ciganek

You do provide a quality newsletter that truly has “value”! Keep up the great work!
Very truly yours,

Michael S. Neustel
Fargo, North Dakota

Dear Mr. Dave,

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us. I always look forward to your messages each morning as they never fails to put me in the right spirit before I start my day. –Lam

Thanks for all your news over the year, sometimes I’ve cried/laughed/reminisced at some of the stories they are so beautiful, and
make me realize how lucky we are to have good people around, especially at present with the world in such turmoil.

Have a very Happy Christmas, and hope 2005 brings peace to troubled people.
Thanks again Dave.

Dear Dave,

I must have been subscribed to your positive thoughts for about 6 months now and my feelings of gratitude have been mounting and mounting until I just have to tell you it really has given me that edge I’ve needed. I really appreciate your daily words because despite the fact that I never stop striving, self confidence hasn’t always been there well, dare I say, isn’t.

Your news just helps Ssooooo much on so many levels. It’s really helped me maintain the feeling of the fantastic buzz of creating one’s own destiny.

On the eve of such a pivotal moment in the future of the world all I can offer is this humble missive but fully intend to offer more next time.

Yours, from the heart,
Katherine Sankey

Hi Dave,

I just wanted to give you a bit more feedback. I I have been copying and pasting parts of your PNN stories into my work email (with all of your
contact/reference information of course) and sending them out to a select few co-workers.

Well, last week I forgot. Much to my surprise, I had a complaint about NOT getting the news. One lady was quite upset that she didn’t get her weekly dose, I have encouraged her to sign up with your news letter. So, just so you know the ‘good’ word is spreading.

Just to elaborate, I work for WestJet, a Canadian airline that supports a strong, unique, positive, can-do culture. Your newsletter fits right in. Stay Positive,

~Christopher Lawrence

Thanks Dave for putting a flow of goodness into the world that so desperately needs it right now.

You are a good man.
Love, Hawk

Hi Mr Positive!

Just wanted to mail you to say a huge thank you to you for all your encouraging words during the year.

You may remember over a year ago asking folk to check out the “Human Writes” organization? Anyway I just wanted to let you know in a fit of “spur of the moment impulse” I did.

The result has been a fantastic relationship which has had a very inspiring and positive influence on my life! A HUGE THANKYOU TO YOU! Have a fabulous Christmas and a very happy New Year!

Love ‘n’ Hugs, Lindsay MacLeod


Hello Mr. Positive.

I thought I would share with you something that happened to me yesterday as a result of your positive email newsletter. I’m not one for drama, so I will give the facts as they occurred.

My wife Tina and I just had our first child on January 4th, his name is Andrew. Both my wife and I have business careers that are very important to us and we both made the decision to continue on with our respective careers, with the exception of Tina’s 3 month leave to take care of Andrew. We are now coming to an end of the first month and have been making arrangements with a few day care centers in our area, we have not made any decisions on which day care center to send him, and they will be letting us know what’s available in the next few weeks.

Two days ago, I was faxing a registration form to one of the day care centers, it stated we were interested in day care 5 days a week, all day. It also had a price of $1500 per month. As I sent the fax, I felt sad about having to leave my son in day care every day of the week, having him learn, trust, and be molded and brought up by complete strangers and would God be included in his daily routines.

I called a friend of mine who happens to be a priest and we met for about two hours that afternoon. I mentioned my concerns and also let him know that I was feeling a little uneasy about day care for many months now. At the end of our discussion, we came to the conclusion that the best thing for my family would be for one of us to stay home and raise our son if we could afford to pay the bills and provide food and a safe environment, all of which we could, but not much, if anything would be left at the end of the month.

As I was driving home from that meeting, I asked God for help and asked if it wasn’t too much trouble, if He could give me some sort of sign or indication as to what I should do about Andrew. As I arrived home, my wife Tina and I discussed the situation again for a couple more hours. We both agreed we would miss the income of a second paycheck and all the benefits that come along with it, ie..savings account, travel, nice stuff… but were convinced that the welfare of our child was not to be compromised…especially during his formative months/years.

The next day when I arrived at work, I was checking my emails, and came across your positive thoughts which I have only been subscribing to for about 1 month. The first positive thought I read was this:

“As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live”.
Pope John Paul II

Well for me, that was the sign I had asked for. I found it extremely humbling to receive an email from God. Daddy has made the decision to stay home with my son and hopefully one or two more children in the future. To create memories that will last a lifetime and give them everything I have.

Thank you for your daily positive thoughts email.

Paul, Tina and especially Andrew
United Kingdom

I have to tell you that I NEEDED this today and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! –Ms. JeTaun

Hello Mr. David, Since I started getting mails from you , I feel better and motivated. I have been bullied and feeling sad for long time, When ever I have the relevant positive thoughts for me, I feel better. Thank you very much and God bless you. –Mo Mo

With so many negative people in the world I am happy to join you and your followers to spreading the “positive” feelings to all. –Nancy

Thank you for every Mr.Positive email I have received. Sharing positive messages has helped to enlighten, open my mind and heart. I look forward to these emails as though they were from a dear friend and they are. I am grateful to everyone responsible for composing and delivering these emails. It brightens my day, a day which spills into and touches so many other lives. Love and appreciation, Susan

Me and my family and friends wish you more Power as you continue to inspire people worldwide with your encouraging tidbits of wise counsel… I am from the Philippines and I have done my own bit of work by spreading your Positive Thoughts to my friends and colleagues. – Tony C.

Thank you for all the messages. I have been struggling with anxiety & depression again since Oct 09 and these help me remember I will be ok again. But I can tell you this hallway is long and hard. God Bless you, Doreen M.

Thank you for allowing me to sign up to receive you most wonderful encouraging words. I need to think positive about some things I want to do in my life that will benefit me and my family. I think I am sometime afraid to step out on faith as they say. Your words I read yesterday were so uplifting. If I can get that kind of support I know I can concur whatever I set out to do. Keep the motivation coming. –Virginia

Mr. Positive,Thanks for your e-mail today. It was very appropriate for this time, as I`m recently laid off from my job as a Bindery operator. This has been the 3rd time in the last 13 months that I`ve had to go through this. At 52 years old , I`m becoming more and more aware it may just be time to look for a new line of work ,and I sure could use all the encouragement that I could get. and today`s story really hits home. Thanks again , David F.

Whittier, CA